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  1. eh; a conditional 6th, maybe a 5th - in order for it to be a 5th, he will likely need to play a lot; if JD has a brain, win or lose, he should bench him before it turns into a 5th :-).
  2. Not too worried about that, FLacco is done. Do you think he sits back behind that line and takes the hits for the Jets at this point in his career?
  3. IMO this can only turn out two ways: bad and worse. Bad: Joe is washed up and even with a veteran presence is going to be lost. No more excuses - he is likely to butt heads with LaPuke. Worse: Joe manages to win a few games which screws our chance at a top 3 pick; the whole point in not having a vet was to get Zack all of the experience he can get without a QB controversy; if Joe manages to win a few, nobody would want Zack back. Problem is that Saleh is too stubborn and JD panicked This shows that JD/Saleh have no faith in Mike White nor the D.
  4. I posted this on another thread - 'no body can win with these guys. Falco: I can'.
  5. That is what many here were saying. We will see what the NFL says sometimes they cop to it and fine the offender.
  6. I am good continuing with the plan with JD, Saleh, and Zack - I am not convinced that LaPuke should stay, however. I am really only good with it, because if we get rid of JD, we are just a joke again and have to restart. To be fair, however, that guard must be really bad if i can make the Jets D forget how to tackle and where to play :-).
  7. I haven't really been able to watch live football on Sundays for the past 12 years. I used to go to the Jets/Pats game every year at Gillette, but since my daughter has been born, Sundays are not lazy days and I have too much family responsibilities. This is the first year were I don't even watch the games on rewind - I had high hopes with Zack and Saleh, but even playing against a crappy team, we were embarrassed - autumn is beautiful here in New England and I don't need to watch these jokers any more - unfortunately, I can't avoid the constant clucking from the team, fans, and media here.
  8. Of course the Lions haven't won a game yet, but I get your point.
  9. The way the corners are playing well, maybe a pass rusher/OLB or another offensive weapon like WR or TE - assuming the draft unfolds correctly. Then a RG and another offensive weapon.
  10. we have two picks in or close to the top 10; if we are high enough up to grab a QB, we trade down to accumulate multiple picks - this team needs help. We should draft a center in the first (if good one is available) and a pass rusher/OLB or a WR. In the second we should draft a RG and another offensive weapon like TE. We also clearly need another ILB. Gather as many picks as possible - there are more holes than in a sponge.
  11. Chicago is getting a Pats over Jets type of beating. Down by 33 points and only scoring 3 in the first half. If the Bucks HC is as big of a scumbag as BB, they will win this by 50+ points in then end. Fumbles, Ints, etc. He might as well be wearing green and white.
  12. Now I would watch a game if Woody or Chris had to run around back there behind that line with LaPuke calling the plays - def. worth the price of a ticket. Just what the commish wanted...
  13. I don't think it was about the money. I think it was about the season. This season was about getting Zack and the other youngsters experience and to lean and figure out where the holes are (news flash they are everywhere). It was never about the wins - which is fortunate as we aren't going to have many. The point about having someone solid in there to help the rest of the team learn and grow is valid. Of course, I doubt anyone - even Elway, Brady or Peyton in their primes could win with this team. LOL - just thought of a similar quote, 'nobody could win with this team' - time to send
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