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  1. While I agree with most of what you wrote, I don't think that Saleh had any illusions about how hard turning around the team was going to be. JD too. They showed tremendous patience last year. They didn't panic when the team and Wilson started off so badly; first the O was terrible and then the D showed their flaws. Many were calling for LaFleur's head; free White, free Mims, etc. The staff showed patience and confidence. JD is showing the same patience and confidence as well. I am hoping for a doubling of wins, but in reality as long as the team is dramatically improved, in all of the games, and Wilson takes a big step forward. IMO, the team gets the time this year to improve. Next year, however, it may be playoffs or bust - it would be time.
  2. So here is the rationale - if the Jets are a bad roster in the midst of a complete 'rebuild' yes, JD made a mistake by choosing quality over quantity. Last draft, he did the opposite, he traded down to get more picks (and there were times he was 'challenged' for it). If you think the 'rebuild' is over and now we are in normal build mode where you have a reasonable roster, but you are trying to plug certain spots, you can go for quality over quantity. As the roster improves, it gets harder and harder to draft players that will improve the roster, so often you have to trade up (or there are just players you really want) get them. Between last year's draft and the 2 free agency periods, I think you are hearing JD declare the full rebuild is over. If you count the number of players (or more importantly starters) that are still here since JD came on board, I think you might agree. We have reasonable players at OL, WR, RB, DL, CB, S, and even TE; while there are clearly gaps, this is a relatively complete team and you can see UDFA in certain positions choosing to go elsewhere. Even Captain Morgan knew he wouldn't get to play here :-).
  3. Jets FO can take a few hours off and then hit he UDFA market hard ...
  4. Based on his measurables, 6'6" and 300+ lbs, can he play guard?
  5. since we are up to pick 86, the Jets show up on the far right as pick 101...
  6. theme of the draft - pats moving up to get players that are going to be there when the Jets pick next
  7. well - he outsmarted himself as the kid is going to run downfield and Mac Jones doesn't have the arm strength to hit him in stride so sauce gets the pick
  8. been watching for over an hour tonight and 3 hours last night and we are still not halfway to the Jets next pick .... great draft, but can't believe we are 53 picks away from next pick - maybe I should just turn this off...
  9. what is nice is that now with the defensive players we may be able to stop other teams on 3rd and long and give the O more chances. With the new offensive players, we may be able to score and have more long drives so the D doesn't get so gassed at the end of the game. Nice balance by JD.
  10. And we have the cap space to sign them; didn't give away draft capital or cap space for the weapons - he got them the old fashioned way - draft them....
  11. So, JD said it was all about the Zack's growth; he got Zack a quick WR with good YAC and body control and a quick RB that can pass protect. So, he gives Zack 2 weapons for quick dump offs and a little more protection. I guess we had to wait a year, but it looks like all Gas no Brakes.
  12. This guy is tall and fast, why did he drop to the 2nd?
  13. I like AJ, and he is 2 to 3" taller, but he is also almost .2 seconds slower - fast, quick, young, and cheap - the Jets have a lot of young speed and that is the new NFL, no?
  14. lol - he is just trying to stay away from Darnold...
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