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  1. While I miss the early Rex years, I think last year's D was better than Fat Rex's D - at least on 3rd down. Also, Rex inherited a pretty good team with a great OL. Saleh has been coaching up players (something Rex never did, IMO). The big problem on D this year was the O couldn't score after loosing AVT and Breece and the ST forgot how to tackle. In the end, you can't play the hold the team to no points for ever and a D with a lead can play stronger than the D that is always behind or tied. If the O could score high double digits and stop the 3 and outs the D would have been dominant, IMO.
  2. Banning posters? LOL. Most good team with a good OL have a couple of players from day 1 or 2; you can put in OL from later rounds, you just can't, IMO, have all later rounds. I wouldn't pick an OL in the top 15 - at least not this year. Pick another player, or trade down.
  3. I would be okay drafting OL in 1st and 2nd, or 2nd and 3rd, but what if we trade away these picks for a QB? I think we should sign a good QB in FA - SF proved you don't need a start QB to make it pretty far into playoffs - a playoff game or better yet a win would be a great result next year. We also need a MLB and a FS/S. I wouldn't draft RBs in the first 2 days. Hopefully Breece comes back, but we have some decent RBs - the bigger problem with the running game, IMO, was the OL. Assuming we have a first, I would grab either a fast/big MLB if good value, or even a CB (much less need, but in 2-3 years if we want to be great..), or a tall, fast, strong WR, or I would trade down a bit and grab a C. I good/great mean C can change the personality of the entire OL - remember how Mangold and before the Mawae dominated for a long time. I would also consider trading JFM to pick up some draft capital and free up cap space to sign Q. If things go well in the 1st, and we have an extra 2nd due to trade in 1st or JFM and/or Davis trade/move up, I would be okay drafting 2 OL if we picked LB/CB in the first, or OL and LB in the second. I would also not complain about drafting some OL with potential in day three depending on the status of Max, etc. We need more depth on OL with talent and youth. Can't count on 30 year olds for much longer.
  4. Careful, proposing drafting OL in the top half of the 1st round can get you banned
  5. Not sure we are better than Bengals and Bills with him. Green Bay with better OC didn't break 500 in an easier division. And if you are going to trade away draft capital and cap space (which may require letting some players go), you do it for long term prominence (Rodgers is not the future), or a guaranteed SB run (or close to it); and I don't see the Jets getting past KC or Buffalo or Cincy by going with an aging QB and the inability to draft or sign other key pieces - and if we don't get to the big game, why give up on the core that JD has been building on an aging QB who hasn't been winning? Currently we have the chance to draft a few nice pieces and have enough cap (with some moves) to sign a decent QB and maybe a top tier WR or TE. I think that gives us the best chance of success.
  6. 2nd year guy who can't get separation and is 3rd on depth chart shouldn't be complaining about touches - and there were 3 other QBs (or more like 2) who was throwing to him - it isn't all on ZW. You put him on a team with a young Rodgers or Brady and he is still the #3 WR who can't get separation. It is bad enough that this players mouth off, but at least they should put up on field and shut up. Besides, he was complaining about his reduced utilization from last year when, wait for it, it was mostly ZW throwing to him. The biggest thing that changed from last year is that GW and Breece are here and we have almost competent TE play.
  7. Guy looked pretty good at the end of his first season when he had a real QB coach helping out. But, hey, not having a real QB/passing coach seemed to really help out all 4 QBs - not to mention an OC who never game planned, and was as predictable as a Hckett/Shotty offense - maybe the now OC... oh hell, damn we are pretty screwed.
  8. Please no, no, and sure. At least Jimmy G won't cost us draft capital, but the guy can't stay healthy. Putting him on a team with constant injuries seems to be giving the injury gods the middle finger. So tired of the Rodgers talk - this guy couldn't win in an easy division with a much more seasoned HC and a WR who always made the big plays; he also seemed to be so full of himself - not worth the draft capital and cap space IMO.
  9. LOL - every thread turns into a ZW sucks - maybe we should only have one thread. As for Moore - he doesn't seem to get open; he looked like crap with 4 different QBs. I get that the Jets O was terrible last year, and he didn't have a choice on where he landed, but I am tired of his whining. Truth is, he was at best the 3rd best WR on the team. Add to the fact that Breece was more explosive as a WR and we had some almost competent play out of our TEs, what do you expect. You want to be utilized more, try getting some separation....
  10. LOL - a year too late - lost his rich wife and had a horrible season...
  11. Bigger question - what if we trade away draft picks to get Rodgers and he just tears apart the team, sucks, just doesn't care, or worse tries really hard and we still don't make the playoffs? Then we are stuck with a 40 million/year aging QB, holes on team due to lost picks and no cap. Then we could look forward to yet another rebuild.
  12. Not a huge Jimmy G fan, but sure - Carr sure... he is certainly young enough with a lot to prove... Even a QB like Tannehill. Reasonably young and decent is probably good enough - especially if we get our OL fixed and Hackett isn't a total waste...
  13. IMO signing Rodgers is jumping the shark. We need to trade or release Davis, JFM and we should have enough money to sign Q, maybe sign an offensive weapon and sign a mid-tier QB. Look at all of the really good teams that did okay with a mid-tier QB - or even Mr. Irrelevant. Sending picks and spending 40 million/year for an aging QB who has run other coaches out of town and hasn't been winning just doesn't make any sense to me.
  14. probably won't get much, but I could see it. I could also see moving JFM - we have so much dept on the DL, not sure he is even #2 for us and he is making a lot of money.
  15. while I don't have a problem at this point making a huge investment in the future, I have yet to hear or see an option for a long term run. Half of the fan base is claiming that no good OCs wanted to come here because that JD and Saleh are on thin. ice. Some say that coaching doesn't matter, but it is talent that determines the success. Most of the rest want to trade whatever they need to and pay whatever they need to in order to acquire a QB that has failed to make their current team successful - but they assume that a QB not succeeding with a quality CS will just win here because of our CS, or players? Rodgers failed with an arguably better CS than the Jets have. Carr was benched by a HC who was arguably one of the best OCs. Jimmy G hurt again. But these guys are going to shine with an OC who made Russell Wilson look like ZW. Invest in the future - hell yes. spend all of our draft and cap capital on an overpriced QB who is trending down and likely going to get injured, fail, or 'steal' our money until we can let them go? Investing is one thing, but rolling the dice with the next 3 years - not so much.
  16. the Denver offense made Russell Wilson look bad - why would JD/Saleh hire him? I am halfway to giving up on the Jets - if JD trades for Rodgers I am just going to save myself the aggravation of watching this train wreck...
  17. Rodgers has checked out and couldn't win games with a better coaching staff and would have us losing all of the cap as well as whatever we have to give up to get him...
  18. ROFL... What's absurd is to assume that in a complex system, you can remove one piece and move it without making a difference. What is absurd is assuming that every QB struggled here over the years, but it was only talent. Or, that after getting benched after starting strong, Trevor would not have been benched prior to that. Or, seeing a quality QB like Rodgers or Russel Wilson suddenly lost their talent and it had nothing to do with the team they were on, or their coaching. But, Yep, Trevor would have been a star here...
  19. You come on, you did the same thing with me with the 'draft anyone, get coach, done' - please...
  20. LOL - so you are saying the Trevor would have been Trevor here - can't make this up. Then coaching doesn't matter at all. So why hire a coach? It isn't the money, like with everything else, there are 32 teams - some teams are going to have better coaches that other. some teams are going to have better QBs than others. It takes both talent, determination, AND proper coaching. ZW looked better when his personal coach was on the team last year. Trevor looked much better with his current coaching; Daniel Jones was lost until Diabold took over the team. You need personal (that compliment each other), talent, and coaching. Of to paraphrase you - just draft the right person and no molding necessary - Easy. Doh.
  21. LOL - doubt it, but even if true, Jets would have bailed on him before then - he looked worse than ZW for the first year and half and we would have ruined him with out pitiful OC. Same result.
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