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  1. Says stay away from Peyton Manning, but he loved Mike Maccagnan... So, obviously we should sign Peyton as gm. He couldn’t be any worse than Maccagnan anyway.
  2. I’m totally for a trade down especially if it gets them an offensive lineman and a couple of 2nd, and 3 rd picks this year in addition to another 1st next year.
  3. I watch it on NFL Network every year. I can’t espn or Mel Kiper.
  4. Edit- my apologies for the double post my phone is acting up.
  5. That wasn’t his Uncle lol that was Harrag one of his sisters followers.
  6. This would be a great signing. GET IT DONE MAC!!
  7. I think this was a good signing, he should be a quality back up.
  8. He would definitely be an upgrade over any other of the interior lineman they have, so I would be totally down with this.
  9. It’s just a risk with him because he is terrible and a lazy player. I remember closer to the beginning of the season reading somewhere that he was asked by Allen if he would like to warm up with him before a game and he straight up told Allen no, we don’t need those type of players on this team, so I say pass on him.
  10. To be fair the Browns have a way better team than the Jets. Also, the Browns got rid of their biggest problem which was Hue Jackson.
  11. I really don't understand why it took so long to bench Spencer Long. He should've been benched after the second botched snap.

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