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  1. K Clue

    Siemian to Jets

    I think this was a good signing, he should be a quality back up.
  2. He would definitely be an upgrade over any other of the interior lineman they have, so I would be totally down with this.
  3. K Clue

    Bills Release WR Kelvin Benjamin

    It’s just a risk with him because he is terrible and a lazy player. I remember closer to the beginning of the season reading somewhere that he was asked by Allen if he would like to warm up with him before a game and he straight up told Allen no, we don’t need those type of players on this team, so I say pass on him.
  4. K Clue


    To be fair the Browns have a way better team than the Jets. Also, the Browns got rid of their biggest problem which was Hue Jackson.
  5. Let’s hope they leave Charley Casserly out of it this time too.
  6. I really don't understand why it took so long to bench Spencer Long. He should've been benched after the second botched snap.
  7. I really hope I wake up tomorrow with the news of Todd Bowles getting fired. That would literally make my day.
  8. K Clue


    Skrine is so bad! Any other corner would of had that broken up. I really can't wait till he's gone.
  9. I do think Long needs to work on his snaps more, but Wesley Johnson couldn't block at all though, so at least Long can do that.
  10. Spencer Long needs to spend a lot more time taking snaps because he is terrible at it.
  11. Great read by Darryl Roberts!
  12. Darryl Roberts is playing really well so far!
  13. Another great throw! Also, Chris Herndon seems legit so far.
  14. Wow, great throw by Darnold and great catch by Canon! Nice to see him get involved.
  15. Keep those runs coming Powell!

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