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  1. Everyone in the NFL knows you only introduce Gase to your QB if you want him to regress... I’m guessing Pete Carol didn’t get the memo.
  2. Their defense almost let Old Man Rivers come back and win it today... So if they had trouble with the Colts just imagine how tough playing the Chiefs will be.
  3. Honestly this is probably right. Nfl.com is kind of buggy sometimes.
  4. Wow, really surprised by Elfliens grade, I thought he played well. According to Nfl.com he hasn’t played at all with Minnesota this season. He’s only played 7 games this season and it was all with the Jets.
  5. A loaded team that he doesn’t even call the plays for... I really don’t understand the hype he gets. He’s completely unproven like I said in the other Bieniemy thread.
  6. I mean if he can be the next Travis Kelce or something I’d have no problem taking him over a WR lol
  7. I’d give the hire a C+ because he hasn’t done anything to prove he can be a good coordinator let alone a good head coach. I’m not saying he’d be bad by any means he’s just completely unproven is all. We all know Andy Reid does the play calling there and Mike Kafka was the one who developed Mahomes. So, this hire would worry me, but I guess he couldn’t be worse than Gase, so there’s that.
  8. I will never understand why people want Bienemy as a coach. First of all we all know it’s Ried who does the play calling and he’s been interviewed multiple times over the last couple seasons, so him not being hired should speak a lot (not saying he’s a bad guy) just don’t think he will be a good head coach. The only coach I’m interested in from the Chiefs is their QB coach Mike Kafka and I’d be all in for Jets to hire him as our next OC or something like that. Would be great to get someone like him to coach the next QB we draft.
  9. Exactly my thoughts. I just think he’s slightly out of shape, he needs to do what Q Williams did over the last year and just find the right diet/workout plan so he can get into great shape and dominate next season.
  10. We need to draft a center in this upcoming draft and sign one of the big free agent guards this offseason.
  11. Man I still so bad for Enunwa.. He was a great player who played with a lot of heart and only improved season after season up until he got hurt. Sucks what happened, but I’m just glad he ended up being okay after that crazy injury.
  12. I’d rather Wilson over Fields, so let’s hope that we don’t pick Fields lol
  13. And hopefully have a completion percentage higher than 50%...

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