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  1. Yep - baseball is just like football. Also, the Red Sox won world series with Cora in 2018; then Cora was removed because of sign stealing scandal, then Cora comes back and the Red Sox are playing well - Maybe, just maybe, he has something to do with it. With the cap and the dead money, etc. it is difficult to build long term success by just loading up on FA. Also, often you get to sniff playoffs but don't make if very far. Mac tried it; then JD sort of tried it - There was a conscious decision to perform a full rebuild. It was planned. This is how the powerhouse teams are often buil
  2. I always want the win and i hate NE; would love to hear them try and put a spin on losing to the Jets - I doubt it happens this year, however. And now, the media is all about the Red Sox, but BBs day is coming...
  3. Yep NE lost, but all of a sudden they are talking about the moral victory of almost beating the Cowboys and how if a few things bounce their way (or more their way), they would be 4-2 instead of 2-4. Also talking about how they will right the ship and fix the home loss (0-4) problem as they are playing the lowly Jets. Got to love it - a team that is sucking and has only beaten the lowly Jets and Houston (who blocked their own punt) probably shouldn't be mocking other teams. And, how has this team played 4 home games already with another home game next week? It is almost as if the NFL is t
  4. we have the rest of a loosing season - let us at least have fun with something
  5. Wait, so that they are guaranteed to win 5 game thing - that still isn't the case? I thought he had talked to the 'comish' and it is done - they actually have to play the games and win them themselves - I thought the games were rigged like in the WWE.
  6. Remember when the Pats won the toss an elected to give the ball to the lowly Jets so they could win it with a FG or know if they needed to go for it - good times...
  7. The definition of Irony, or is it elitism; Williams rips fans for booing, but booing is how the fans rip players for loosing. Williams gets to complain that he doesn't want to hear boos in his own stadium, but the guy making a hundredth of what he is making should pay for a guy who is more concerned with the booing then doing his job? And yes, if a salesman fails to sell, he gets no commission and gets fired - boos don't seem that bad.
  8. IDK - I saw some pretty amazing plays in the Tennessee game. Some crappy ones too.
  9. It is a great place to live. Just a terrible place to be a Jets fan (or not a Pats fan).
  10. Just watch the post-game press conference - he and his players just pout and not answer questions with the same monotoned got to focus on next week bs; "i already answered (should be ducked) that question". He is such a baby and all of the press thing he is a scumbag - the fans, on the other hand, well --- LOL
  11. So is there a trophy for best 2-4 team? Yep they are great beat the Jets and Houston. Talking about lucky, if Houston doesn't block their own punt, Pats maybe the best 1-5 team
  12. I get this all and I agree, but what happened to no moral victories, you are what your record says you are. We suck and will get killed, but the only teams they have beat are us and Houston who blocked their own kick. How many plays would need to change for the Jets to have won another game and be tied with the great Pats. The media likes to mock the Jets, but their team has only beaten us the hapless Texans. Yep, the played Dallas hard, but Dallas did their absolute best to beat themselves until the end of the 4th quarter. This team is 2-4, 0-4 at home and the only teams they
  13. I agree, but remember, he stepped into the perfect situation; experienced CS running the same basic system on both sides of the ball for the last 20 years. Most of the team knows exactly what they need to do. Good OL and running game. OC has been in the league long enough to know that you keep it simple for rookie, give him safe plays and don't put the game on his shoulder in case it is absolutely needed. But him on the Jets and he would be a mess - IMO.
  14. Yeah, I agree with that - but hard to overturn as you couldn't see it. There should have been a flag for lack of or originality on the goal line offense..
  15. eh; i hate the pats and i would like to see that TD; but, i think that ball was moving.
  16. Did i pass through some worm hole and find myself in an alternate reality? I thought i saw a holding call against the Pats OL...
  17. is it because their play like their bread is flat? LOL - sorry if i am the only one who finds it funny ...
  18. To be fair, Tannehill was good for a while until Gase got to Miami, and then Gase through him under the bus to save his skin. But, yeah, Tannehill is just better...
  19. Yep - well, any NFL QB? I was thinking of the Rex run Jets when I wrote it. Hackenberg? LOL - yes. A good kid - sad for him, bu not really our problem anymore.
  20. What the cost of land and labor in Carolina isn't the same as it is int he NY/NJ area? Also, for the cost of these stadiums, it only makes sense to share if you can. 17 uses a year (and some concerts and soccer events) just is not a good use of $1 Billion.
  21. That is the beautiful thing - when he is winning JD sucks for trading him and drafting Zack, and when he is loosing, JD sucks for firing Gase and not getting rid of him soon enough
  22. Actually, I think Sam would be okay on the right team. He is a game manager who needs a good OL and running game. He also needs to be on a team with a great D. The top draft pick status and the Jets killed him. When he doesn't have to carry a team he is probably okay. I also think, the pressure from NY and the multiple coaches did him in.
  23. okay; yep - 4th and 5th round picks. The Jets have one of the youngest teams in the NFL; new coaching and a rookie QB; how much draft capital (would need to be 1st or 2nd round likely to be a big hit) and how much money do you want to throw at TE in a year where we were going to loose anyway? I would imagine TE will be addressed in the offseason or next draft. Also, at this point, they want TEs to pass protect and block, more than they want a TE to catch IMO.
  24. Maybe they can get some help from Seattle - they wasted 2 1sts and tons a money on a Safety
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