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  1. I thought my Knick fandom was rock bottom but the Jets always deliver
  2. You mean "unhurt" right? I don't think Wilson will ever be fine Ok, discerning cougars disagree. I mean at playing football, not them playing with hisballs
  3. Jets managed to find a coach, defensive coordinator and QB that all suck, and they did it all at the same time. Impressive.
  4. Jet's linebackers might suck more ass the the defensive line. Impressive.
  5. O line sucks and can't establish any run, so then you have Zach doing his worst instincts, since he kind of sucks too. See you in the regular season on the way to 2-15. Not going to waste a Friday watching this trash.
  6. Jets defense sucks ass as usual. Going to be a long year
  7. Jets still can't pressure the QB or tackle. Good times
  8. Everyone knows the correct answer is Kenny Yeboah.
  9. Give him more carries of her head?
  10. I went to bed thinking he'd be out for a year and woke up unsurprised
  11. He dropped to the ground so easily, because he was fat, though
  12. You'll shoot them with a spud gun?
  13. Like him as Dr Strange. Not sure as an offensive lineman
  14. Becton has more pressure on his knees than the San Andreas fault
  15. I didn't see anyone "roll up" on it. His leg just buckled and he fell like a sack of (deep fried) potatoes
  16. Becton said he was going to make people eat their words but then he ate the words first.
  17. Isn't that a law firm that advertises on TV?
  18. Michael Vick asked if they could have the dogs try to catch the flying lawnmower
  19. The commander is the commander in chief of the USA. Nukes the whole planet, therefore wins. Commanders should be #1
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