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  1. I have another thought on Gase. He coaches scared and not to loose big. That is why he sucks. He believes that Jets can't win, so he prepares them to not loose big. When there are no expectations for the team, and he has nothing to loose, and other teams overlook the Jets, he lets them play - why not? He is trying to protect the players from getting crushed, and in so, isn't being aggressive. He let's them march up field when the defense is playing soft to get a few worthless points so the score doesn't look horrible. Consider that ESPN had the Jets giving up 59 points to SF. The game is a win. When we are 1-5 he might decide he has nothing to loose. At least I hope that is the problem, because how poorly the team has been prepared and have played, the alternative is that he is the crap that we thought he was. Get this buffoon out of town. Do we have a poor team with little talent, yes. Do we have a lot of injuries, yes. Is it harder for a team with a lot of rookies to play without the preseason games, yes. But, to barely show up with no real game plan and no offense whatsoever, well that is inexcusable. I never like in season coach firings, but I wouldn't mind this one. Give us another 6 crappy games and he is gone. JD isn't going to want to have this season hanging over his head. Yes, he has only had one year and we have hit some potholes, but at some point you don't want to be a joke anymore. Let's get a coach that can at least teach these rookies how to play and compete, so next year isn't a complete loss as well.
  2. Hmm; Yep, if Robbie was on the team, we would have scored 50 points each game - Robbie was replaced and that WR got hurt - I guess that wouldn't have happened to Robbie, right?
  3. I don't know. I thought Robbie even with his dumb on field mistakes was totally worth the money. I think JD made an example of him, and I do believe it was a mistake. Debacle, I think, is a bit of an over statement.
  4. yep - it was never going to last the way they built it but it was fun for a while. t remember those calling rex the worst ever - then bowles - now gase
  5. we went to 2 AFCC back to back - and had some great games - but thankfully the Circus left town ....
  6. ahh; youngins - LOL - This hurts and it is bad, but it is not 3 wins in 2 seasons bad. And let's not forget the guy who traded Riggins because of his Mohawk, brought in fight songs and then quit. Gase is bad. He may be the worst in the last few decades, but the Jets have set the bar pretty high for all time bad coaches.
  7. It is hard. Herdon has looked so good and the Jets seem to so lost. Is this team struggling more than most without preseason? Is the coach? Are these players not as good as we had hoped? Unless this is preseason blues - this is going to be a long season. Not sure what to make of Darnold - but no point spending resources to replace him with the rest of the team with so many holes. Either way, even with mediocre talent, I don't see how Gase survives if the team doesn't play better.
  8. There are plenty of reasons to be unhappy with Darnold. There are more reasons to be unhappy with the team and their preparedness. Maybe Darnold isn't the solution, but you put another rookie on this team and they will not succeed either. Fix the team first including the coaching, and then see if we need to upgrade QB.
  9. So, we have a promising QB that has not lived up to the promise. I feel the same way. Consider, however, the bad coaching and lack of talent. Couple that with a lot of new players and an offseason with reduced practice and no preseason games. Let's compare the Jets to a boat (as I sadly have already pulled the boat for the year). The coach is the captain, the team is the hull, the skills positions are the steering and navigation equipment and the QB is the engine. Now if the hull leaks, the steering is weak, the electronics don't work and the captain is inexperience, regardless of what the engine does, the boat is lost. Let's say you replaced the engine last year but this year, the boat just didn't drive well. Now, it could be that the engine was not strong enough, but it also could be that the engine was strong enough under better conditions to make a great voyage. Now, with your limited funds and time, do you replace the engine, or start fixing the other parts knowing they need to be fixed anyway and even a bigger engine will not fix the problems? Or do you just buy a bigger engine? Replacing Darnold this year, even if doesn't progress well, is the same thing. Spend 1 or 2 picks replacing him and have little left for the rest of the boat, or spend those 2 picks on much needed repairs. Maybe even replace the captain. There is always another chance to replace the engine. Also, with the pandemic messing up the college ranks, do we really want to spend our picks on a QB in a pandemic college season? Even if Darnold isn't the answer, lets fix the boat so it is seaworthy before replacing him.
  10. Here is the thing, Sam is either going to be a franchise QB or not. Here is the point, if we give up on him after this year, we have another 2-3 years minimal rebuild. If we chalk this year up to Gase or lack of talent we can replace Gase and/or spend the draft capital and a few FA acquisitions improving the team around Darnold. Next year should be a full practice year and hopefully normal OTAs. How do we want to spend our capital. Replacing Gase - may not set back the team at all. We can apply our picks to receivers, or OL, or pass rusher, or whatever. Replacing Darnold - we give up at least 1 1st. and the QB is going to have to come in, learn the NFL, and get no supporting cast. Then 3 years later, repeat, .. Lets give Darold benefit of doubt and assume it is lack of weapons, an OL that is weak and needs to gel, and coaching. All likely possibilities if not factors. If we spend the next 2 years improving the team and Darnold doesn't make the leap, we can spend the capital on a new QB who will hopefully come into the team supported by more talent than we have now.
  11. Rarely is a team as bad (or good) as it may seem. I think it should take at least 2-3 weeks to have any idea how bad this team is. The sky is falling stuff - particularly about Sam is a bit of an overreaction in my book. Fortunately, we don't run the team, so we are free to overreact all we want. In fact, with a team as historically bad as the jets, venting and overreacting is really one of the few 'comforts' we have had (other than talking about the next draft in week 1). Vent, overreact, throw a fit. I think we have all earned it. Let's hope next week is better - if not there is always black monday and draft day to look forward to
  12. I don't understand why we didn't re-sign Anderson. Other than that, not sure what else can be done. We will leave out the head cases as they can be as much of a problem as a solution. The question is the problem coaching or Sam? If it is either, doesn't really matter who he signed. Not sure what WR would have come in and had enough time with Sam. This is a crappy year. Not trying to make excuses for Joe, but it is what it is. Again, not sure why he let Robbie walk, other than that..... I don't think it is being 'cheap'; i think mostly for team chemistry, etc. he is only interested in either patching immediate holes or signing long term players. He has had really only one off season and draft - next year, he had better draft well and sign a couple of players (including our own), but I think the pressure is off of him. Now Gase, well, that is another story - yes, this season has sucked, and his roster isn't very good, but the team did not look prepared, while other teams did... that is on him.
  13. I get it was an ugly game, but time to get rid of QB; tank, draft, complain, rinse, repeat. 1st Game with no preseason; let's wait a game or two before we chuck a very young 3rd year QB.
  14. i don't want to make excuses for Gase - never liked the hire, but earlier in the thread a comment was made about 'starting where we left off' - that is exactly what happened. We had a weird offseason and no pre-season. The Bills were a much better team last year and we have a lot of growing to do. We are going to look lost for at least another 2-3 games.
  15. First, I don't think we are trying to tank and secondly, if we Darnold can play at middle tier level, we don't need to tank. It is a sad state of affairs if a team with a possible franchise QB and a reasonably good draft has fans worried that 5-11 isn't enough to pick high enough. I would be very unhappy at 5-11, but not because of draft pick and we would be just as good as the Pats and better than Miami - other than the record, when is the last time that happened. The other point is that if we are going to struggle, it will mostly be on offense. 59 points is significantly more points than scored against any other D by another other O. It isn't like we are playing the Chiefs. If the 49 can hang 50 points on the Jets (and 28 of those points are not scored by the 49er D), Williams should quit on the spot. The Chiefs only score 35 and 34 points, and the next closest blowout is the Raiders giving up 45. That computer was likely programmed by King. It is a joke. We know that Garappolo is the greatest QB ever, and he only threw 4 TDs for 28 point, where did the other 6 TDs come from? JOKE

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