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  1. Jets Sign Pryor

    https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/976981512548691968?s=19 Edit: For some reason I can't get the tweet to show up for me. Anyone know how to get it to show up?
  2. Copy and pasted the article since I know not everyone likes to click on links.
  3. Yeah, I doubt they would trade down, it wouldn't make any sense. As for the Giants I wouldn't be surprised if they drafted a QB, since Eli only has a couple more years left. I'm just happy the Jets are in position to draft one of the top three QB prospects.
  4. Draft Baker Mayfield then and I really hope they don't trade down, I'd be so pissed!
  5. Caption this pic

    "This is not my quarterback"
  6. What position do you want taken in Round 3?

    I would like to see maybe a running back or an offensive lineman. Won't be mad if they go pass rusher though, they definitely need one.
  7. I love this move not only was it smart, it pissed my friend off whose a Bills fan. Today was a good day!!
  8. Jags sign ASJ

    He's never played a full season in his career, so I'd have to say pass unless he's signed for vet minimum. Edit- well never mind just looked him up and he resigned with the Bengals.
  9. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    Love this signing!

    It is a dumb question. Also, I think you may be right. Haha

    That was kind of painful to warch lol he didn't seem ready for this interview at all. Yeah, like it doesn't get cold or snow in Jersey. Lol

    Don't really like him as a player, but he's a solid receiver. He just let's his anger get in the way too much. Also, I wouldn't be as against this signing if the Jets were able to get him cheap. If they can't get him cheap, he's not worth it then.
  13. Going to need a new kicker now.

    Ross Martin, right? I'm hoping they give him another chance, I remember hearing some positive stuff about him during training camp last year.
  14. Trading up would be mistake

    This was the type of trade offer I was thinking it would take. I mean come on it's not like we were making a jump from the 21st pick to number 3 or 4.
  15. Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    At least we don't have to watch Wesley Johnson anymore. Well I hope so anyway.