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  1. I sort of like the song "Line Dancing On The Ceiling"
  2. ESPN now has a policy of hiring football announcers who advocate increasing the size and role of the Federal government? Will wonders never cease!
  3. I'm hold this topic responsible for putting the annoying "Tiny Dancer" song in my head.
  4. Marshall would be awesome if strong armed Geno was throwing to him instead of noodle armed Fitz.
  5. Imagine, I thought I was going to come into this thread and read 2 pages about Marshall and Morris.
  6. I swear this guy is going to take Devin Smith's spot
  7. This guy knows what he's talking about. Harper - great player. Next Jordan/Drexler and was for about 4 years, then the knee injury happened. Still had a good career after as large sized PG/SG guy who played great all out D but only for 20 mpg.
  8. What can I say. I was a Mets fan back then too, yet I liked Pete Rose. I mean, talk about great but unlikable player.
  9. Was a Nets fan as well back then; Knicks and Nets. Got to see Dr J at the Nassau Col. a few times, just about courtside. When your divorced attractive aunt dates some financial guy and this is your favorite cousin, there are perks. Barry was great. Just an unlikable guy. Maybe if I read his book I'd feel differently. Still, great Rick Barry or not, nothing beats the sight of mid 70's Dr J grabbing a rebound and going coast to coast with a massive undulating afro, then slamming it home with dunks that everyone thinks started with Jordan.
  10. Never said he wasn't a great player, just an ahole
  11. LOL - no! Sorry for my confusing syntax. Bird could talk trash, and hey, got Dr J mad enough to start a fight. NBA was different. No, Rick Barry was that all around great player, incredible shooter, with uncanny passing ability, coming from a SG/SF type. Very similiar game to Bird, though Bird was more true SF, could hang some at PF, at least rebounding wise. Rick Barry nearly in a league of his own for obnoxiousness
  12. Watch clips of Lakers Kings and Lakers Suns, I think semi finals. I hate conspiracy theories, and I waver about the NBA, in spite of some of statements here, but there have been more than a few WTF moments in the playoffs
  13. Ah, apologies then. At least I got to call Rick Barry and his sons dbags. If you're old enough, or do some research on Rick Barry, you'll appreciate it. Great player though, Bird before Bird, just a massive ARod+Lebron+racist level douche. Not many players can get into a fight in a playoff game and not one teammate comes to assist!
  14. Good point. He still sucks and Cleveland still overpaid for him.
  15. Sorry, not sure of your age - was it Run TMC that got you into the Warriors? Because Mitch and Mullin and Webber were great, but Hardaway is also a major c*ck. Liking him would make you suspect as well. Lol!
  16. Hmm, liking the Warriors so long go pegs you as a Rick Barry fan, and Rick Barry is an all time dbag, just like LeBron. Possibly a bigger dbag , if that is humanly possible. I think it is, as all of Rick Barry's sons wound up being douche-like windbags on TV. That means he caused his doucheness to spread at least a generation, while we have to wait to see if that is true for LeBron. Sorry, but liking such a douche makes you one by proxy. Screw the Warriors. Though they play great team ball. Curry was likable until he got all smug. LeBron has never been likable. Screw the ex Knick dicks who rode LeBron's coattails while contributing little. Looking at you Shumpert and JR Smith. Mozgov is all good with me. I'm just kidding. It's a better story line and theater for the NBA if the championship goes Warriors->Cavaliers (ah, LeBron's Redemption song)->Warriors. I'm thinking of dropping a LOT of money on the Warriors to win it all next year. Obviously they have a great team. And they are sure to have a little "extra" help. That's the way the NBA playoffs works. The league has an agenda and advised the refs to get out or swallow the whistle on about 5 plays a game, which is enough for a very talented team to swing the advantage their way. They don't specifically "fix" but they DEFINITELY "assist". All you have to do is watch film. Watch how Kobe got gifted a few finals appearances at the expense of the less compelling Kings or Suns. I just hope the league gets around to gifting the Knicks a championship in my lifetime (well, they won twice but I was young) - hey, it's been 40+ years for them too, but Dolan is such an asshat and probably hated by league office, that it seems unlikely until he dies, and he's not older than me by enough years for me to like my chances. If you don't think the NBA fixes things so certain stars shine, then you don't recall the crappy mid 70's NBA, where the NBA had a real concern, in their mind, that cocaine fueled negroes running wild were going to cause white fans and TV money to abandon the game for good. When transcendent starts of Bird/Magic/Jordan rescued the league from itself, you know they've been running the "promote stars and entertainment over team play and quality bball" ever since. Does quality ball happen? Yes, and often. But the league has tilted rules and calls towards stars ever since the post mid 70's dark days. Just the way it is. I still like it as a sport, but I'm a realist about what I'm watching. Do I wish they'd stop it? Sure - but institutional memory and fears run deep.
  17. His kid is reaching Jason Kidd's kid level annoying, minus the gigantic sack filled of water like head.
  18. The above Damon quote is one of my favorite sarcastic TShirts from any fanbase, ever.
  19. Yes, Sanchez did the butt fumble and it looks like was looking for some butt tumble.
  20. He wrote "The Great Gasbag". Supposedly based on the life of Rex Ryan.
  21. To keep the Sports/Jesus/Boston thing going, even Johnny "Looks Like Jesus, Throws Like Mary" has a stronger arm than Fitz.
  22. That said, those are some ugly ass sneakers he endorsed.
  23. Eh, not sure about that. LeBron is a tough act to follow. I think you are just annoyed at the extra hype Curry gets as a "good guy" when, really, he's not any different than a lot of sort of prima donnish ball players. I really liked him at Davidson, liked him all they through last years championship run, but now the cocky has come out this year and for me, takes away from liking him. But there are quite a few feminine hygiene products ahead of him in the NBA, though he's polishing his twat cleansing credentials in a hurry. His wife is pretty, but she seems to be a bit of a piece of work as well. NBA is rigged. Lolz. If it is, sure helped her husband out. Steph is an ungoldly shooter though, and still has moves with the ball to go with it. IF he keeps this up for another 4 years, he gets into the all time great conversations. No, two MVP's doesn't put him top 20 all time, not yet. Unless you think Nash is top 20 all time with his two MVP's. Sorry Steph, you need a little more time. He's probably already cracked top 50, if Maravich is top 50, Steph deserves top 50. He can have Worthy's spot, who never should have been top 50 all time in the first place.
  24. I agree with this; Obviously don't post here a lot, but read a lot, and a lot of folks know football really well here. I see folks acknowledging how tough the schedule is, but not sure that's really sunk in. Jets are going to be hard pressed to win 8 with Fitz. Just go with Geno, see what he does, maybe get the tank on. I know tanking not as important in the NFL as NBA, but still has value. Why ride the treadmill? Be great or suck, because being bad for a bit should speed up getting better.
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