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  1. I just want to up the ante and say, based on the twitter feeds and vines, I really don't like the way that Bowles is coaching in training camp.
  2. Sign him, then get him an apartment in Washington Heights. Short commute time for work and recreation.
  3. Good point. I forgot about him. Maybe I'm biased, but J Marshall just seems to have a little bit more "it" factor as a football player. I thought the special teams play are what would keep him on the active roster as opposed to the practice squad. I can't see the Jets releasing him. To have to choose from Peake, Anderson and Marshall, or choose to keep all 3, it's a good issue to have. Doesn't it make sense if Jets are going to use Enunwa at slot and sometimes at Hback (if Amaro gets a rest), then the team will not need to carry both a blocking tight end AND a fullback, and one of them could go so Jets can hold on to all 3 guys on the 53? Or do teams want to keep a FB and blocking TE for blocking depth if one of those players gets hurt, or keep a FB because even though little used now, it keeps a set of plays and options in the playbook that forces other teams to prepare for?
  4. Crap - must have missed that skimming - Nice!
  5. These things worry me because Hackenberg has small hands.
  6. Read two pages, surprised I didn't see it, so here it is. Cromartie is a Colt? No he's not, he's a Stallion.
  7. On the one hand, I could agree, as there is actually wide reciever depth of talent and youth, but he shows special teams ability, plus the way he makes tacklers miss isn't really something that can be taught, while getting some extra work in on is routes and hands is, though of course we've all seen project WR's not work out, though in this case he isn't some converted track star or someone who didn't play a lot of football otherwise. Makes the practice squad at the least. From the very beginning of camp, I've wanted Marshall, Peake and Anderson to make the roster. I still hope they do.
  8. Was he motoring around on a reinforced Walmart scooter?
  9. He looked pretty spry against his wife. Does that count?
  10. I'm not sure, but almost as good is the name of the pharmacist. "Charlie Sly"
  11. I sort of like the song "Line Dancing On The Ceiling"
  12. ESPN now has a policy of hiring football announcers who advocate increasing the size and role of the Federal government? Will wonders never cease!
  13. I'm hold this topic responsible for putting the annoying "Tiny Dancer" song in my head.
  14. Marshall would be awesome if strong armed Geno was throwing to him instead of noodle armed Fitz.
  15. Imagine, I thought I was going to come into this thread and read 2 pages about Marshall and Morris.
  16. I swear this guy is going to take Devin Smith's spot
  17. This guy knows what he's talking about. Harper - great player. Next Jordan/Drexler and was for about 4 years, then the knee injury happened. Still had a good career after as large sized PG/SG guy who played great all out D but only for 20 mpg.
  18. What can I say. I was a Mets fan back then too, yet I liked Pete Rose. I mean, talk about great but unlikable player.
  19. Was a Nets fan as well back then; Knicks and Nets. Got to see Dr J at the Nassau Col. a few times, just about courtside. When your divorced attractive aunt dates some financial guy and this is your favorite cousin, there are perks. Barry was great. Just an unlikable guy. Maybe if I read his book I'd feel differently. Still, great Rick Barry or not, nothing beats the sight of mid 70's Dr J grabbing a rebound and going coast to coast with a massive undulating afro, then slamming it home with dunks that everyone thinks started with Jordan.
  20. Never said he wasn't a great player, just an ahole
  21. LOL - no! Sorry for my confusing syntax. Bird could talk trash, and hey, got Dr J mad enough to start a fight. NBA was different. No, Rick Barry was that all around great player, incredible shooter, with uncanny passing ability, coming from a SG/SF type. Very similiar game to Bird, though Bird was more true SF, could hang some at PF, at least rebounding wise. Rick Barry nearly in a league of his own for obnoxiousness
  22. Watch clips of Lakers Kings and Lakers Suns, I think semi finals. I hate conspiracy theories, and I waver about the NBA, in spite of some of statements here, but there have been more than a few WTF moments in the playoffs
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