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  1. guys I can't tell for sure, but I don't think SAR is a big fan of JD - it is subtle, but I think it is there. JD gets this year and next year; just the way it is going to play out - unless something dramatic happens he is here. Saleh is going to get at least 2 years unless he turns into another Gase (whom I think some people here liked ) If you are unhappy with JD getting a mulligan for the first 1.5 years, blame that on the Johnson brothers. 1. You don't bring in a new GM after a draft - you want him drafting and you want him to have time to ramp up and do scouting prior to FA
  2. Therefore Apple may pay more to increase their subscribers - but either way, it will come down to who give the NFL the most money - not which company is popular - Goodel on sees dollar signs.
  3. Of course you can as - that is what the site is all about - but unless you are saying rant, please don't comment, don't expect to not hear about it. Especially on this site, if you want to rant and not have comments i would suggest a dog; my dog is a great rant listener as long as i don't yell and treat often
  4. Lol - first of all, the NFL signed a long term deal worth Billions - MLB would have killed for that deal; secondly, what the NFL thinks is a good deal is different than what the fans think is a good deal. Sure, as a fan who lives outside the NY area, I would love to pay for just the Jets and a great rate - just like i would prefer to pay for. just Jets on NFL rewind - but they make more money this way, so the NFL prefers the bundle. They are going to do an analysis on what is going to make the most money - my guess is that except for bars and restaurants, most people would prefer to pay for on
  5. yep - they could also go 15-2 (they won't) and everything in between. If they do go 0-17 we will have the #1 pick locked up and can probably trade down to the 10 spot and still bring in a haul of picks. Personally would rather see them win a bunch of games, but one more year in top 5 won't kill us.
  6. The team he inherited was not good, but there was some talent there - he had Darnold who is the second coming I hear.. As for Gase: 1. the eyes thing at his first press conference didn't help his cause 2. he never adjusted and made stupid in game decisions - last year the team was lost and the guy still wouldn't go for it on 4th down - remember 3. he wouldn't play a rookie if there was a vet on the bench - even if the bench was in the ICU 4. he didn't seem to have a game plan or any plan 5. the team did get worse from one season to the next; and his players quit
  7. but they know the plays to be fair, has just as much to do with the game plan, who was throwing the ball and when, what patterns were run, where they were in the reads, .. and stuff.. ; also, Mims go so wide open on a busted play when Zack had enough time to throw down field. I get the Mims hype. He has all the tangibles. I have to think that the CS wouldn't be sitting him unless there is a real reason. Hopefully he plays soon and does extremely well. Of course the downside in that is that the JD haters would have to admit he was a good pick in the 2nd - so there is that.
  8. /joking Well, it is hard to tell. Based on the Free Denzel talk you would think Mims was the best WR drafted and he was picked in the 2nd. /joking
  9. Wesco or the new Guy? Nothing as the new guy just got here, is only on the practice squad and we haven't won a game, so I don't know. I don't even know if Wesco has been active or even played. I am not good enough to tell if he is blocking or FBing better than he should. In fact, i don't even know how to Quote effectively, since my original comment was supposed to be about the 'another wasted draft pick'. So, I failed all the way around.
  10. I get the statement that if he is inactive we have to call BS; do you all remember when Mangenious used to say, and the most important player was the 'practice player of the week' and that player never got to play? yeah, play Mims or don't play Mims, but if you are boasting about how well he did in practice - you need to eventually play him. If he isn't ready, stop saying how great he is doing; if he is ready play him. Hold the party line and say, he is making progress but at this point with the current game plan, Mims is not ready. I don't see the other drama. This is only a thing f
  11. I don't want to nit pick, but: 1. wasn't he drafted by JD's predecessor? 2. wasn't he a 4th round pick? Do you think all 4th round picks work out? 3. even if he was a 1st rounder, don't you always want depth and upgrades? I get that it was mostly just the schtick - but JD grabbed a guy for the PS that may be helpful while the coach staff took a TE that wasn't cutting it (except for blocking) and tried to make him more useful. Maybe they want him on the line blocking and a FB?
  12. while i thought he wasn't very good, didn't we go to two AFCC games with mini-marty? Not exactly a drought.
  13. I basically agreed with you and you down ranked me, curious. Maybe i didn't get what you were saying.
  14. Yep; he is the next Megatron and at the same time JD over drafted him; maybe he is just a WR with tremendous potential but needs to be coached up. And, yet, Selah is intentionally benching him because he is in the dog house; he is loosing and yet benches the best WR ever - you can't make this stuff up.
  15. Yep - some rookies hit the ground running; others don't. With his athletic abilities, had he not been so raw he would have been drafted in the 1st probably early on. Probably why he slid so much. Consider the cost savings over a top WR; JD choose upside and didn't have a #1 to burn - doesn't make it a mistake. Some players take more time to adjust to NFL than others. Just reality.
  16. Most of us thought the Jets were going to go 0-3; for us, this isn't a shock. Take a look at the predict the record thread - out may mean out of playoff run, but did we really think we had a shot? The good news is that some of the games that looked impossible are looking easier. In fact, after Broncos, the next two games are against teams with a total of 1 win; the same is true for the game after the Pats. Either way, you could have posted this topic before the first game. 9 rookies, 6 starting including QB, rookie HC and OC - I am looking forward to the second half of the season.
  17. Yep - because what BB is best know for is taking his foot off of the brake (or neck) when he gets a lead in attempt to not embarrass a team; Sportsmanship is his way /sarcasm And of course, there was no garbage time padding in any of those other outings.
  18. Joe must go... Joe must go... (love that chant) /sarcasm
  19. This may have been true last year, but the WRs are much better this year. This coach is making a stand, study, prepare, and practice and give 100% or you don't play. If we loose Mims because he won't step and do what the coaches want, then it will be worth it in the long haul. Saleh (or someone else, can't remember) came out and said Mims had his best practice of the week last week, so maybe he is trying and growing. Winning, especially early on, isn't as important as getting the players on board, IMO - I would expect that Mims will be playing within the next few weeks - but if he needs anothe
  20. Or, maybe, a WR needs more than 1 shortened offseason, 1 normal offseason, and 2 games to be able to beet out some veterans. He was raw coming out of college - not a great route runner - maybe we give the coaching staff a few more games to write him off entirely - then he can come in - catch 2 TDs and we can skip the rest of the season and put him in the HOF.
  21. First of all, I am relived to hear it isn't me. I blame the Hess family, they should have paid off that witch who said if she didn't get 10,000 she was going to put a curse on the Jets.
  22. Instead of Scott jumping on the free Denzel bandwagon, maybe he can find someone to help him figure out how to move up the depth chart. While i never expected the Jets to win in the first 4/5 games - I can't wait for a win so we can stop with the trade for this guy, free this guy, send this guy to the booth threads. Of course, after 1 win, we will see a ton of 'making the playoffs' threads, but a loss will stop that fast
  23. Just curious - what makes a topic 'Official'? I don't normally start threads, but not sure what the approval process is. NO - on the Watson
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