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  1. story is a joke - we gave up a bunch of players we didn't want anymore and a 2nd or something like that. We fleeced the crap out of the Browns. So how did that extra 2nd cost us the chance to build a team. If you want to blame anyone you could blame the GM for trading away other picks and signing poorly. And worst? Gholston at 6 is worse. Sanchez at least 'took us' to two AFC championship games - the Ghost didn't get us a sack, did he? I also hate this 'cost too much' picking a QB at 5 is often a smarter move than a ghost at 6. The fact that the jets drafter higher in one vs. the other -
  2. So sorry; best wishes and prayers.
  3. Or option 4; trade out to 10 and get 2 more 1sts (3 next year) and a 3rd; then trade down to 20 and get a 1st and 4th next year (4 1sts); and then, if. he still wanted trade up to 14 to get his guard (or 16) and still have 23. - sorry to make your melancholy worse...
  4. I don't think it is a question of if the Jets should move on, but when. I think Sam is likely done, but if JD can fleece some team of a ton of draft capital for the #2 pick - he should. Build the team and either let Sam play or make him compete with some cap casualty QB for the job for a year. Build a great team and then use the draft capital to pick a rookie - that rookie would come into a team after the benefit of this year's and next year's draft. JD was hired to play the long game - another sucky season would hurt, but might give us a chance to be truly competitive much sooner and for a lo
  5. What? There was coaching going on here? Crazy things people say...
  6. I don't particularly care what his ethnicity or religion is. How about this as a first - the first coach to coach the Jets in a Super Bowl in this century? How is that for firsts? If he gets us there and even better wins, I don't care if he is a flat-earth conspirator.
  7. Unless you think the Jets are serious about Watson, this is good news. Let the other teams scramble for QB and whether we trade down or trade Darnold, it ups the price ...
  8. that would be perfect - Jamal would hate it and it would improve our pick in 2022.
  9. my point is that you need a good/great QB, but we should take the trade stock if it is enough, and then draft the replacement in 2022 or 2023. If Darnold is that bad we will be in top 5 next year as well. Also, with the trade items we have, we should have 3 firsts in 2022 and two firsts in 2023. Build the team, draft the QB and have him join a quality team where most of the offense knows the plays - then take a run on the QBs rookie contract for the next 4 years. We lose the first (not really lose, but can't pick a WR for example) and all the extra players and start the clock immediately
  10. Yes, of course they are. But after watching a couple of games yesterday it occurred to me that Seattle had the better QB situation, but his team was beat by a QB with a broken thumb on his throwing hand. Of course, the Ram's great defense made a big difference, but still. More shockingly, an ex-CFL QB stayed in the game with one of the best (if not the best). Again, this CFL QB got to play against a Todd Bowles defense, but for a while that game was pretty close. I believe that the QB is really important, but I think it shows that a very good team with a great defense and good suppor
  11. No way Jets draft OT at #2 with Becton on the team. No way does Fields fall to 14. IMO
  12. I don't watch a lot of college football, but after seeing 3 Florida games, I have been wanting this guy all year. I agree if we trade down (maybe twice) and could land him, it would be an amazing draft. The real question is what will we get for the trade down? If it isn't at least a 2nd this year and a 1st next year and 2023 it may not be worth it.
  13. i would want to see what we could get for trading down twice and keep Sam another year, but if we could really get a #1 for Sam, I would pack his bags for him. Personally, I think his career is likely over - hopefully for him another team would help him turn it around, but a 1st? and the #15? crazy.
  14. The should call a wambulance; this isn't fair, the Eagles rested their starters and we didn't get into the playoffs because we only won 6 games and just missed wining the division. Seriously, i don't think the Washington football team should win a division under .500
  15. IMO Gase was fired because he sucked. His offense was predictable and QBs struggled with it; he didn't game plan and didn't adjust his scheme to fit the player. If Gase was fired because of the fans or PR, then it doesn't matter who we hire next, the Jets are doomed. Only a short term thinker would fire a coach for PR. It takes time, patience and strength to build and coach a quality team. We keep trying to short cut the effort and you never move forward that way. Spend the effort and build - we paid this year for the lack of talent; we have good picks and a lot of cap space. Now it is ti
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