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  1. K Clue

    Jets minicamp day 2

    Thank you @Patriot Killa for doing this! I really love hearing how well Chad Hansen and Parry Nickerson are doing. Also, love that Darnold keeps improving after each practice. Can't wait to see them all in training camp.
  2. K Clue

    NFC loaded with QBs

    Matt Stafford is very overrated! He's even been to the playoffs 3 different times and hasn't won a single game.
  3. K Clue

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Thank you, PK for taking your time out to do this for us, it's greatly appreciated!
  4. K Clue

    Can we talk receivers?

    I definitely don't think he's a superstar, but the kid is good and 7 touchdowns is not amazing, but it's solid. So, I'm going to have to disagree with you because of how much he improved over one off-season. Anderson has a lot of potential to be really good, I just hope he realizes it before his off the field issues ruin his career.
  5. K Clue

    Can we talk receivers?

    Robby Anderson is far from over rated. I don't get how you could think a player like him is mediocre. Yes, he has his character flaws, but the kid can ball. He improved a lot from his rookie year, so I think he will continue to grow and become a better player on and off the field. So, yeah he's a good player and very far from mediocre!
  6. Folorunso Fatukasi is Foley lol.
  7. Can't wait to see Luvu play, I'm hoping he can develop into the pass rusher the Jets need.
  8. K Clue

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp.

    Yeah, you you're right. Lol I love it though and I hope the vibe doesn't change. Its awesome to see Bowles like this, hopefully he keeps the positive vibes up!
  9. K Clue

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp.

    I like this side of Bowles. Its cool to see him be excited and amped up.
  10. K Clue

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    Yeah, that's how I feel now, but didn't get my first Jets jersey until a couple years ago and I bought Nick Mangolds since I knew he'd be a lifelong Jet. One jersey I'm glad to say that I didn't buy which I almost did was Wilkersons (this was before he got paid and became lazy).
  11. K Clue

    Jets UDFA Thread

    I'm loving the Dimitri Flowers and Frankie Luvu signing, really hoping they make the team.
  12. K Clue

    Draft Re-Cap

    I hope that's true! Skrine should have been cut as soon as the off-season started, he gives up too many penalties and isn't worth the 8.5 million in cap space, imo.
  13. K Clue

    We sucked for sam

    I completely agree with you there lol I'm just being really optimistic at this point and hoping they get lucky.
  14. K Clue

    We sucked for sam

    Please no! I hope they go offensive line with the 3rd round pick, well as long as there is a solid lineman available, if not I still hope they go offense.
  15. K Clue

    We sucked for sam

    No, I wouldn't want him out there right away. I'd rather him sit to learn the game a bit better, and improve on his ball security. As for the offensive line I definitely wouldn't want him out there with last year's unit, last season's o-line was hard to watch. Hoping the Jets slightly improved with these off-season signings and hopefully they find some sleepers in the later rounds, that will help solidify the o-line.