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  1. They noticed the lack of good vibes on here?
  2. More resistance by the Polish cavalry charge in WW2
  3. Joe Namath. For the good times that lead to decades of false hope.
  4. I just wanted to throw in some Zach snark.
  5. Why people cluttering up this milf topic with football posts?
  6. Looks like a guy who threw on a blonde wig. Should have gone with white top/black tights. Once again, Zach's decision making and ability to process the whole field in question.
  7. That's right outside the country club window. Prime cougar hunting territory.
  8. Zach: "If the grass is starting to grey, it's time to play"
  9. Then I selected "all" because that seemed the closest to "just plain sucks"
  10. I selected "other" because did not see the "He sucks" box
  11. What are the Jets trading for Deebo this time?
  12. What was Tanard doing? I blame his parents for unfortunate rhyming name
  13. I like that they are both good receivers in addition to being good runners.
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