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  1. While I agree with most of what you wrote, I don't think that Saleh had any illusions about how hard turning around the team was going to be. JD too. They showed tremendous patience last year. They didn't panic when the team and Wilson started off so badly; first the O was terrible and then the D showed their flaws. Many were calling for LaFleur's head; free White, free Mims, etc. The staff showed patience and confidence. JD is showing the same patience and confidence as well. I am hoping for a doubling of wins, but in reality as long as the team is dramatically improved, in all of the games, and Wilson takes a big step forward. IMO, the team gets the time this year to improve. Next year, however, it may be playoffs or bust - it would be time.
  2. So here is the rationale - if the Jets are a bad roster in the midst of a complete 'rebuild' yes, JD made a mistake by choosing quality over quantity. Last draft, he did the opposite, he traded down to get more picks (and there were times he was 'challenged' for it). If you think the 'rebuild' is over and now we are in normal build mode where you have a reasonable roster, but you are trying to plug certain spots, you can go for quality over quantity. As the roster improves, it gets harder and harder to draft players that will improve the roster, so often you have to trade up (or there are just players you really want) get them. Between last year's draft and the 2 free agency periods, I think you are hearing JD declare the full rebuild is over. If you count the number of players (or more importantly starters) that are still here since JD came on board, I think you might agree. We have reasonable players at OL, WR, RB, DL, CB, S, and even TE; while there are clearly gaps, this is a relatively complete team and you can see UDFA in certain positions choosing to go elsewhere. Even Captain Morgan knew he wouldn't get to play here :-).
  3. Jets FO can take a few hours off and then hit he UDFA market hard ...
  4. Based on his measurables, 6'6" and 300+ lbs, can he play guard?
  5. since we are up to pick 86, the Jets show up on the far right as pick 101...
  6. theme of the draft - pats moving up to get players that are going to be there when the Jets pick next
  7. well - he outsmarted himself as the kid is going to run downfield and Mac Jones doesn't have the arm strength to hit him in stride so sauce gets the pick
  8. been watching for over an hour tonight and 3 hours last night and we are still not halfway to the Jets next pick .... great draft, but can't believe we are 53 picks away from next pick - maybe I should just turn this off...
  9. what is nice is that now with the defensive players we may be able to stop other teams on 3rd and long and give the O more chances. With the new offensive players, we may be able to score and have more long drives so the D doesn't get so gassed at the end of the game. Nice balance by JD.
  10. And we have the cap space to sign them; didn't give away draft capital or cap space for the weapons - he got them the old fashioned way - draft them....
  11. So, JD said it was all about the Zack's growth; he got Zack a quick WR with good YAC and body control and a quick RB that can pass protect. So, he gives Zack 2 weapons for quick dump offs and a little more protection. I guess we had to wait a year, but it looks like all Gas no Brakes.
  12. This guy is tall and fast, why did he drop to the 2nd?
  13. I like AJ, and he is 2 to 3" taller, but he is also almost .2 seconds slower - fast, quick, young, and cheap - the Jets have a lot of young speed and that is the new NFL, no?
  14. lol - he is just trying to stay away from Darnold...
  15. As usual, overly excited about what the Pats and the Dolphins did, harder on Jets. Rarely does a rookie QB light it up in his rookie year especially on a crappy team and a new coaching staff. Yeah, Mac Jones had 'better' numbers and more wins, but we shall see how he looks next year now that teams know how to play him. But, yeah, the Jets draft was a. mixed. bag (probably best draft in a long time), and of course, Pats and Miami were brilliant - got to love it.
  16. He is a good choice, but let's face it good young QBs can falter under bad coaches; good first time HC's can falter under a bad FO and this FO seems really bad. Like Flores or not, it sounds like the owner is more about meddling into things he doesn't understand than supporting his HC.
  17. Mac Jones stepped into the best possible situation for a QB - especially a rookie QB. He is on a team that is well coached, with an OL that can protect, and a strong defense. He is coached by a guy I cannot stand, but certainly knows how to win games and make in game adjustments. He was surrounded by players and coaches who know the system/scheme as they have been playing it for ever. He certainly did better than Cam did last year. Let's be fair - how many good teams did they beat. not-many. how many of their wins did he put the game on his shoulders - not many would be an over statement. Some on this site feel bad for the kid - they guy has commercials about succeeding and when the Pats absolutely spanked the Jags, he was on the sideline acting like a 6 year old bouncing around thinking himself all of that. While Zack certainly struggled you have to ask how Mac Jones would have played had the Jets or the Jags selected him. Not sure the Jets beat Tennessee if Mac Jones was QB. Now, here in NE all I hear about is that this kid is the next coming and that the Jets are a joke - so forgive me if I enjoy the jokes made at NE's misfortunes - this is a Jets sight, no? you don't think they make fun of the Jets on their site? They were called the most miserable fanbase and whine all of the time even when they win...
  18. he should have pulled a Gase; get the job, stink it up, blame it on the GM, then bring in your guy. Of course it didn't work out too well for Gase, but...
  19. I think this stinks. Bellicheck was once again bored in the offseason - mr. irrelevant decided to be in the middle of a conspiracy and messing with the Giants - he should be fined If in fact they made a good Fatih effort to interview minors before signing, I don't see how they can be fined. The real question is why didn't they cancel - if they were just waiting until it was official before cancelling pending interviews, then it is a bit rude, but understandable and certainly not finable. If they did need the interview for whatever reasons and it was just a sham it is probably finable. Either way, Flores must have decided to give up on being an NFL Coach because his is not hirable now. I hope he made a conscious decision to just not coach again (and just collect the money owed to him by Miami). Because if he did this in a huff, he has killed his career over nothing.
  20. I think it is simple as there are two differences: 1. Flores got better over time making the most of a crappy team 2. Gase coached the Jets - yep; while I think Gase was terrible it seems to me that many fans are tired of waiting for a winning team and therefore have unrealistic expectations - thus someone is either hall of fame or hot garbage - since the jets are loosing, everyone is hot garbage; The media runs with the narrative that the Jets suck and are clueless and therefore they view every move, player, and coach via that vantage point - so, if you coached the Jets and didn't win SB - they suck
  21. I thought the NFL denied the racism charges, not the being paid to tank games ...
  22. well, I think he said it because he was asked. my guess some of it is posturing to light a fire under becton (not necessarily pisded) and because they would expect becton to win the job easily - so, it shows that they are fair and not giving starting jobs out (like Gase did based on seniority), light a fire, and still get Becton playing at LT - Just my opinion. I also doubt that if the Jets were really thinking about drafting a LT, Saleh would spill the beans; it is posturing to keep other teams off guard to protect a player or encourage a trade. Again, just my opinion.
  23. Really? He said that he isn't going to hand the job to Becton. Should he? He said Fant has the advantage. Why not? Fant played the spot most of the season, it is his spot to loose, no? Saleh has made no bones about having the best player play. He didn't sound pissed. He basically said, Becton can't come off of injury and expect the job. Sounds just about right to me.
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