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  1. Only downvoted because I thought your post was serious lol, but I see now that you put “sarc” at the end of it. Did you edit that after the fact because I didn’t notice it till now? Also, took my downvote back haha.
  2. Poole is another player that deserves an extension.
  3. The Jets really need to extend Demaryius Thomas, he’s been playing really well!
  4. I like the black jerseys a lot. Only thing I want to see changed is to make the numbers green instead of white.
  5. Solid trade. I read on bleacher report that if he resigns with the Giants before the start of next season that the 5th round pick can turn into a 4th rounder. So, hopefully he resigns with them.
  6. The second one was even worse he hit Minshew as he got rid of the ball. Such a BS call!
  7. Not too sure I haven’t been following college players that much. I usually don’t start reading up about the players until closer to the draft, but I really hope they trade down, so they can get a couple first round picks and draft good o-linemen.
  8. At least the first 3 picks should be offensive line.
  9. Why is Kalil still in? I guess Adam Gase likes watching him get beat over and over again..

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