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  1. Player wants to be healthy for next year; isn't doing anything here anyway - would you want to set back your career for a 1-4 team playing in the same division as Pats. Jets are posturing, but should trade him to a team he is willing to go out and play for (or trade and sign and go to IR). He isn't here next year anyway, so might as well get something for him if you can. Either way, player shouldn't have to sacrifice his future to play for any team, let alone a team that isn't going anywhere this year.
  2. maybe this will get some other team to over pay for Leo - 1st and a 5th?
  3. yeah, let's pay him well over 10 million dollars to be the most overpaid and mediocre G in the league and destroy whatever trade value he has ...
  4. We have tremendous depth at DL; we may still make the playoffs, but we aren't going anywhere; by the time we are eliminated, we will not be able to trade him; so, if you can get a 3rd (in my mind even a 4th) or better for him, we can possibly draft another player, or be able to move up to grab a desired player. Given the choice of a shot at a possible 3rd in 2021 and a definite 3rd (or better) in 2019 and the cap savings, I pull the trigger. We would even save some $ on the rest of the season's pay. Make it happen Tanny
  5. If we get a comp, best case we get a 2021 late 3rd (after the 32 picks of the third round); since you have to wait a year it is about the same as a 2020 4th (last), so a 4th is equivalent to the best case scenario for letting him walk. If he gets a 4th or better, I pull the trigger. Equal comp and save what is left on this year's contract. We are so deep at DT, I say pull the trigger.
  6. What makes you think Cousins could win with this team/OL? Also, if we had Cousins, we would not have Bell...
  7. That call against Jamal was bad, but if they really wanted to give it away, they could have called PI on the 2 pointer - it would have been wrong, but they could have done it....
  8. we know the offensive line is bad, but with a guy with pocket presence, the ability to throw under pressure, and the team responding, they just might be serviceable...
  9. If we let him walk, we get a 3rd (unless we are active in FA) a year later; so, I would expect we won't trade him unless we get at least a 3rd. There may be other teams who care about more than just stats.... I never thought we would get a 2nd for Sheldon - here is hoping...
  10. SAR has a point. If the Jets were to continue to suck, we would be able to trade the #1 pick for a ton of picks and rebuild almost immediately. What would be more Jetsy, but to start to play well in the second half of the season and get a Ghost with a top ten pick. Jets go 5-11 and pick 6th - draft a DT.
  11. common guys - eagles have 30 points, we all know that it is because Leo sucks and Jamal is slow it just seems that we are cursed - this crap never happens to a team, and it happens all of the time to the Jets; regardless of the QB, regardless of the OL, regardless of the GM or owner, this crap just happens to us... sad.
  12. No need to wait for Gase to ruin Sam, our OL will do it for him in just a few games - more and more I think we should sit Sam...
  13. I don't know - we have some really bad QBs who were NOT promoted up from #3; this guy wasn't supposed to be good.

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