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  1. i am not a fan of the uniforms either, but is this really important? I guess at least fans can feel they have some power/control.
  2. Anyone know how much of the 20 million is there with a trade? Either way, we have enough cap space to take the hit, but I would guess they would want to draft/sign his replacement prior to releasing him.
  3. It is just Wilson's lack of experience. This is pretty typical of QBs new to the NFL - hopefully he starts spreading the ball around more.
  4. Saleh said during his press conference that he tries not to show emotion/anger over a players mistake and prefers to deal with it out of the spot-light (that btw is the proper way); he shows excitement when the team/player does well, he will show anger at the officials, but not at a player - behind closed doors is another story.
  5. More importantly, Woody is likely giving both of them until the end of the season.
  6. Yeah, I don't know - maybe some of the fans of other bad teams focus on this; trying to gauge the crazy here...
  7. He is a blow hard trying to get ratings. He knows that Saleh isn't going anywhere this year or next, so he gets to rage against the Jets for 18 months with this crap.
  8. He was great. I think he was the only one to go to the pro-bowl in 3 different positions; blue collar - hard working guy. You have to assume that playing for the Jets doesn't help his cause. We have been bad so long, that nobody thinks we ever had good players.
  9. LOL - I don't go on any other fan web sites, but for those who do - do fans normally obsess about practice squad signings?
  10. Actually, with a young and building team, there are ups and downs. Consistency is the hardest thing to learn - I would expect ups and downs next year too, but hopefully a better trajectory and less swing.
  11. There are likely going to be 2 or 3 prospects and 10 QB needy teams - but yeah; again it would depend on need and availability. In fact if there are only 2, the #2 pick (if we still are that high) would be worth more as it is either trade up or wait another year. Teams are so desperate that a team traded a 2nd and a 4th for Darnold
  12. Depending on need and QB depth, the #2 pick could be worth a fortune; again depending on depth and need, the 5th may be worth a bunch too - trade them both down and acquire extra picks this year and next. That should 'complete' most of the rebuild.
  13. LOL Rex calls out Saleh - great job Rex Rex actually talks to him and. decides he is okay - Rex is a loser
  14. If we are going to make a thread or respond to every stupid tweet, we can hit 5 million posts on this alone
  15. Mac Jones on the Jets would be 0-9 and probably on IR. Zack on the Pats would maybe have lost a few games that Mac Jones won, but would have been able to win a few maybe that Mac Jones didn't. The Pats have the run game, o-line, defense and the coaching.
  16. the fire JD because Joe Flacco is starting - who is the beef jerky Joe or White? The op-ed was over starting Flacco over White. My point, is why fire him over that? He shouldn't have provided the Saleh with Flacco as an option? So, hate JD, don't hate JD, it doesn't make sense to get mad at him for a choice made by CS. But, whatever.
  17. while there are plenty of reasons to be upset with JD, why fire him over who the CS chooses to start?
  18. i never made that argument, but hey - it is not my narrative as i have no skin in this game; never liked the trade but hey enjoy.
  19. I think this isn't as much about winning, but more about trying to be competitive and give the other rookies/2nd year players a chance to succeed. It isn't only about the Ws and Zack (and White) growth. It is about growth for the team. Moore and Carter need to keep producing. If you aren't going to get Zack the experience, you want the rest of the offense to have the opportunity to succeed. It is about the OL continuing to gel; it is about the growth of LaPuke in game planning and play calling. Again, Zack first, but he isn't ready so offense is the priority IMO
  20. for me, this is a puff piece - conjecture and innuendo; around the league, people who cover the jets (LOL on that one) - feeling. There is no proof or evidence. And some of his conclusions are overly simplified. Hoyer being the reason that Mac hung points on the Jets, really? Does Hoyer coach the Defense too? I guess with players and coaches running the same system for 20 years has nothing to do with it. Many members of this forum could have written the same article (with the help of spell check and alike) or better; there is no inside story; no quotes. People like it because h
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