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  1. Why is Kalil still in? I guess Adam Gase likes watching him get beat over and over again..
  2. Darnold has absolutely no protection. Every pass he throws he’s either getting hit or some type of pressure. Give him some real protection and he’d be good!
  3. We should an increase in those numbers with Darnold coming back.
  4. Even if he doesn’t play well the rest of the season, the priority should be offensive line in next years draft and free agency.
  5. Lol still not giving Beachum any help... Gase sure loves to make adjustments
  6. They aren’t winning with anyone behind this offensive line
  7. Yeah, that is true. It’s just crazy to me how bad the defense started to play once Mosley got hurt. Just shows you how elite of a player Mosley really is.
  8. McClendon also has 10 years experience in the nfl, so I’m not too surprised he was playing better today, but it’s only game one he will get much better with the more playing time he gets.
  9. Hopefully they hold some more tryouts for kickers tomorrow
  10. Oh he got injured? That sucks hope it’s not serious

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