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  1. Refs need to get in here and give this fumble back to the Packers
  2. Need some moar flags thrown, not seeing enough ref involvement
  3. "Ref, did you kiss your mom today and if so, how did my d*ck taste" Might get it done, for instance
  4. These commercials for "The Cleaning Lady" look great!
  5. Not fooling us. GandW = GandolfWizard
  6. Should switch to sativa dominant strains instead of indica before interviews
  7. Trimmed By The Gardener. Wait, that also sounds like porn
  8. Sounds like latest Brazzers offering
  9. I want to hate the Bills, but they're in a Super Bowl window right now. Sure, they might be able to be good for a while with Allen, so they shouldn't trade the farm, but giving up something like a 1st rounder next draft, a 2nd rounder the draft after - which is what the Panther's should ask, since they are clearly rebuilding, then why not for the Bills? And while those picks will be low in each round and not specifically a haul for the Panthers, extra picks help with the rebuild.
  10. During the auyuwasca ceremony he was possessed by the spirit elves of Nicolas Cage and Joe Rogan
  11. It's fascinating that his great DMT revelation is to be an even bigger assh*le
  12. I like that he's all gas and no brakes
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