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  1. He played a full season in 2019 and only missed one game in 2020. So, he’s definitely worth taking a look at and is an instant upgrade over Griffin, Brown, and Kroft. It’s one of those low risk/ high reward situations, especially if he stayed healthy and since he wouldn’t cost more than vet minimum.
  2. Tyler Eifert, Trey Burke and Richard Rodgers are all available right now and all of them would be an instant upgrade over the TE’s on the Jets roster.
  3. Do they normally use the Falcon screech this much during Falcons home games? Never noticed it this much and it’s incredibly obnoxious.
  4. I’m so tired of seeing the sorry excuse the Jets call tight ends on the field..
  5. Missing the extra point is the most Jetsy thing to happen after scoring a TD.
  6. The best part of the game was the first quarter when you couldn’t hear the commentators due to technical difficulties lol
  7. I could not understand one word that British rapper just said besides “yeah, yeah”
  8. Another bad throw when trying to make a short pass. Why does Wilson throw so low when trying make those short passes?
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