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  1. I'm curious to why you feel like that. I like Romo as a commentator imo, he keeps it interesting and he's very knowledgeable.
  2. A 2018 5th round draft pick is not bad at all to give up for a kid that supposedly has that much upside.
  3. Thoughts

    Worst team in the NFL? Um, what? Lol The Browns, Giants, 49ers, and the Chargers say otherwise. I do agree about McCown though and that the Jets definitely need to draft a QB next year.
  4. LOL! You should show him the PI call on Adams when he was in coverage on Gronk.
  5. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    Gotcha, he may have been out of shape thats definitely a possibility. So, I'm assuming it was that or like you said maybe they didn't like what they saw from him. I could see him being waived since he wasn't so great last season and the coaching staff probably felt they had enough returners right now. As for Coleman I'm excited to see him play, but that most likely won't be anytime soon.
  6. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    No, since he was recently activated and served his 4 game suspension already.
  7. For real! His blocking has been solid, also really good at catching the ball, as well made some tough and really clutch catches.
  8. Darron Lee

    He still needs to improve obviously, but he had a real good game out there today for himself. Also, what I really enjoyed were the plays he made in the backfield and the hits he made, the kid can hit hard.
  9. I just saw somewhere that they were going to sign Brandon Weeden. So, doesn't look like that's going to happen. Edit: Its confirmed
  10. The Texans gave up a 2018 2nd round and a 2017 6th round draft pick to the Brown's so they would take Osweiiller off their hands. Also, Texans got a 2017 4th round pick in return. The Texans actually saved 10 million in cap space by doing this. Here's a link if you're interested in reading about it some more. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18865517/houston-texans-trade-brock-osweiler-2018-second-round-pick-cleveland-browns
  11. I didn't know they were using him at outside linebacker. So, knowing that now makes sense on why they wouldn't make the switch. Also, I was a big Mo supporter, and excited when they resigned him, but his production has been poor. It is probably from the injuries and if it is they should should either bench him till he's better or put him on IR depending how serious it is.
  12. I agree, I think they should just start Kony Ealy in his spot or at least start giving Ealy more and more of Wilks playing time. He doesn't have any sacks either, but he's cleary been the more productive one out of the two.
  13. We're still only in the first quarter of the season, so relax man. No point to freak out about this especially now.
  14. I went with Jenkins, but I wouldn't be surprised if Powell ends up leading the team in receptions.