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  1. Joe Namath. For the good times that lead to decades of false hope.
  2. I just wanted to throw in some Zach snark.
  3. Why people cluttering up this milf topic with football posts?
  4. Looks like a guy who threw on a blonde wig. Should have gone with white top/black tights. Once again, Zach's decision making and ability to process the whole field in question.
  5. That's right outside the country club window. Prime cougar hunting territory.
  6. Zach: "If the grass is starting to grey, it's time to play"
  7. Then I selected "all" because that seemed the closest to "just plain sucks"
  8. I selected "other" because did not see the "He sucks" box
  9. What are the Jets trading for Deebo this time?
  10. What was Tanard doing? I blame his parents for unfortunate rhyming name
  11. I like that they are both good receivers in addition to being good runners.
  12. Somehow he gets drawn into nearly every Zach-a-thon debate. You gotta pay closer attention.
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