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  1. I know it won’t happen, but Adam Gase getting fired today would be a great way to end my birthday weekend lol.
  2. I said it before but Gase is the absolute worse play caller in the nfl!
  3. Sadly I agree. I could see Rhule doing really well in the NFL, but I guess only time will tell.
  4. They could have had Matt Rhule last season but they didn’t want to let him hire his own staff.
  5. Yeah, that’s very true. I ended up editing my post because I saw you list some players, so like I said I could see Perriman or Vyncint Smith having a breakout year, especially since Smith showed some growth towards the end of the season with Darnold.
  6. I’m hoping Perriman has a breakout year, but I can see Vyncint Smith having a breakout year since he showed some growth toward the end of the season.
  7. I’m a bit worried about the depth at WR, also. That’s why I’m hoping they bring Demaryius Thomas on a one year vets minimum type of contract, sure he’s a bit older, but he’s still a decent receiver. He can easily be a quality 3rd or 4th receiver for us.
  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!
  9. I chose tackle than receiver, but I wouldn’t be upset if they took back to back offensive lineman.
  10. He’s a good player, but his production doesn’t match the payday he’s about to get, so no thanks.
  11. LOL at “had several seasons of elite production”. Josh Norman was never elite, he was an average corner, who had one slightly above average season in 2015.
  12. Only downvoted because I thought your post was serious lol, but I see now that you put “sarc” at the end of it. Did you edit that after the fact because I didn’t notice it till now? Also, took my downvote back haha.

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