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  1. Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    Agreed. Stayed up to do the autopsy of the corpse that is the 2017 Jets to endure 20 minutes of repeating commercials before cutting to a different game. Huge FAIL for NFL Network. It's like they popped in the VHS and went home for the night. I was awaiting a scrolling message saying we F*^k'd up with an apology letting us know when we could watch the game. Instead, 20 minutes of repeating commercials and a different game. Disgusting is being kind.
  2. Sunday prediction

    Haha, would cut class on those uphill snow days! Sunday predictions: Fitz starts, we lose. Misses receivers and throws another pick in the end zone. Score is irrelevant. We lose. Petty Starts; shows chemistry with Q, and Anderson although Marshall gets the TD. Forte goes for 100+ a TD, Powell scores on a wheel route. No interceptions. ASJ scores a one handed TD only cause he's holding an Old English 800 in his other hand! Rams rush for only 9 yards. Jets Win!! We get crushed by the pats after the bye.....Petty hurt; Fitz back in.... SOJ's
  3. Geno TORE ACL

    Pretty much sums it up. Was hoping Geno gained some awareness but after the first sack...it was just a matter of time before he got hurt. Didn't expect that so soon. Looked like he had some promise. Gotta learn how to throw the ball away, and duck those punches from team mates!
  4. What We Can Control Right Now

    I'm in. Couldn't agree more. This has to start now beginning with the Head Coach. Perhaps Mike Westoff as an interim HC until we can sort this s**t out. I agree that Robbie Anderson should get more looks. He was open often last night but Fitz would only look at Marshall. There was no progression in any of his reads. WTF? Ready for Geno/Bryce. Time to see what we have and don't have!
  5. Jets/Cards Road Trip

    Hey Hofstra, Tailgate plans are coming together now for MNF. We have approx. 50-60 Jets fans assembling on The Great Lawn for the tailgate. My son and friends bought a block of tickets and I'm sure they will have extra to sell. I believe they are $100 each and are upper deck. Let me know if you have any interest and how many you might need I will find out what section/row they are in. If you need any help with places to go while you are here, restaurants, etc.. feel free to hit me up! Richard
  6. Leaders don't get punched in the face by their own teammates. We are better off now, and we probably cut the wrong player!