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  1. I agree - but there is little you can do if you don't have the OL or play makers - you can't do much without blocking deep in own territory.
  2. Except now a TD wins the game for them; the Jets need to score - at least a few first downs.
  3. Well, the D fell apart, gave up the 3-20 (19 1/2 yards) and failed to slow Brady down - momentum had turned before O got back on field.
  4. Bowles sucks, but he blitzes when needed - we didn't do enough of that against Brady and now his is pissed, in rhythm and going to march downfield and score tie breaker.
  5. I can't remember - was that the play that Brown threw his fit? should have been a penalty either way. Imagine if that 3-20 play was called back because of Brown?
  6. This D just can't get off the field some times - how do you give him all that time on 3 - 20?
  7. Saleh's team really turning around - especially on O. Imagine how good they can be if we rebuild the D too. Just don't get shy and let Brady sit back and pick us apart.
  8. He is the best on the team right now; he is on fire. maybe you should say he is on fire; being the best WR on this team is a low bar.
  9. It is hard to throw the flag when the player pushes a jet into him - doubt that has ever been called - certainly not against Brady
  10. Brady doesn't get the call after winning - throws for the big play and covered well.
  11. He always said he shows emotion on good plays, but tries not to show his anger at a player or yell - he does that in private.
  12. Zack having a great half - too bad he couldn't do it in 2021 With him playing well, imagine how good he would have looked if he had 1 more quality WR. I don't want to start anything, but with him playing well and the Jets leading, it isn't a 'making excuses for Zack' comment. Not expecting JD to find another Evans in the draft, but it can't be too hard to find someone significantly better than Smith.
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