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  1. 3 hours ago, Scotty Wooty Doo Doo said:

    I believe the COACHES think he needs more time to grab the system, but there's folks in this forum that think hes the next Megatron , when he's shown very little .

    I basically agreed with you and you down ranked me, curious. Maybe i didn't get what you were saying.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Scotty Wooty Doo Doo said:

    I believe the COACHES think he needs more time to grab the system, but there's folks in this forum that think hes the next Megatron , when he's shown very little .

    Yep; he is the next Megatron and at the same time JD over drafted him; maybe he is just a WR with tremendous potential but needs to be coached up. And, yet, Selah is intentionally benching him because he is in the dog house; he is loosing and yet benches the best WR ever - you can't make this stuff up.

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  3. 3 hours ago, sirlancemehlot said:

    There are rookies starting for their teams right now.  Rookies with no offseason whatsoever.  If he was that raw then he shouldn't have been drafted in the 2nd round.


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    Yep - some rookies hit the ground running; others don't. With his athletic abilities, had he not been so raw he would have been drafted in the 1st probably early on. Probably why he slid so much. Consider the cost savings over a top WR; JD choose upside and didn't have a #1 to burn - doesn't make it a mistake.

    Some players take more time to adjust to NFL than others. Just reality.

  4. Most of us thought the Jets were going to go 0-3; for us, this isn't a shock. Take a look at the predict the record thread - out may mean out of playoff run, but did we really think we had a shot?

    The good news is that some of the games that looked impossible are looking easier. In fact, after Broncos, the next two games are against teams with a total of 1 win; the same is true for the game after the Pats. Either way, you could have posted this topic before the first game. 9 rookies, 6 starting including QB, rookie HC and OC - I am looking forward to the second half of the season.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, 68JET11 said:

    Well, sorry but on this one the coaches are wrong... He's the 2nd/3rd best receiver on the team behind Davis/Crowder at the moment, and you don't have to be a football expert to see that from last year. He makes catches, that's pretty much all he does when the ball is thrown his way. I could care less if he doesn't know how to be a slot receiver. He's not a slot receiver. I like Saleh, but he's being stubborn here because it should be Davis/Mims on the outsides, and Crowder/Moore in the slot.

    This may have been true last year, but the WRs are much better this year. This coach is making a stand, study, prepare, and practice and give 100% or you don't play. If we loose Mims because he won't step and do what the coaches want, then it will be worth it in the long haul. Saleh (or someone else, can't remember) came out and said Mims had his best practice of the week last week, so maybe he is trying and growing. Winning, especially early on, isn't as important as getting the players on board, IMO - I would expect that Mims will be playing within the next few weeks - but if he needs another year - so be it. 

  6. 12 hours ago, undertow said:

    Or maybe like an adult JD is able to admit his mistakes and realizes Denzel Mims sucks unlike the fanbase who is obsessed with yet another 2nd round bust.

    Or, maybe, a WR needs more than 1 shortened offseason, 1 normal offseason, and 2 games to be able to beet out some veterans. He was raw coming out of college - not a great route runner - maybe we give the coaching staff a few more games to write him off entirely - then he can come in - catch 2 TDs and we can skip the rest of the season and put him in the HOF.

  7. Instead of Scott jumping on the free Denzel bandwagon, maybe he can find someone to help him figure out how to move up the depth chart.

    While i never expected the Jets to win in the first 4/5 games - I can't wait for a win so we can stop with the trade for this guy, free this guy, send this guy to the booth threads. Of course, after 1 win, we will see a ton of 'making the playoffs' threads, but a loss will stop that fast :-)

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  8. Just now, kevinc855 said:

    Alright, I will save this for when it "all comes together" around week 9? Fair? or later? 

    Agreed they need to get their sh*t together. If they don't improve I agree it will be time to panic.

    If Mims and Becton aren't playing well by the end of the season; AVT and Moore; if Zack doesn't start looking the part and next year's draft doesn't pan out - it will be time for JD to go as well.

    I have faith. Our new coaching staff has shown, in the past, they are good at developing players - something we have NOT had for a while. I think they have earned the first half of the season to prove it.

  9. 4 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

    Have to be honest. This is the first im hearing how it takes a team a half season to play competent football. When the Jets went 6-2 under Gase in the 2nd half of the season in 2019 you all called it "garbage time". I do agree with @SAR I on that point. 

    Again for not playing well till week 9? This is a fando thing. They have camp and pre season to get your Sh"t together. 

    hmm - i kind of thought my sh't was together.

    New HC and coaching staff; new system across the board. over 20% (12+) second year players (without OTAs and real training last year) and almost another 20% (9) rookies will cause this.

    The Pats don't have this. problem as the CS has been stable forever and the most of the team knows the system inside and out. They add some rookies and they are surrounded by players who know the system. This just isn't the case.

    Many teams have this problem for the first 2 weeks because of the limited preseason and CBA practice rules.

    For those of us who thought this team would take a while to get acclimated (just like with SF D last year), this isn't a surprise. A lot of the talking heads were saying the same thing this summer. I think expectations became overly optimistic because of a good pre-season.

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  10. 11 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

    I just want to understand why this has been an issue this season but we heard nothing about any of these behaviors/characteristics about Mims last season.  Just weird.  

    Gase had a different standard (or no standards whatsoever). This new coaching staff wants Mims to work harder and study more. It appears that Mims is making progress - hopefully soon. Either way - if we want a team full of team players and players that give 100% they need to take a hard line - maybe Mims makes it, maybe he doesn't. Not sure why the CS would sacrifice wins/Zack's progress over a dog house issue.

  11. 1 hour ago, kevinc855 said:

    A halfway competitive football team. To much to ask?

    Not at all; this is the expectations from this team; most people, however, thought that it would take 5-7 games before that would happen. Starting 0-2 and Zack having a worse than bad game doesn't change any of that IMO.

    To be fair the defense has been playing better than I expected so far. Now, if in the second half of the season the offense is consistently bad - that is something else. But, this team won't be really good until a couple of OL, better TEs, and some DB/LBs are added and we get a pass rush. Next year should be playoffs or bust.

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  12. 6 hours ago, Cut Jet Penalty Makers said:

    How would justify drafting, James Morgan, Ashtyn Davis and Zuniga?

    I don't; every GM screws up on a few picks or drafts - I never liked the Morgan pick at all. I already said I am willing to give JD a pass for his first draft (second half) because of covid. Just don't think he isn't capable of drafting well. This year looks pretty good.

  13. 7 hours ago, JetBlue said:

    So this is Mims fault????  How do you know he is not being prepared??  Cause Saleh said so?  He is better than Jeff Smith in his sleep! This is straight up Bullsh*t. 

    Yeah, JD drafted him and the team needs him, but Saleh and LaStink decide to sit him to the detriment of the team because he looks funny. Which is more likely, Mims is struggling with the playbook (or isn't as good as we think) or Saleh is tanking just because Mims pissed him off?

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  14. 38 minutes ago, Paradis said:

    the relationship is a two way contract. It's as much on LaFleur - and by extension, Rob, as it is Mims... Pretending the guy who had 2 prolific years in college, beat up the senior bowl, and came on last year - suddenly became a knuckle-dragging meat head, is.... borderline moronic.

    He obviously didn't get board with something this offseason (and in hindsight, maybe for good reason) but LaFleur's approach of trying to manage the situation sucks. Ass. It sucks assk. 

    College prep isn't the same. In college, WRs are wide open all of the time and offenses and defenses are not nearly as complicated. Last year, in addition to being hurt and without a valid offseason, he played for a coach who played players (mostly vets) - if Mims doesn't know the playbook and isn't preparing as well as the other receivers, he should sit. If after a couple more weeks of great practices, he isn't playing, well then let's see. 

    I respect the coaches making him win the spot outright. If they are willing to bench talent to make a point, then best to do it now in the beginning of the season. Mims hasn't been complaining - either he is the most professional 2nd year ever or he knows what he is doing wrong and is willing to work for the start; if I had to guess, it is the latter.

  15. 12 minutes ago, cookiemonsta911 said:

    The failure was 2020 draft, you wasted a second round pick who is not playing and the third rounder is injured/ not good. That's why the gm should be gone.

    so, the second round pick who half the board thinks is so good that the coaching staff should get fired for not drafting? BB misses on more draft picks than anyone, should he be gone?

    Don't worry, if this team isn't competitive by the end of the season (ie playing well) and doesn't sniff the playoffs next year, or if Zack turns out to be a dud, you will get your wish next year. Then JD will be gone and likely the coaching staff, rinse, repeat and then 3 more years of rebuilding. One reason the pats are so strong (even without brady) is that the CS hasn't changed, the system hasn't change in forever and all the players either know what to do and are surrounded by players that do.

    JD has had 2 drafts separated by a covid-year of training (and one without combines); if at this point you are giving up on him we will never have a GM or CS that will win. But hey, I am sure everyone would be happy if we fire the GM 2 weeks into the season and restart the rebuild.

  16. The quote is that the season is now lost. This depends on what you call a loss. If your expectations were that the Jets were going to the playoffs, an 0-2 start or a bad game, or really bad game, shouldn't cause a change.

    I NEVER thought they were going to the playoffs; my hope is that by the second half of the season, the team would be competitive and is in every game and will win more than half. I still think that is possible and may be likely.

  17. 2 hours ago, Matt39 said:

    Panthers defense looks pretty legit. All the rookie QB’s besides Jones don’t look good

    And Jones lost his first game to a team that got spanked today. He also gets to play on a system that rest of the team including coaches have had for ever - he gets to lean on the an o-line and running game that knows the system too.

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