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  1. I have a question, not trying to be a ball buster or anything, but if this was the deepest draft ever for safety, would you want us drafting 3 of them. We did take advantage of the fact that the draft was. deep, we were able to wait until the 2nd, trade down and get a 3rd, and still get the WR they wanted. Had we drafter 2 or 3 others, they likely wouldn't make the team. The other thing with such a deep WR class, is that other teams probably over-drafted in the position, which means, many players would likely shake loose after training camp. We can still sign UDFA (which should be plentiful being such a deep draft), sign vets, and wait until the end of TC and possibly picking someone up or a trade.
  2. These teams already have depth, they need to and can afford to gamble on a few players in the same position, the Jets need to be more pragmatic with their choices..
  3. I get wanting WRs (I want them too), but they are useless if the QB doesn't have time to throw. We added lineman in the offseason, and drafted 2 with one in the first. We also spent a 2 on WR. More importantly, with a team as bad as ours, we need as many players to stick from the draft as possible; would these guys that are around in 5-6 likely to beat out the vets we have? You want to protect Darnold. Step #1 OL - we added 10+ including 2 draft picks. #2 Running game, the Florida runner isn't fast, but can get you that 1-3 yards - outlet pass, Step #3 TE (IMO) - we have 2 reasonable TE, WR - especially the fast ones are long ball hitters, we drafted one - we should let the rest of the team fall apart to draft 4 WRs where only 1 or 2 would make the team? We need 80% hit rate in this draft, so I say draft players that can beat out a existing players, hopefully some starters. We have drafted WRs in the past and they didn't stick (granted it was Macc and Idzik drafting); we knew this draft wasn't taking us to the SB, but IMO if 6 of these players stick - we will come a long way. Also, remember, depth is critical, especially with injuries. If we need to, we can sign a Vet to fill a spot, but for depth, you have to draft. Way too early IMO to tell how good (or bad) this draft is for us, but you can't just draft for position especially on a team that is paper thin at talent and depth.
  4. Yep - did not like the rotating, hope for the best QB crap we went through last year. I don't know anything about the QB, but need a real backup - Darnold is in his 3rd year, we don't need a waste of space QB as a coach, we need a guy who can play the opposing qb during week and possibly come in for a play or two here and there.
  5. one thing i was thinking about, without a 7th round pick, JD has a whole round to focus on signing some UDFA - it will be interesting to see if he can find a gem there.
  6. raw good athlete with a tremendous work ethic with some good instincts, I don't much about him, but i will keep an open mind. We have holes all over, and he is a versatile DB - can't have enough of those.
  7. If a player is getting beat, and the guy is going after Darold, HOLD. But for running plays and worse false starts it shows a lack of discipline - glad these guys have been so good.
  8. all of the hype and it turned out to be a PR stunt for Hulu TV - like the guy doesn't have enough money - LOL
  9. It is funny, people complaining about the Johnson's but forget that Trump tried to buy the team and the NFL had the Johnson's step - no politics, but can you imagine him as an owner; maybe you all would like Hess back. Please.
  10. I am okay with it taking 2 years for this team to get good enough to get into playoffs and win a game or 2; I am not okay having a sub-par team next year. If we could go 7-9 (yes with a soft schedule) this year with all of our problems, if we cannot get good enough with Darnold to go 9-7/10-6 next year it is a FAILURE. JD will have a complete offseason to get us good enough to do significantly better than last year (which may only translate to a few more wins) then we have a problem (coaching, drafting, or Darnold isn't the one). IOW, a team with a potential franchise QB (and 2 years experience), a solid set of picks, and a good chunk of salary cap cannot win 9 or 10 games, the rebuild failed and we may have to consider major changes. I am tired of losing...
  11. We sucked for Sam and got him. We have sucked for DTs and Safeties; maybe now that we got rid of MM, JD can bring in some OL, WR, and CBs and we can just win the damn division. I am tired of sucking...
  12. So, after watching Mahomes go to the AFCC this year (and post season last year), and Sanchez went to playoffs as a rookie, your hope for our promising QB in his 3rd year is to be on a team soooo bad that we loose another year, fire the coach, and have Sam learn his 3rd offense? For another first time HC?

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