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  1. Is this a summary of your posts?
  2. If Darnold had the goods, it wouldn't have affected him. But he didn't, because he sucked and still does.
  3. Becton's knee rehab taking longer than the 2nd ave subway line did
  4. No, because apparently Zach Wilson sucks, is a horrible human being, and is just a few years away from wearing a white shirt, black pants, and annoying the sh*t out of you in your neighborhood.
  5. Came into the topic looking for this remark.
  6. Becton probably fried the placenta and ate it. I'm trying to make the most inappropriate remark here and it's tough to beat some of the earlier entries.
  7. Hopefully Zach passes for 5000 yards, because he'll suck if he doesn't.
  8. Sounds like a term from some cheesy asian 80's VHS porno
  9. He need to make the team, and make a tackle from behind. Wildgoose chases down the receiver!
  10. Yup. He sucks. Never will improve, not one bit. Worst pick ever. Jets need to tank the season for a franchise QB. Shame they drafted a few decent guys who will hurt draft position. Hopefully Zach will save them and lead them to all the losses.
  11. Damn. This Zach guy played like a rookie!
  12. It's like a bad trip version of the Gordon fish sticks guy
  13. Defense Wins Championships a big Tampa Bay fan
  14. He's a human cicada. Now that he has procreated, unfortunately he will die, so last year was last time we get to see him in a Jets uniform.
  15. Becton chases Tom Shane halfway across the field in an attempt to snap his neck, gets tired at 50 yard line, gives up.
  16. When there are dozens of websites, youtube channels, blogs, forums and other ways to consume news about the Jets why listen to this assh*le or, quite frankly, 99% of the people on ESPN? I mean, holy sh*t, we're on the actual internet right here! And yeah, I get a lot of those options suck too, but with a little bit of time and discernment, should be able to find some opinions from people other than some chattering grandstanding idiot. I mean, besides SAS, not the ones who post here.
  17. Warm in the winter, shade in the summer
  18. Hey Ho, Let's go! I do the same thing every time someone says "Hey"
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