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  1. This is great for the fans and the NFL. As a fan, I enjoy it a lot and the Browns should be fun to watch this summer. I am glad, however, that the circus has left town and we have a no-nonsense coaching staff and FO. It may be boring, but it is better for the team in the long run. We don't want the circus or to put our young guys in the limelight; the New York market is crazy enough without feeding the beast.
  2. This 'movement' is hopefully due in a large part to the improvement of our scouting. The Darnold story showed us that often scouting starts more than a year before the draft. Also, covering smaller schools is harder because of the shear number and that their isn't as much available hype about these players to help whittle the field down. Mac's first year used Idzik's scouting team. Let's say it took a year or two more to get our scouts to the point where they have the ability and bandwidth to scout the smaller programs. That could explain why last year was the first selection and this year there are more. While this year appears to be great for drafting QBs and RBs, it was not very good for other positions. Also, no picks in the 3rd and you have a greater need to try and find the hidden gem. Hopefully these guys will make the team and contribute.
  3. bostonmajet

    OTA Pictures

    I am okay if he is more of a coach than a player at this point. I think he also fills two other important roles as well: 1. default starter (if Teddy can't) to take pressure away from Sam if he needs the cover 2. provide for a real QB competition (again if Teddy can't); instead of being handed the keys, Sam has to earn it (unlike Sanchez). He also provides a reasonable back up if Sam needs to be benched for health, mental health, or whatever...
  4. Sorry, I have to call BS. While I agree with your sentiment about running someone's reputation without them getting due process, to just assume that there was no wrong doing and that the 'woman' made it up because of regret is equally ridiculous. It is okay to smear her, but not him? She didn't bring this up now; she isn't looking for publicity nor money. To attack her credibility without all of the facts is no better than attacking him. if she did just regret a bad decision she likely wants to forget it. If she was a victim she probably wants to try and move past it. As far as being a good guy. History has more often confirmed that there are many bad guys whom everyone feels are a good guy because they don't know any secrets. And, IF things happened the way you say (not sure how you would know this either way, but...), two guys having sex with a drunken woman especially if she is too drunk to really consent, aren't exactly up for 'good guy of the year' awards... In case you haven't been paying attention, powerful men have been falling from grace all over the place for things that they allegedly did 20 years ago. You would think that the team did their do diligence. And whether he was guilty, innocent, or just a stupid decision, some actions follow you forever.
  5. It sucked to loose the picks (even with us not having a great track record with seconds), but I can see a scenario where we get left with scraps at QB had we not moved. If Browns go with Barkley first, the Giants draft Darnold (or trade pick for Darnold), Colts likely trade out for a team wanting a QB, Browns take a QB at #4 leaving 3 QBs gone; with the run on QBs it is likely Denver trades out, and we get the 5th QB; maybe Denver doesn't trade, and we get the 4th. For a QB, it was too risky - I wish we still had those picks, but happy how it turned out...
  6. I buy all of the arguments about talent - Petty and Hack could not beat out Fitz and McCown, fine. I cannot get around Forte playing over Powell (although both vets).
  7. We have suffered as Jet fans for a long, long time. Sure, it is way too soon to put him in the HOF, but this is the most exciting time as a Jet fan for a long, long time. I say, let's enjoy the hype while we can. We hopefully have our franchise QB for the next 15 years - let's be happy. There is plenty of time for the reality of how bad this team is to sink in. In fact, I don't care if the Jets only win 2 games next year and Sam doesn't play that way, it will still be a great season. J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets.
  8. I thought the D- was generous, but the Browns always help out the curve...
  9. bostonmajet

    Dolphins claim Petty

    Now you know why he want to Miami - He doesn't want to take another shot like that again.
  10. That would be the best one yet...
  11. I can see the headlines now: Jets go 12-4 and are 1-and done in the playoffs, fire Mac banners are everywhere
  12. bostonmajet

    This Board Will Explode If

    In my mind the Jets are hopeful that Hack will turn into a serviceable backup. Plan for this year, get Sam ready to start. McCown starts if necessary, and then backs up and coaches Sam. The wildcard is Teddy. If he is healthy, and maybe start, he will earn us a draft pick or two next year if a playoff bound team looses their starter. If the long shot impresses enough, maybe Hack doesn't even make the practice squad - but that is unlikely.
  13. Mac has been here for 4 drafts, and he, like most GMs have made some mistakes. The biggest one, in my mind, was the total reach for Hack. Not only was this a mistake, but it was in violation of his BPA policy - he fell in love with a player and total reached to avoid someone else grabbing him. Not thrilled with some other FA and drafts, like Lee. But, most of his mistakes are typical hide-sight 20/20. His other crime: He hasn't rebuilt the OL. Remember that while the team he inherited had very little talent, the OL was one area (the other being DL) that had some talent, but it was old. The heart of the OL, Brick and Mangold both retired leaving the OL in shambles. Take a look at the 90 man roster. How many of the players were on the team when Mac took it over? Besides Quincy and a few others, Mac has completely replaced the team. Older vets (some he inherited and some he brought in to plug holes) are gone. Many of the wasted picks from the Idzik era and before are long gone. How many of the players the Mac inherited are still playing football. While I see the shortcomings with some of his moves, it is hard to be critical of not rebuilding the OL when he has had to rebuild the entire team. Now finally, after a decade, we have hope. Sam is the best thing to happen to this franchise in a long, long, time. I don't care how whether we win 2 games or 10; I don't care when Darnold starts (I do hope to see him this year), I am now giddy about the future. Mac has bought himself a franchise QB and a chance to build the team for another 2 years or so. This summer, plug some more holes. Next year, OT or Pass rusher will be top priorities. Until then, I am looking forward to hearing more and more about the Jets' future QB.
  14. bostonmajet

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp.

    Maybe it is because the young guy can play... even if Hack wasn't a big reach (and I think he was), you expect way more from the #3 pick than a bottom 3rd 2nd round pick. Darnold is the most exciting QB prospect we have had in a really long time...
  15. A healthy Bridgewater who is playing well could get us more than just a 2nd rounder if a playoff caliber team looses their starting QB before the trade deadline. I am not hoping for an injury, but it happens every year.