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  1. Then the Steeler's really screwed up because they signed their top ten pick already
  2. Arizona drafts QBs in the 1st two years in a row; the Giants waste a pick on a reach at QB (after passing on Darnold) with a top 5 pick for someone that was likely there in round 3, and the Jets are the worst drafting team in the modern era because the took a gamble on some disabled players in the 3rd day of drafting. Can't make this up. People are driving themselves crazy over a 6th round pick. You have to love it...
  3. 1 99.7% 93.5% 83.9% 77.4% 71.0% 2 96.8% 96.1% 83.9% 74.2% 41.9% 3 96.9% 75.1% 62.5% 37.5% 18.8% 4 91.4% 74.3% 54.3% 34.3% 17.2% 5 81.1% 56.8% 37.8% 24.3% 16.2% 6 70.2% 57.5% 35.3% 20.9% 10.6% 7 58.3% 45.8% 31.3% 21.7% 16.7% This is the odds of a player sticking by round (left) and year (top) - by round 4 the odds are against a player making it to year 3 (close at 4); most 3 rounders don't make it 4 years - based on these numbers, can you guys really get so worked up about these late round picks? Considering a late round pick doesn't normally contribute in the first year or two - they are more likely ST and bench for a few years and then replaced with cheaper versions. Not saying he shouldn't do a good job drafting, but let's not make a late round TE or LB the reason this guy stays. He got his franchise QB; and outside of the pick had one of his best drafts last year; I would have to expect unless he screws the pooch this year (already did okay with off-season), he is still here next year.
  4. IMO Winovich has a higher floor but a much lower ceiling. The question is do you want a guaranteed (or highly likely) quality player or do you want to shoot the moon and take a risk. Polite hasn't peaked yet physically, and needs to grow up. Winovich prepares better and has peaked. If Polite can get his act together (and that clearly is a risk), and get in shape he can be a play-maker for the next 5 years. Here is hoping...
  5. My brother-in-law is a huge Gators fan; says he has a good motor and doesn't quit on the field, but is a bit unfocused and doesn't give 100% in prep as he gets by with great play without it. I hope the bad combine and slip into the 3rd round coupled with practicing with players who all could skate by on ability will get hime to fix his preparation process. He clearly has some growing up to do. His floor is low, but his ceiling is high. He is guy worth watching this TC.
  6. To be fair, the Browns have sucked for years; Got the 1st pick several times, and therefore didn't have to give up draft capital to land their QB. The Colts have their franchise QB (did little with it) and therefore were able to trade down in a QB having year to build draft capital. In all fairness, had this year been as good as last year with QBs (and teams needing them) our 3rd pick would have been worth trading down. Also, had the Colts waited and not taken the Jets offer, they could have gotten a lot more than 3 2nd round picks for Darnold - does Mac get any credit for that? Not saying Mac is a good or great GM, but it seems unfair to try and do a apples to apples comparison. There is a lot of context and luck associated with the draft. A GM can't change that. On the bright side, Mac isn't the worst GM in the NFL (how many points did Arizona spend to get there QB? - riskier than Darnold too the #10 last year and the #1 this year (minus the 2nd they got from Miami). Hell, Mac isn't even the worst GM in NY.
  7. He shows signs of immaturity. Big surprise for a 21 year old who was treated like a god in FL. Being immature is not a crime. The guy paid the price by falling into the 3rd round. Hopefully, he uses this as a wake up call and the players and coaches can help him. It appears his only crime was having the audacity of being picked by a hated GM.
  8. Quality player who had 1st round potential, but his immaturity had him slip into round 3. Pros: He has great tape and potential; if he can 'grow up' and focus, he can be great Cons: He stupidly was picked by Mac receiving the anger of the Jets fan; a quality player would have been drafted 20 picks later by Bellie which would have guaranteed his admission into the Hall of Fame.
  9. Even if it was laziness, is it the same thing as him getting drunk and diving, sexual assault, assault, etc? Maybe he is lazy (not sure), maybe he didn't work out as hard as he should have. If so, it cost him dearly as a good combine would have gotten him 1st round money. Of all of the stupid things 20+ year olds do, this isn't a major red flag - IMO. It is a 3rd round dice roll - if they are right, they will be talking steal...
  10. It wasn't like the kid ran wild, smoked weed, and wrecked his car. His agents gave him bad advice to bulk up and he got injured. I guess those asking for Mac should take a chance only meant in the 1st? It is a shame, however, because we know that most 3rd round picks have like a 98% chance to stick and Mac passed up tons of can't miss prospects at LT, WR, etc. But, yeah, I don't know what the kid will be; this is why the draft is a crap shoot. I just don't think the 'attitude' questions are all that valid.
  11. He is a young kid who got some bad advice from his agent and didn't handle an interview well. Yet, many are calling him a character issue type of pick. Mac rolled the dice on him, if he can turn it around and the coaching staff can mentor him, he could be a steal.
  12. Interesting, when Mac drafted a 24 year old it was like WTF, but when Bellie does it, he is a genius.
  13. Everyone complains that Mac doesn't take a chance, and the in the 3rd they pick up a guy that screwed up at the combine and was a bit out of shape. If this kid hadn't acted like a kid, he was a 1st round pick. A bit of a risk, but he could be a total steal if he gets his act together...
  14. Or, the Cardinals played it poorly... So much for them tanking - they are going to win enough games the next few years to be mediocre for a long time if Rosen doesn't pan out...

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