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  1. Hopefully for a stud pass rusher or offensive lineman!
  2. Just give us someone who is offensive minded, that's all I want. That would at least be something new for a change.
  3. K Clue

    Please trade Sam

    He should lose his right to start threads.
  4. K Clue

    Buster Skrine

    I remember I was pretty excited when he was signed by the Jets and now I'm excited to see him gone because he doesn't learn from his mistakes. He just keeps getting penalty after penalty and I'm tired of it. He hurts this team more than he helps. Also, the sad the thing is he could be a solid player if he could just learn to stop giving up penalties, but at least this is the final year of his deal and hopefully we won't see him in green and white again after this season.
  5. K Clue

    Browns game must win?

    Only thing I care about this season is seeing Darnold improve more and more after each game.
  6. K Clue

    Supporting cast failures

    I was hoping and really thinking it was going to happen this past offseason since they could have actually saved money if they would have cut him. He's really not worth the $8.5 million cap hit, hey at least this is his last year regardless.
  7. K Clue

    Another Exciting Darnold Fact

    I definitely think he would have led the Jet's to a touchdown right there if only the defense did their job when they needed to most. Also, I think they would have scored if Chris Herndon didn't drop that pass while he was wide open, that was a big momentum killer after that it seemed like they couldn't get anything together not consistently anyway.
  8. Yeah, it seemed a little bit better in the second half, but still wasn't good enough. Hopefully it all comes together and they play more consistent like they did against the Lions.
  9. Yup, I at least hope they can keep up the pressure on opposing teams QBs for the rest of the season. Also, I hope the miscommunication on defense gets fixed real quick.
  10. Saw this and thought I'd post it. What a crappy thing to do to give up on your team like that.
  11. K Clue

    The OLine and receivers suck

    Just looked it up and its still saying Monday that he will be released. Only new information I saw was that he's hoping to be traded to either the Cowboys or the 49ers.
  12. Yeah, I agree that he does. Also, I used to talk bad about Kacy Rodgers, but Bowles giving him control over the defensive play calling has been a pretty good idea so far. I mean yes the defense has been far from perfect, but they're playing better now then they have been with Bowles calling the plays. Yes, I know there's still some mistakes, but at least they are actually pressuring the QB way more often than have been in recent years.
  13. K Clue

    The OLine and receivers suck

    Was he? I thought they were waiting till Monday, at least that's what most of the reports were saying.

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