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  1. Ready for OTAs? More like ready for AYCE* *All You Can Eat
  2. Was that more engorged or more engaged?
  3. I hope this Woody Johnson is penetrating deep into the Jets, furiously working on helping them achieve a powerful climax at season's end
  4. Be sure to get there early, have a designated driver, and get blind, stinking drunk so you won't realize what's happening as the Bills beat the Jets 45 to 3 Try to stay sober early to catch some Bills fans breaking their spines on a Costco folding table. Suggestion: Bills fans should bring psychotic homeless men to have bum fights, since they seem to enjoy turn of the century stupidity so much.
  5. Broken spines and a failure to reproduce would be no loss and in fact a help to society
  6. There's a silver lining here, and it's that I have Allen, Diggs and the Buffalo defense on my fantasy team and I'm going to win HUGE next week.
  7. I stand corrected. He's an inspiration. Every NFL player, no, every player in the sporting world, should follow his lead. In fact, every working person should.
  8. Please stop buying NY Jets jerseys Well, buy a couple of Zach Wilson ones. And then stop. tks
  9. The sure sign of a sports bullsh*t artist
  10. Then Woody went home and had a soothing half bottle of Pappy Van Winkle in front of nice roaring fire made from 100 dollar bills
  11. Why even bother with this team? They will always let you down.
  12. F*cking Jets. And Mr Handjob, the owner, is in the house
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