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  1. win-win; if we win, well; if we loose we draft earlier and they draft later. I realize that some players have 'quit' on Gase or team, but I doubt that will work in their favor; JD didn't add most of them, and JD will likely not have any issue dumping them - why give him an excuse? Also, a player that is dumped for quitting isn't going to demand big money in FA - how would you like to be dumped from a team that is know as not having any talent? you are either dropped because you couldn't make it on a really bad team or because they have attitude/behavior problems - neither is likely to lock up a good deal...
  2. teams are making him money and growing in value. the real question is this: is JD the real thing? If so, we need to give him a year or two; If Gase falters (more) I would expect JD to fire him to save his own job. this team is really bad; very few quality players - we need real players to truly judge Gase (although I was not fan of his firing in the first place). So, if you think JD is the one - no point selling the team and having him replaced. Either way, no way Woody sells the team unless a) he gets an over the top offer (maybe twice its value) or b) he has a huge financial setback..
  3. The defense adjusted; the offense did not - did they not adjust because Gase sucks, or because the adjustments didn't work; was that because the adjustments sucked - or the players, who played above themselves, failed to do it today? I fear the problem is a little bit of both - the question is whether Gase can win with better players?
  4. Let them pass us; they have a hundred draft picks, we don't...
  5. Team was not up - that is for sure - the blame goes to coaching, the play calling was predictable and foolish we didn't roll Sam out enough, all on the coaching, but.. 1. We fooled ourselves thinking this team was good as they have played well for the past few weeks. They were never going to playoffs at 0-6 in AFC and they weren't going to beat both Buffalo and Baltimore. 2. Sam has shown the ability to play well (even today) but he has more growing to do (to be fair - this is more on the offense than him today). 3. The O-Line is trash - we knew this. 4. No depth at LB - we knew this. 5. No real pass rush - we knew this. 6. Weak at CBs - we knew this. 7. Weak and inexperienced at WR - we knew this. I get the frustration; we were on a high and beat some moderate teams; it sucks to loose to a crappy team. It just sucks, but 5 weeks ago, would we have been surprised? Better that we (and the team) don't fool themselves into thinking the Jets were better than we are. While I want to win every game, this loss doesn't do anything but re-enforce the problems on this team and help us slightly in the draft. This is why I routed for Baltimore last week; Jets weren't going to playoffs, but Ravens and Pats are - I don't think I can take another Pats SB. While I get the frustration, I don't get the drama all of the drama? Sam sucks, really? Everyone sucks? A bad team with a lot of holes played down and without passion and loss to a worse team - happens all of the time. Yes, I blame Gase for the lack of preparation and the team being flat, but isn't this the guy everyone was calling a genius last week?
  6. You know what the say 'buy high - sell low'
  7. Cowboys suck - this is a team the both the Jets and Bills embarrassed - yet the amazing Pats needed bogus tripping calls to barely get by them..
  8. we still have Ravens and Bills - doubt we get to 8-8 ; but I didn't think we would destroy Raiders, so... Either way 9-7 and a bad record in AFC doesn't look promising..
  9. Fans said the same thing about adams his first 2 years. Also, some only see stats likes sacks and TFL; some don't transition as easily to NFL, next year after a year and an off-season to bulk up and we will have a better idea.
  10. many on this board were saying the same thing about Adams in the first 2 years...
  11. clearly in this day and age, pass defense is more important, but we played a few teams that really rely on their running game - taking away the run makes them one dimensional; Obviously, taking away the big plays (2 in 2 weeks - there would have been a third without a skins penalty) is the next step. Then doing better then the high twenties on passing defense - but it is a start - how good were we against the run with Todd?
  12. Over-reacting fans said we were the worst team, but there are few even worse I am glad the Jets handled the skins; two weeks in a row scoring 34 - I am happy, but this team isn't as good as the last 2 games and they aren't as bad as the previous 4. A fare to mediocre team should run over a bad team. Good for the jets and a fun game to watch - imagine if we played in the NFC East instead of the Giants; we would get the Skins and Dallas twice and not the Pats; we could win the division with an 8-8 record - that would be nice, but..... Glad we won - I just worry that this kid, who does have a ton of potential, will get destroyed against the Pats and the Bills - let's not put him in the HOF yet ... unless it is for best name ever :-). Let's hope Austin continues to shine...
  13. of course, all the players look good against the redskins - they are truly a horrible team....
  14. We can probably win the NFC East that way, but I doubt we go to playoffs in the AFC without 10-6 record. Probably 11-5 with our 0-6 AFC record.
  15. so do you run one last time, or do you roll out sam if nothing is open take a knee

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