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  1. We are trying to build a winning culture and building through the draft. Team players, etc. I can see taking a flyer on Fowler, but why would you want a 26 year old RB that sat out an entire year? I get that he wants to be played, but is that the kind of hungry team player we want? Just a thought.
  2. Thanks - I saw the title, and it made me laugh - thanks i needed the chuckle.
  3. If they really want to be competitive in the coaching carousel, they will need to either replace Mac, extend him, or have the HC and GM both reporting to some VP; otherwise, a coach won't sign up to hitch their wagon to a GM that may be gone in a year or 2.
  4. I thought Mac would be safe; after all Chris/Woody agreed to give Mac 3 years to rebuild and his last draft is looking pretty good. That being said, getting thrashed like this can kill careers. I hope if they do move on from Mac that either consider giving the job to Heirmerdinger or fixing it so he stays afterwards - he seems to have a bright career.
  5. Yeah, the O is needing a bunch of new players, but there is no reason for the D to be this bad; they have given up on Bowles. Normally, I say wait until the end of the year. I also think that a bad game isn't a reason to fire a coach mid-season. The problem is the team has been bad, unprepared, and have given up. So, one game in isolation isn't a firing offense, but the 3rd or 4th game like this losing to a very bad team... well, if you want to preserve what few quality players the Jets have, you have to show them there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When a player doesn't produce, you need to bench him; when the coach totally lets his team down and the team quits on him, it is time to bench the coach.
  6. bostonmajet

    Harbaugh/Ravens headed for Break-Up

    First we have to fire the coaches; next we have to decide what we are doing with GM; whether Mac stays or goes, you can't have the HC reporting to the owner; you need either a head of football, or the new HC should report to the GM. Then, only then do you hire a new HC. So, if they want to be competitive in the offseason searching for a HC, you need to fire Bowles - don't let him on the bus; take the next month to figure out the FO, and then hit the offseason strong looking for the HC.
  7. You can't blame Sam for this disaster. You can't blame the players. The Bills are a dumpster fire and we are out of the game before the half. This team isn't very good, but they are a better than this.
  8. So, you are saying it cannot be a conspiracy because Bowles would have thought about every angle and planned accordingly? Or, Darnold is dinged up and he says he is protecting him - either way, I don't necessarily think it is a conspiracy; but, at the same time, it would not surprise me a bit that Bowles would go down a path without thinking it all the way through - if he really worked that way, he would be better at game plans....
  9. bostonmajet

    Todd Kotite/Rich Bowles

    One of the problems is that Bowles isn't a modern day anything - he believes in D and the O doing just enough to win (as long as they run the ball and don't turn it over). He is a dinosaur. Maybe if he coached in the Kotite era, he would be a modern day something...
  10. There are either two options here: 1, Sam is hurt and they are protecting him. 2, Bowles is trying to save his job - he puts McCown into a game that Darnold hurt ought to win showing that we win with McCown and it isn't his fault that he is loosing. If that is the case, Johnson needs to fire Bowles now - truth is he is a dead man walking as Bates either sucks or he sucks because of Bowles. Either way, we will not get a good OC if Bowles is here as they won't want to be on the hot seat working for a HC without a future. I normally don't recommend firing a HC mid season, but at this point I don't see how we have any choice. Fire Bowles now. With Bowles gone you have to move on from Rogers (maybe you wait until the end of the year). You likely will want to move on from Bates after the season as well. The only question is who do you make the interim HC?
  11. bostonmajet

    What happens if McKown pulls a Fitzmagic

    Enough to mess things up. 3 more wins are probably enough to drop us out of the top 10 to the middle of the pack, and MAYBE save Bowles job. We have the Bills twice and remember someone said FitMagic (he beat the Pats once). In addition to the wins, Bowles can claim that the other losses were due to Darnold. That would suck
  12. bostonmajet

    Any Bruce Irvin updates?

    If we claimed him, Bowles would have misused him and he would have sucked, and the fans would be pissing about what a bad GM Mac is for wasting 4 million on a past his prime looser. So, IOW, it would have turned out great for the fans as the happily bash the HC and GM.
  13. bostonmajet

    What happens if McKown pulls a Fitzmagic

    What will happen is we will win enough games to: 1. Just miss the playoffs 2. Pick in the middle of the round and miss out on a great pass rusher or LT 3. Spare Bowles from getting fired 4. Have QB controversy next year where McCown wants even more money 5. Next Year will suck. So, if that happens it will be the absolute worse thing for the Jets, so, my guess is that is exactly what will happen. That being said, although much of the problems can be attributed to a rookie QB, this offense, the OL and the game plan is just terrible. So, if McCown has a bunch of bad games, it will expedite the departure of Bowles. But since that will be good for the team, it won't happen. Get ready for another mediocre year next year
  14. bostonmajet

    Man you guys are reactionary

    I think most want him to sit so: 1. He doesn't really get hurt/killed 2. He doesn't develop bad habits 3. He doesn't get to down on himself and shake his confidence I don't know if many want him to sit because we are loosing games. I could be wrong, however. I think many expect Bowles to be gone and he is going to have to learn a new offense, so he shouldn't get frustrated with this offense and lack of weapons.
  15. bostonmajet

    Jets are big favorites vs the Bills

    i always root for the team to win. That being said, this team is bad. And, even if they pull out a win against the worst team in the NFL, there are enough games against average and good teams that the Jets and hopefully Bowles don't have a chance. New coach and a high pick - not a bad way to end the season.

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