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  1. 2 hours ago, Alka said:

    Definition of melancholy to help my fellow Jets fans:  A feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

    Did I hate what the Jets did in this draft?  No, we got a new QB of our choice not named Lawrence, we got the much needed quality guard to line up next to Becton, we got a solid wide receiver that we really did need, and we got a great value at #107 with Michael Carter.

    So, what's the problem?  Why am I not super psyched right now?

    Because I think we could have done better.  I think that Joe Douglas was smart, but conservative.  Perhaps that is what the Jets need right now.

    We could have gone in 3 different directions, all of which I would now be super pumped.  Let me list them:

    1. Kept Darnold, and drafted a future hall of fame player in Kyle Pitts, got a really good tackle at #23, got Elijah Moore at #34, then picked up a solid guard in the 3rd round.  Wow, you vastly upgrade the O line with no holes, get not one but (2) amazing pass catchers which would put the Jets in a great place on offense, and still get Michael Carter in the 4th round.  This would have made me psyched and not melancholy.

    2. Kept Darnold, trade the 2nd pick of the draft for 2 - 1st round draft picks for the next 2 years, plus get a 3rd round pick for this year, and probably a pick around 10 which could have netted Davonte Smith.  Happy, happy, happy.

    3. Traded Darnold as they did, pick up Zach at QB, but stay put at #23, draft your tackle (Darrishaw), take Moore at #34, then pick up a quality guard in the 3rd round, get a quality linebacker in the 3rd round, etc...

    Again, I'm not unhappy, just dreaming about what could have been.....

    Or option 4; trade out to 10 and get 2 more 1sts (3 next year) and a 3rd; then trade down to 20 and get a 1st and 4th next year (4 1sts); and then, if. he still wanted trade up to 14 to get his guard (or 16) and still have 23. :-) - sorry to make your melancholy worse...

  2. I don't think it is a question of if the Jets should move on, but when. I think Sam is likely done, but if JD can fleece some team of a ton of draft capital for the #2 pick - he should. Build the team and either let Sam play or make him compete with some cap casualty QB for the job for a year. Build a great team and then use the draft capital to pick a rookie - that rookie would come into a team after the benefit of this year's and next year's draft. JD was hired to play the long game - another sucky season would hurt, but might give us a chance to be truly competitive much sooner and for a long time, IMO.

  3. my point is that you need a good/great QB, but we should take the trade stock if it is enough, and then draft the replacement in 2022 or 2023. If Darnold is that bad we will be in top 5 next year as well. Also, with the trade items we have, we should have 3 firsts in 2022 and two firsts in 2023. Build the team, draft the QB and have him join a quality team where most of the offense knows the plays - then take a run on the QBs rookie contract for the next 4 years.

    We lose the first (not really lose, but can't pick a WR for example) and all the extra players and start the clock immediately on the new QB. At first everyone was like, you can't pass on Luck, I mean Darnold, I mean Trevor. But, Trevor is gone - yes, we can't go to the big show with Sam IMO, but lets build a team and then draft our next Wilson (2nd round), Mahomes (top 10), ...

  4. Yes, of course they are. But after watching a couple of games yesterday it occurred to me that Seattle had the better QB situation, but his team was beat by a QB with a broken thumb on his throwing hand. Of course, the Ram's great defense made a big difference, but still.

    More shockingly, an ex-CFL QB stayed in the game with one of the best (if not the best). Again, this CFL QB got to play against a Todd Bowles defense, but for a while that game was pretty close.

    I believe that the QB is really important, but I think it shows that a very good team with a great defense and good supporting staff on offense can be very competitive against a team with a much better QB. QB is the most important position, but having a great team around him appears to be just as important and enough to win, or almost win, post season games with a less talented or an injured QB.

    This is why I think if we can truly get a boat load of picks we should trade out of #2 and then even again. I no longer think Sam will overcome his issues here, but 2022 (or even 2023) is really a better time to draft a QB.

    Let the rocks or tomatoes fly...

  5. I don't watch a lot of college football, but after seeing 3 Florida games, I have been wanting this guy all year. I agree if we trade down (maybe twice) and could land him, it would be an amazing draft. The real question is what will we get for the trade down? If it isn't at least a 2nd this year and a 1st next year and 2023 it may not be worth it.

  6. Just now, SAR I said:

    If Adam Gase had the demeanor of Joe Judge '20 or Pete Carroll '94 he'd still be our head coach.

    Gase was fired for PR, to shut the media up, to make fans happy.  The team played hard for him.  He sat quietly while his GM ruined any chance at salvaging the season because of the big picture of a patient rebuild.  

    That's water under the bridge now.  But it leaves us in a strange spot where Douglas has to understand how vicious the NY media can be and how fickle the fans can be.  Job preservation is what has ruined us for decades.  Tell me it's not happening again.

    SAR I

    IMO Gase was fired because he sucked. His offense was predictable and QBs struggled with it; he didn't game plan and didn't adjust his scheme to fit the player.

    If Gase was fired because of the fans or PR, then it doesn't matter who we hire next, the Jets are doomed. Only a short term thinker would fire a coach for PR. It takes time, patience and strength to build and coach a quality team. We keep trying to short cut the effort and you never move forward that way. Spend the effort and build - we paid this year for the lack of talent; we have good picks and a lot of cap space. Now it is time to pick the right coach, draft smart, and spend even smarter. Next year should not be embarrassing but it isn't going to be good. The hope is that we are competitive and have a real shot at meaningful games in November; the following year should be fun. But we need to be smart and NOT do things for PR reasons.

    Gase sucked here. he sucked in Miami too. Choosing him was a mistake. Sure, the team never quit on him. That is an important part of being a great coach. No coach can be successful if the team quits on him, but there is so much more. Scheme, discipline, culture, game planning, choosing good coaches, game time  decisions, giving players with talent, drive, and character playing time instead of getting a buddy 16K yards. Even in a lost season, these young players deserved a chance to play, the team deserved to learn about the players and get them experience. The best players should play. That is part of being a great coach too.

  7. 2 minutes ago, SAR I said:


    I'm as anti-Harbaugh as it gets and I'll take him over any of the Mr. Irrelevant's on our shortlist.

    SAR I

    I also do not like Harbaugh; and to be honest, I will have trouble rooting for any team he coaches - I also don't know if he is the right fit - that being said, he his head and shoulders above most of the people being talked about. I am also split on having yet another rookie HC - it works sometimes, but haven't we had enough of that. Of course, re-treads haven't really worked for us either - LOL...

    surprised you are still posting so soon :-)

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  8. Did I miss something? Here is a team playing in the easiest division in the league - they only beat like 2 teams outside of their division that was won by a team below .500 - even the hapless Jets might have done as well if they had that schedule.

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