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  1. I don't think it was much of a shot at the Jets as the Cowboys. He is saying, for a time with all of the pieces if you don't win in the post season, it is no different than a team at the bottom of the league - 1 year away from #1 and 2 with just 3 or 4 wins. What I think he is saying is that the expectations for the Jets and the Jags this year was not high, while the expectations for the Dallas was a strong showing in Post season - so, Dallas failed worse than the Jets/Jags. Of course, if you don't want to be used as the - no better than - team, win games and go to the playoffs
  2. You kidding? They wanted us to waste 2 years on the guy and were thrilled he stayed in the division; they probably laughed their asses off when we hired him.
  3. Remember when nobody wanted to poach Jets practice squad players? Good times...
  4. A setback from the standpoint that his knee didn't heal as fast as hoped. So the term setback, was a setback in expectations on the speed of heeling - that can be extremely frustrating and depressing especially to an young athlete who wants to have a great career. Some article clips below: https://jetsxfactor.com/2022/01/15/ny-jets-ot-mekhi-becton-injury-update/ “The knee did not come along as quickly as [the Jets] had hoped, and what happened was, because he wasn’t able to do the kind of things that he needed to do to get into rehab and get back in shape, he put on weight,” Ga
  5. An injury that ends his season is not a normal sprain. An injury that was caused by an incompetent player rolling on him is likely to upset him. He spent all offseason working hard and trying to stay in shape, you can't blame a kid for getting upset when he gets and injury and then he has to keep waiting on rehab. I remember some pro, can't remember who, who said the hardest part of rehabbing an injury is that it is lonely, frustrating, and quite hard emotionally. He said it took everything he had to not get depressed. But, hey - .... Also, while I am sure he is no where near in football
  6. I don't take much stock in these rumors, but if true - in addition to Vegas being a better team, after these years in Michigan, some warmth might be nice.
  7. Oh, they said he was going to LA; and I was like LA can be quite quiet except for New Orleans during Mardi Gras - did I misread something? I love NYC and New Orleans, but outside Mardi Gras, New Orleans is pretty laid back - of course as an east coast guy, I liken Utah to LA - probably not fair.
  8. Actually, they were moving with ease on the outside and then the D finally adjusted and moved most of the D on the outside, leaving the middle of the field open. If he stops 2 seconds earlier, they spike the ball after a nice pick up and they have a shot into the end zone.
  9. Funny. I am not sure what the difference between Utah and some of the more secluded parts of LA. My guess is that she isn't a city gal - but outside New Orleans, you can find the 'quiet life'; maybe the weather? Also, New Orleans is nothing like NYC; okay during Mardi Gras; maybe it is her family. Why couldn't she stay in Utah for an extra month and still stay together? I think it is the 8 months in NY/NJ that is really the problem, or she found out that she doesn't want to be QB wife. Or, maybe she wanted to be a wife, and he wasn't ready?
  10. Sounds ridiculous, but it was a gutsy call, and it almost worked. Down that far with the D finally protecting the outside, it was just as likely to work as something else. I think someone, maybe Romo said that Dak should have slid down 5 yards earlier; had he done that and the officials weren't so slow, he would have been able to spike the ball with a really good gain. Throwing in the middle of the field would be same risk except it may take longer. Either way, it was a long shot and it was a imaginative call - clearly the D didn't expect it.
  11. Of course - I am just commenting about another thread where I am frustrated with the ease the media makes stuff up or gets it wrong - then fans infer based on that to call it fact. I probably broke like 5 JN rules with that alone. I was just trying to show 'things we know' we often don't know even when getting them from HC. I was very clumsy ...
  12. What, you mean that the media and alike who have been telling us that IK sucker punched him was wrong all along? I cannot believe people with 'sources' could get a story wrong.
  13. Does anyone else see the irony of this statement? like another rookie QB everyone is dumping on whose OL is worse and who would feel like he was playing with #1s if he had Mac Jones' #3? LOL Anyway, this is a BB without Brady topic; while Bill's D gave the ultimate fail last night - maybe a reasonable QB could have slowed them down by scoring points and not giving up INTs. But yeah, the defensive genius who spent big time in the off season on his D got pretty badly spanked. Even with Brady in his prime I doubt they win that game, but how many years did Brady make up for Bill's soft D? who
  14. I think I remember that game; did Sterling Sharp (or his brother) go on TV on the sidelines and say something about the Pats getting killed they need to send in reinforcements or something?
  15. I find it interesting that you find him pretty
  16. Instead of telling me what to do maybe you should follow your own advice; if you don't like my opinion - ignore it or refute it. Secondly, the title and the video all say 'sources confirm what many have suspected' if he had been called out for being lazy than it would not have been suspected and sources wouldn't be confirming anything as Saleh and LaFluer would be the. most knowledgable sources and it would have ALREADY been confirmed. So, maybe it isn't me that isn't paying attention. Simple logic, but hey - I guess you can't google for logic..
  17. I have not seen either of them call him out. But, whatever.
  18. Yep; Zack may bust. Mac Jone will likely not Bust. But this Pats team got to the playoffs beating up on bad teams, Jets included. Mac Jones having rookie moments at the end of the year just so happened to coincide with him playing against better teams. Houston blocked their own punt and the first Bills game was played in almost hurricane winds. Pats loose either of those games and they are not in the playoffs. As far as looking as bad as Wilson looked all year, that is a bit hard to answer. Mac Jones certainly started the year better off. Wilson had no turn overs towards the end, Mac J
  19. Maybe we are just enjoying the irony of watch a team who is known for running up the score, who were walking around pounding their chests after hanging 50 on the hapless Jags, get spanked on national TV.
  20. I don't think that is what he is saying; obviously the Pats D lost this game - even if Mac Jones had a good/great game they could not catch them, but he did not have a good game. What is his QBR? This board has gone bananas over the fact that ZW padded his stats and the end of the game with meaningless scores - well, what is his QBR if you only look at the first 3 quarters? The D lost the game, but Mac Jones didn't elevate anyone.
  21. Yep - he is great when his D crushes the other teams and he has his running game; his numbers against good defense aren't that good. His floor is higher, but his ceiling is pretty damn close to his floor. we will see how he does next year. But, yes, the strength of the Pats is supposed to be the OL, running game and D - and none of them really showed up today. The D completely let them down, which is also enjoyable as it is supposedly BB's speciality. But Mac Jones is a game manager; put him on the Jets and he would have been worse than ZW. Put him on the Jags and he is worse than Tr
  22. LOL - news guys talking about the smack down, but they are not pessimistic about the future - Pats will come back better and stronger next year; Mac Jones will have a full year behind him... Of course, now that there is tape on him - teams will realize that they need to take away the run and short passing game, get a lead, and they can't catch up - yep - very optimistic about watching them loose more next year
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