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  1. Personally I'm glad the Jets drafted another receiver who blocks well. I hope they go FB with their next pick. I want to see the Jets run the Flying Wedge next year.
  2. All drafted by teams other than the Jets, who are averse to offense
  3. Because every time someone says "Pat Mahomes" I think of "Pat McGroin"
  4. Is there a points system for that like there is with the # of the draft pick? Like if it's high quality, high THC content from a dispensary, say a medical Vortex or Sour Diesel, the bag has more value to the new club than a good indoor grown White Widow that isn't tested etc? Does it matter if the new club is more a Sativa fan vs Indica, not unlike running a 4-3 or 3-4?
  5. I'm reaching for the stars and hoping for one in which 3/4's of the players don't suck. It's a high bar, but I'm going for it
  6. If only Revis hit opposing players as willingly as this guy hit a woman, the Jets record would have been a little better last year
  7. After a topic like this, I encourage you to try. All in good fun. Who knows, you might be right. I hope not. I want the Jets picking #1
  8. This topic is the result of a "highover" from 420 day
  9. Ah yes, the team that knew all about his gang affiliation and violent tendencies and drafted him anyway,. And I get that gang affiliation can be understandable for some players if they are from a low income area that has crime and drug dealing (which is just about all). But apparently, it was pretty well known that he had a more than casual level of gang participation and a number of violent incidents in college. Patriots didn't care.
  10. Regarding Jeter, I believe that was always mistaken quote. I think Jeter gave them the fruit salad after the BJ and journalists got it all wrong
  11. If the position is that insignificant then he shouldn't have made your list of "f*d up vets", which seemed to be based a lot on bad attitude - Marshall and Revis. Mangold got old. It happens in sports. Then the Jets let him go. Seems about right. Oh, maybe they held on to him one year too many. Horrors! And you point to the running game taking a hit after it loses two HOF candidates and another great player. So the dip in production was all on Mangold?
  12. Observation from watching a ton of youth, middle school, high school, travel team teams my son has played on/ is playing on. I'll assume the dynamics are about the same. It only takes a few turds in the punchbowl to ruin the entire batch of punch. And no amount of extra "fruit" or leaders masks the turds. At that point, the most you hope for is "turd suppression", but the taste of turd lingers.
  13. This is at least the 3rd post where a poster on this board has tried to tie in Mangold as a less than exemplary player or leader. It's almost as if these posters feel the Jets didn't have enough vets with a crappy attitude or less than stellar play, so they might as well shovel some dirt on a guy who is gone to help make their point. It would be fascinating if it wasn't so ignorant.
  14. They should just award the extra points and gift teams FG's once they get to 4th down on the 25 yard line on in, if they decide not to "got for it" They should get rid of kickoffs all together too, since they are 90% a formality. Can punts be far behind? Imagine trying to explain the NFL kickoff to someone from another land, who has never seen the game, and that's when you realize the rules around it have made it absurd.
  15. Yeah, that guy with his bad attitude and sh*tty work ethic? Good riddance.
  16. It's the Bay Area. They should start a Crowdsource campaign. Maybe give away Lyle Alzado statuettes crafted from artisanal toast.
  17. I like it. Guy is an award winning member of most screwed up way to have a common, regular name spelled, club.
  18. Sort of like Trump is a man of the people?
  19. So a municipality should pay for a stadium a private enterprise uses to make profit for itself? If the Raiders want to be "competitive" they should plow some of the TV revenue that is pretty equally shared among teams, back into the stadium it plays in. Even Lambeau fields recent renovations were only paid for by 0.5 % increase in sales tax in one county, which ended two years ago. Aren't there enough rich people and companies near Oakland to help?
  20. They were playing cornhole as Jet fans were about to be cornholed. Good symmetry.
  21. I really think it was made because late in the losing games the Jets are going to have all next season, people want to say " Maybe it's time to throw in the Towles"
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