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  1. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    At last count, there looked like 4 1st round QBs available, 7th might be good enough to get one. If not, trading up to 4th or 5th would be and hopefully not too expensive.
  2. There are two questions here, has Mac done enough? has Bowles done enough? IMO, Bowles has to go. In the beginning, I thought the team really turned the corner and was playing hard and smart for him, but his overly conservative approach, sitting on leads, playing for the FG or not too loose, his horrible time management gaffs, his lack of half-time adjustments (especially on D), and his mind-boggling preference of average or hurt vets over youth demonstrates that he hasn't learned enough to be a good (let alone great) HC. He won't make it here. As for Mac, I think he inherited a mess. Not only did the team have little talent and no depth, but what talent it had was old with only a few years of productivity left. For example, the OL was okay/good, but with Mangold and Brick in their 30's it was only a question of time. It is hard or even impossible to replace an entire team over a few years, so I give Mac some benefit of the doubt as the team has gotten younger, with more talent, and significantly more depth. That being said, I am on the fence (leaning towards keeping him) for another year or so, but this offseason is critical for the OL and the QB position. If I had to pick right now, I would say give Mac another year (at least - maybe a year extension or 2) and fire Bowles. In fact, I would have left him in Denver with Mo and a few others... I think the WR, QB, LB, and a few other coaches may still have value - not sure about Morton ... DC has to go.
  3. You aren't a fall guy if you are a significant part of the problem... As for Mac, has he been magnificent, certainly not. But, consider that mess that he inherited. Mike T sacrificed depth for a shot. It almost worked for 2 years, but in the end it, after a clown season or two, it left the team without any depth and bereft of any young talent. The team was in trouble at that point. Next, Idzik did his best to make the team worse while wasting a ton of picks. To me, Mac's biggest mistake was trying to win while rebuilding. It almost worked. The problem is that the winning worked too well and people forgot how bad the team was. He burned money (he needed to), but fortunately spent it in a way so we have it to spend again. Has he whiffed on picks? Absolutely. Was it a mistake to draft Hack as high as he did? YES. Was it a mistake to pass on Watson, Probably (too early to tell really). Consider how bad the team was... safeties (joke - no depth), TE (none), LB (Harris was old - no depth), CBs (joke - no depth), WRs (joke - no depth), OL (old, brick and mangold good - no depth), qb (joke), DL (good but with 2 trouble makers). Now we have safeties (and depth), one good CB with injury history and some okay depth, LBs are better okay depth, TE promising with some depth, WR okay with plenty of depth, DL okay (not great) - little depth, OL crap, QB crap. He has added a lot of pieces most of them good. The team instead of being one of the oldest is very young. The turn around has been pretty good. A car starts racing down hill and accelerating out of control, it takes a lot of work to slow the car down and turn it around. After much effort the car is now heading uphill slowly - this is a huge improvement, but when you look it is further down hill then when you started breaking. If you just look at position, you can't tell how much progress has been made. As he fixed certain parts, the team just kept getting older. The talent has bottomed out and is now starting to improve. Is it enough? enough to keep his job, I don't know. Has he failed to get us a QB, ABSOLUTELY. Truth is, many teams have that problem. People used to call Elway a genius, he over-drafted Lynch and now has a young JAG running the team. Mac has to improve the OL. He has to find us a franchise QB. If he can't make improvements this off-season, he needs to be gone. He should pay for a youngish LB who can set the edge and pass rush. We need some veteran CBs (until we can build with the draft), and we need some stop-gaps at OL and we need to draft heavily there. We NEED a QB. He has traded pretty well. He has found us some GEMs in FA; this needs to continue. He needs to get rid of Mo (hopefully a trade - but we will need to eat much of his contract). His biggest problem this year is that the team is doing too well to draft high, but I think we can still draft the future QB. As for 'I play hurt vets over rookies' Bowles (consider Forte's playing time), you can't be a scapegoat or fall-guy if you half of the problem....
  4. there goes the team that could have beaten the Pats...
  5. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    Bowles won't bench McCown in the middle of the game. Remember the 5 int game last year? You shouldn't be hoping for McCown to get hurt; besides being wrong, Bowles is showing that he isn't a coach that can adapt to game issues. Hopefully, this is all the FO needs to get rid of him. If McCown gets hurt and Petty saves the day, (or doesn't) but the team plays hard, then Bowles survives another year.
  6. Morton Wants McCown Back in 2018!!!

    What is he supposed to say? 'we will never win a SB with this guy', or 'nah, we have been colluding with Cousins agent to get him here'. Seriously, not news. I look at it this way. We are either going to draft a QB or sign someone like Cousins. If we draft a QB, you ware going to need a quality experienced backup. So, if we draft Baker, we still need him. If we sign Cousins, we won't. Did they ask if they wanted him to be the starter? Still what is he going to say?
  7. other games today...

    in other news.. it looks like Geno has fumbled twice...
  8. Again, you may not like the job he is doing. I may not like the job he is doing. It doesn't mean he doesn't know there is a hole there. Just because he has done other things, doesn't mean he is blind.
  9. Yeah; it is sad how long it has been and how many posers we have had to go through at QB. Again, effectively dealing with the problem and recognizing the problem are 2 different things.
  10. Really, you may not like him and think that he is doing a crappy job, but I am sure he knows football better than most, and he is perfectly aware on how bad we are at QB and OL. There is a difference between knowing, and being able to or doing something about it.
  11. Jets Inactives Today SURPRISE LB Darron Lee

    Not sure I agree with it, but apparently late to meeting less of an infraction than late to practice. We also don't know how late Mo was vs. Lee. If it was 5 min vs. an hour, that could be telling. Or, the reason they were late. Also, I wonder if they expect more from Lee; does this mean that the Jets are moving on from Mo at the end of the year?
  12. Um; that's my point. KC had how many penalties to get the jets that last TD and that 2 point conversion; there was also a missed FG. That is KC 'losing the game'. As for the Jets winning it, getting into the red zone and only getting 3, is NOT the Jets winning...
  13. There is no one on the planet (maybe a little exaggeration) that doesn't realize that the Jets have a huge need for QB, OL, 1CB (at least) and a pass rusher. We may not be able to fix it ALL in FA and draft, but everyone knows...
  14. Always glad to get a win; but KC lost this game as much as the Jets won it. It would have been more impressive if KC wasn't on a slide. Lost top 10 pick on the craziest game I have ever seen.