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  1. Sorry to hear, wishing her and your family nothing but the best, Max.
  2. Vernon Gholston was so bad that they forgot about him actually being the worst Jet ever.
  3. Lmao, Thank you for posting this picture, it is gold.
  4. That game proved how much of a game changer he really is, the defense was pretty much playing lights out until he got injured, also we saw what happened after that the whole team fell apart. If Mosley can stay healthy this season I think they can be a top 10 defense, especially if we get decent CB play.
  5. At least he didn’t go to the Patriots.
  6. Losing sucks, but I’d be more than okay with it if the team is at least always trying and being competitive, and especially if they only improve game after game.
  7. I really don’t understand that D’Wayne Eskridge pick from the Seahawks at all lol not saying the kid is bad or anything, but what that team needs is some offensive linemen to help protect Russel. There were still a few good prospects available they could have picked to help Wilson, but it seems Pete Carol rather watch his star QB run for his life all season. All three of their picks should have went towards the o-line.
  8. Well to be fair Benjamin hasn’t played a down since 2018, so that’s not saying much. I would agree mainly because Benjamin seems like he hasn’t cared about football in a while, just watching him play in his last few seasons he seemed like he half-assed a lot of the time and uninterested about football.
  9. Oh got ya, so pretty much every receiver from last season besides Mims and Crowder lol
  10. Who are these JAGS that you speak of? I assume you don’t mean Corey Davis or Keelan Cole right?
  11. Yes, unfortunately it’s something most of us will never forget.
  12. Did I miss something, but when did Douglas cut any real talent that this team has? Also, as much I’d love the Jets to get Watson, they just can’t afford to give up all those draft picks the Texans would want for him, so I like how Joe Douglas is handling that situation.
  13. Yeah, I don’t think Philly can afford to pay him and Dallas Goedert, but I am definitely all in on signing him if he becomes a free agent. He’s a great tight end when healthy.
  14. Everyone in the NFL knows you only introduce Gase to your QB if you want him to regress... I’m guessing Pete Carol didn’t get the memo.
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