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  1. bostonmajet

    What a joke the nfl is

    The penalty on the hit of the WR was ridiculous, other than that, the officiating wasn't the problem as much as the Rams offensive. I hate the Pats more than most, but officiating wasn't the problem (like it was against the saints), IMO.
  2. Sadly - I think nothing. He failed to learn from year to year. He failed to adjust from half to half. I think he actually believes he just needed to try this harder, or get this player, but I doubt he would learn anything. If he hasn't learned that ground and pound and playing not to loose is a recipe for disaster by his 4th year, he never will.
  3. bostonmajet

    Our coaching staff - 2 HC's

    Agreed. Also, in this case, the DC is a strong enough coach - he can run the defense without much guidance. Our OC not only needed guidance, but he got it from someone who plays not to loose.
  4. bostonmajet

    Christopher Johnson changing Jets power structure

    Yeah; I agree...
  5. bostonmajet

    Christopher Johnson changing Jets power structure

    I 'proven' coach like McCarthy (I didn't want him), Harbaugh (either), etc. would not likely want to report to a more Jr GM (especially one that may be gone in 2 years). By the HC reporting to the owner, a change a GM would not, necessarily, affect a HC. Since Gase isn't proven, he has to deal....
  6. bostonmajet

    Christopher Johnson changing Jets power structure

    I wonder if they left the organization the same while hunting for a HC. They were whale hunting, and both the GM and the HC reporting to Chris would give a big time HC a little separation. This way, the HC wouldn't worry about being tied to a GM that might be gone in 2 years. Also, if the HC wanted more control, they could arrange that as well. Once they didn't move forward with McCarthy (or a like) and they have Gase, they could move to a more normal structure. Just a thought...
  7. The best part of that mock is that they are having the Pats don't make it past KC next week.
  8. bostonmajet

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Peyton goes from being aggressive to a hand off - didn't work out for him - leaves the door open - never let up...
  9. bostonmajet

    Color me unimpressed with Gregg Williams

    I know people deserve second chances, but after thinking about it, the Bounty Gate thing bothers me. Players trying to hurt other players is just wrong. In a way, it is a little gladiator like. One player tries to hurt another in a effort to win a trophy for some rich owner. if these guys actually bounded together, they would have made some progress on wrestling some control (like punishments) away from the comish. They players are all about the benjamins - I don't blame them, but bounty gate was over the top...
  10. bostonmajet

    ST Coach Brant Boyer signs extension

    A WR can't turn trash into gold, but I noticed that Qs and Robby's route running was significantly better. I seemed to remember watching some games where others commented the same way. i can't remember who had that great catch in the end-zone (but out of bounds), but I thought the decent WRs played much better. I don't think anyone could have fixed Steward, Hansen, etc. You also have to consider the overly predictable offense, the lack of time (so can't run longer routes), and lack of offensive scheme. Robby could run the best possible route, but if there is no time to develop it, the route was called against the wrong defense, and Darnold didn't have enough time to hit him, you can't blame the WR coach.
  11. bostonmajet

    ST Coach Brant Boyer signs extension

    Yeah, heard that...
  12. bostonmajet

    ST Coach Brant Boyer signs extension

    Had Boyer had more experience, Bowles would have been fired earlier with Boyer being the interim coach....
  13. No. You don't trade a young, cheap, stud QB unless, there are looker room problems, you don't think he is a stud, or you have so many holes to fill you need the picks/players. I think he stays. Also, that is a big if, IMO. Rather see them win that the Pats though.
  14. bostonmajet

    ST Coach Brant Boyer signs extension

    Good move - glad they did that. I agree on Greene; I would also like to see the WR coach extended as well, but not as important as Boyer and Greene It is about time that club Jets was closed for good. I read somewhere that the pushback from some of the players on Gase was that he was a hard-ass - some players here won't like it, but good riddance to them. Time to earn their pay.
  15. bostonmajet

    Does the Patriots dynasty end today?

    They can't even blame Shotty anymore. Question: are the Pats that good, or that lucky? Is the weather that big of a deal?, Or, do some of the other teams just choke in the presence of the Pats. Either way, this is more embarrassing than the colts loss last night. BTW: does anyone notice that when one team falls so far behind (national game) that officials try and help the loosing team out? What will be more likely, the officials will protect the looser, or protect the pats - lol

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