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  1. Why Patriots always have players that sound like law firms
  2. Zach's been hurting my eyes. Probably what they meant
  3. I think if the Jets rush 80 times today they have a chance
  4. Ah,, nevermind. Maybe Stev is here for some short yardage trickery.
  5. Did anyone say "Enigma? More like Enema" yet? Didn't want to read entire topic
  6. Brady moving on to another Brazilian: an:
  7. I'm not an old timer on here, but here long enough to see most on here can't stand each other, so situation not unique to you. In fact, should make you feel welcome.
  8. I heard Robert Kraft gifted him over 1000 free handjob coupons* *The ones he got after every 10th visit
  9. Joe Namath acting like they are kids in Oliver Twist.
  10. Defense. It Wins Championships. Kenny Yeboah awesome too
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