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  1. “Who in the hell is Brady Quinn anyway”…
  2. Lol I’m well aware of what happened. Just of curiosity who would you have wanted over Flacco? I agree trading for Flacco was silly, they should have just resigned him last offseason. Flacco imo was better than any of the FA’s available and the cost to get him back wasn’t that high. It was only what a 6th round pick, right? He brought the Vet presence JD wanted and also, was a proven super bowl winning QB when he was in his prime. So, for Zach that’s an ideal situation, getting to pick the brain of a former super bowl mvp.
  3. He was on the Eagles last off-season and the Jets traded for him in October of last season when Wilson went down with a knee injury.
  4. Best news I heard all day!
  5. Jeremy Ruckert is my favorite pick! I do love this whole draft class though, but I wanted Ruckert to be a Jet ever since I watched him play in the Sugar Bowl against Clemson. So, it’s like a dream come true lol.
  6. I doubt Kyle Hamilton will be drafted by the Jets.. at least I’m hoping they don’t draft a safety in the first round, especially if they choose to stay in the top 10 and not trade either pick.
  7. Cooks is a good player, and has been a consistent one at that. Look what he’s done on all the the teams he’s played for and he has had six 1,000 plus receiving yards out of his 8 seasons in the league, but yeah he “sucks”… I think you’re either salty the Jets didn’t trade for him or you’re just hating to hate.
  8. I think they will, I’d like them to go for Jeremy Ruckert in the 3rd round.
  9. The cookies look awesome and Happy Birthday OC!
  10. It was a second round pick that turned into a first based on his playing time.
  11. He’s still playing at a high level, so I say go for it JD.
  12. That would be huge if the Jets can get him with one of the 2nd round picks. I honestly forgot about Jace Amaro, such a disappointment… Another one of Idziks gems.
  13. Yes, this scene was incredible. I remember reading that the cashier was actually intimidated by him and anxious, which made that scene feel even more realistic. Also, the first time I saw the movie I didn’t like it for some reason, and then I watched it a second time not too long ago and I loved it. Easily one of my favorites now. Never read the book though, maybe I’ll check it out, because I haven’t read a good book in a while.
  14. Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy it!
  15. Yeah, the way he took that knee was excellent. He’s an elite talent!
  16. So satisfying seeing the Pats get blown out by the Bills!
  17. Sign Dalton Schultz in FA and draft this kid in the later rounds, I’d be happy to have him. Yes, I know he wasn’t used a lot at OSU, but look at their receiving core and that’s a big reason why. Also, watching Ruckert play against Clemson last year in the semifinals was exciting he had himself a pretty big game he had two tds on 3 catches for 66 yards. He’s an average run blocker that needs some work in pass pro, but that can fixed and can’t forget he’d be a decent red zone threat.
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