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  1. You sadly missed a whole paragraph of wit and sarcasm.
  2. bostonmajet

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    I saw that too. Here are my questions. 1. Did he do the same thing to our vet CB? If not, it sets a bad example. Only rookies have to play smart? 2. Did the RB coach do the same thing to Crowell? Even if it is the responsibility of the individual coach, for the HC to say it isn't my problem, isn't good. The buck stops with him.
  3. I think we should totally go for it. Let's give up valuable picks which we need to rebuild the OL, so that we can sign a disgruntled 26 year old RB (who won't play as well behind our crappy line) to a 4 year high cost deal. This way, we can hear over and over on how Mac traded away too many picks, the OL still sucks, and he never drafts OL high. Fortunately, those topics will pale after 2 or 3 years to the 'fire mac' (even if he was already fired) as we bemoan the large dead-cap hit from signing a RB through his 10th year (avg. for rb. is about 4 years) and how everyone hate the deal all along.
  4. bostonmajet

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    hmm; I thought the buck stopped with him - I guess not. I thought I was being too hard on him when I questioned why he didn't play Petty or Hack. So, I approached this year 'anew' and gave him (and myself) a Mulagen. It is after serious deliberation that I am once again on the 'fire Bowles' bandwagon. Say what you will about time management, etc. but the main reason was for him/them 'ruining' Sam. They are making him think too much, etc. Even without the Sam mess, you can't have players thinking there is no accountability. Best way to screw that up is when a coach doesn't have any accountability. Time to move on.
  5. Please no. would he instantly be the best RB on the team; of course. The problem isn't our backs, it is our OL; so while a better running game will makes Darnold's life easier, we need the draft picks to build the OL for next year. In addition to any picks we would have to give up, we would then have to pay huge money for a 26 year old RB (normal career length 4 years) to play into his 30s. PASS.
  6. bostonmajet

    Dare I say that the pig is........

    Sadly, the Pats often struggle early on, but play stronger at the end of the year and pull out the division. They also get the 'juicer' back in 2 weeks which should give Brady another target. We will see next week, if they fall to the fins, then maybe .... Either way, it is fun to watch them struggle and to watch Brady and BB loose.
  7. bostonmajet

    Yeah, it's been a rough start

    lol - don't they have the same record as the Pats?
  8. bostonmajet

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    Forget that the extra 15 yards meant the team was running it back and could have made a huge difference (so the Jets got lucky); forget that it fired up the crowd; forget that it fired up the defense. Consider this. Pick the top four teams or top four coaches in the league. What would happen if a player did that on one of their teams. You think Belly would put up with that? Well coached teams, well run teams do not tolerate this garbage. Just because it didn't cost us but a yard is hardly the point. What about the 15 yards tacked on for the other stupid unsportsmanlike call. Sure the Brows eventually punted and guess what a struggling offense started inside the 15 again. Yep, that really helped out the team. It is a team sport, and well coached teams don't tolerate stupid penalties.
  9. bostonmajet

    4 years of undisciplined football.

    There is a difference between a team loosing because they are outmatched or have too many shortcomings and a team the is sloppy, undisciplined, and rarely plays a full 60 minutes. Unsportsmanlike penalties, pre-snap penalties, giving up on routes, not diving for a fumble - this is a discipline/coaching problem. Mac could go out tomorrow and sign 5 new OL and a PR and a WR and we would still find a way to loose a game against a great team. A team must finish; can't claim it is a field position battle and give up 45 yards in unsportsmanlike penalties. Dumb, very dumb.
  10. Sorry, I disagree; you have to bench him for several reasons: 1. These guys want to play; see butler; if he is on the sideline he doesn't want the TV crew constantly talk about how he let the team down, etc; it is a pride thing 2. You have got to show the other 52 players that the rules matter and you can't go around doing something stupid. His contract actually make this bigger deal. The younger guys will see that even a highly paid vet can't get away with it. 3. The team needs to know that the coach is willing to loose a game (or two) and they can't be bullied or blackmailed. This same (even more so) should go for Crowell..
  11. The should be 'suspended' or benched for the next game. Sure, it may cost us a win, but the coach needs to take a stand. He won't; but he should.
  12. bostonmajet

    This offense

    You lost me after 'aren't terrible'; not a single game has Darnold had even close to the time to throw that Baker got last night. We can't pressure the QB without an all out blitz, and we cannot protect our QB against a 4 man rush...
  13. bostonmajet

    Game Observations (CLE)

    He can't throw it downfield, or the game plan coupled with 0 time prevent it; it seems that, although under thrown a bit, he threw it downfield pretty well in the Detroit game. Let's not confuse lacking ability with lacking opportunity. Sadly, Darnold, in only his 3rd game, looks shell-shocked already.
  14. bostonmajet

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    We didn't get rid of him, we just wouldn't pay what the Giants paid. Also, didn't we replace him with other players? Yes, we have not been able to take full advantage of Leo's ability, but not sure what not overpaying Snacks has to do with it. A bonafide pass rusher would help him avoid some of the double teams, but ...
  15. I think Bowles should go, but you don't fire a coach after his first year unless something goes horribly wrong Although you can make an argument for getting rid of Mac, the talent difference between us and Cleveland shouldn't be one of the them. Cleveland has had 5 first round picks in the last 2 years (2 #1s, and the #4). You don't win a game in 2 years, and crap before that, and you have the ability to quickly build a team with both difference makers and depth. consider that the previous 2 years, they also had 3 1st round picks, but none of the 1st round picks from the previous regimes are still on the team - now that is a bad GM(s).

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