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  1. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Bowles is too conservative, I think this move is too reckless. They are still in playoff hunt; it won't hurt their chances to 'see what they have' after two more games. Also, Taylor is way better/younger than McCown. Of course, this is McDermott's first year; the odds of getting fired are smaller. The Bills are in a different position than the Jets, and I think this move is bad. As far as the Jets, Bowles is either too stubborn for his own good, or he is playing to keep his job. Either way, he won't bench Forte for Bilal, no reason to expect him to bench McCown.
  2. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    Why is this shocking anyone. Say what you will about how good or bad Bowles is, he has a major flaw. He prefers Vets - no matter how badly they are playing. In fact, the older the Vet, the more playing time. Look he won't even play Bilal in front of Forte. Has he ever, except Fitz in the end of last year, benched a Vet in leu of a rookie/younger player? It took a multiple horrendous games last year to bench Fitz for Petty. If the player isn't hurt, he starts... Not sure what he is thinking. He is too conservative. Looking not only to NOT LOOSE, but not get FIRED. You play to win; you coach to win (eventually) not to win enough to not get fired. I hate him, but BB, does this all of the time. I high priced vet isn't playing well, or has a crappy week of practice, he sits on the bench and watches someone else play his position. With Mo sucking and being hurt, he wouldn't even bench him for a single game. Guy has no balls - properly inflated or otherwise....
  3. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    not sure I would equate 'won't rule out' and 'may return', but hey, it sells papers...
  4. They did a great job preparing for the game; the players are playing hard and hungry and aren't giving up. Didn't slump in the 2nd half or get too conservative (esp. on D) too early - although the last 5 minutes sucked to watch for a variety of reasons... That is only part of the job of a coach. He still has 3 major problems in my mind that would prevent me from moving off the fence: 1. He has to stop giving so much preference to vets... last night was a good start with giving the rookie a chance to return punts and getting Tomlinson more touches - but he has a way to go - still playing too much Forte over Bilal IMO; 2. Some of his game time decisions about TOs, punting, play calling seem mind boggling. He also sits on leads too early, plays for the FG, and is so conservative trying to protect McCown that he constantly puts him in bad position (3rd and longs; down by 5 with 2:00 to go). 3. He needs to still get better about adjusting in the 2nd half. Last night wasn't a problem as everything has been working, but other teams adjust to us, but we seem to fail to adjust as much as we should.
  5. maybe we can get a 1st down and end this game so I can go to bed?
  6. Still 2+ minutes left; Jets better wake the f''' up...
  7. These flags are ruining the game... that hold was a BS ticky-tacky hold ... they didn't start the clock when they were supposed to...
  8. these flags keep stopping the clock... can we end this game so i can go to bed?
  9. Still sucks - finish the game...
  10. You know what - this sucks - we put this team away and then played soft - we stopped pressuring the QB; ASJ missing the onside kick...
  11. ASJ - blew this big lead - you are on the hands team - you have to get that ball....
  12. Maybe we celebrated too soon....
  13. Not sure why Taylor is still in - he is taking a beating... even the Jets can't blow this lead in 5 minutes...