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  1. I didn't see anyone "roll up" on it. His leg just buckled and he fell like a sack of (deep fried) potatoes
  2. Becton said he was going to make people eat their words but then he ate the words first.
  3. Michael Vick asked if they could have the dogs try to catch the flying lawnmower
  4. The commander is the commander in chief of the USA. Nukes the whole planet, therefore wins. Commanders should be #1
  5. Probably. He would have had a higher level of mediocrity than Darnold then.
  6. Haven't seen so many men invested in if a young man sucks or not since those fun fun days at the Ramrod club. *sashays out of topic*
  7. Seth "Gang" Green went and bought them from all the attendees Ok. That was a pretty sh*tty attempt at a topical NFT joke.
  8. Getting rid of that MILF for Kwan lowered the average age by a few years
  9. Yes, but all the players would look like Mr. Softee
  10. Where the linebackers are living during training camp
  11. Just need to add a Breece Huff *edit - apologies. Of course this was covered, should have read to the end.
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