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  1. It was an option; depending on how the D played it - twice the opportunity to score...
  2. I know that isn't what you are saying, but I was like there wins will come in 2022 - this is the first week of football in 2022 -
  3. He has Gase to thank for people thinking he wasn't that bad He was over his head in NY. He did a poor job with a lot of things including offense, maybe he will be better with his second chance.
  4. That veteran was originally a 1st round pick. He added a guy for very little cost on a short term lease to provide leadership and pass rush - it was a low risk move. They don't all pan out. Had he done nothing, many would be saying, what is JD hoarding picks for when the team needs help and he doesn't draft well
  5. You are welcome, but I didn't jinx it Enjoy the game all - whatever that means for each of you...
  6. So, the jinx is in for tomorrow's game I guess...
  7. 6 pages and we don't know what the coaching staff thinks; why they are frustrated or what the problem is. We don't even know if there is a problem as the source is dubious at best. Maybe the injury was worse than they thought or there is something else and they don't want to take a chance with only 2 games remaining. Maybe the problem, if there is one, requires discretion.
  8. It is already interesting; since NE still loves Brady, I am getting the game so I don't have to hang in a bar to watch. BTW, did you hear, NE fans were surveyed and found to be the most unhappy fanbase in spite of all of the winning.
  9. Maybe he is just a poor typer or speller
  10. Not saying Zack has been playing well, but the WR have been poor. Tons of drops. You can't throw a WR open if they run the wrong way. Between lack of time and lack of chemistry, Zack has been struggling, but it isn't like he is getting any help. Maybe if he makes it, he can do these things - but for now, as he is struggling he is the one who needs the help. QB is the hardest position to master. Maybe someone playing in the 'not hardest' position ought to help out.
  11. I hate these 'people are telling me' stuff. rumors and anonymous sources. When someone credible says something, let me know.
  12. Agree to disagree; QB can't get WR open, nor can they make the receiver catch the ball. I remember a SB that the Pats lost where Brady's wife said something like he can't throw and catch the ball. Now if Zack was hot and the line could hold, he can throw the ball downfield so that Mims could run under it so he can just run, but other than that, a young QB needs their WRs and TE to bail them out. Maybe if Zack makes it, someday, he can elevate his WRs. For now, like many have said, it would be nice if the WRs could bail him out...
  13. Mims against Bowles D may just be the week. Of course, that week may never come. He will get another chance this week. Not sure how many chances he will continue to get.
  14. LOL - billions invested in the internet; make it fast and reliable so some guy can sit on his computer and analyze me, tell me that I don't understand him and that I don't know how to have fun. 2021 is going out like a bang.
  15. IMO the jury is still out on Becton and I am hoping for success. Mims, I don't understand what is taking him so long - I bet he gets another year to make/brake it. The rest of the draft - well. maybe a couple of 5ths. I am willing to give him a mulligan on his first draft and doing it without combines... hopefully 2022 is more like 2021 than 2020. Another 2020 and we are bound for another reboot.
  16. a) I don't have hero worship b) I am not hysterical c) I am invested in the Jets as a fan, but I can be critical - Gase, Idzik, Mac - the list goes on with Jet failure - just never resorted to name calling or mockery; but that is me. I don't get those who do, but I do not really care that much - on vacation and a little bored. Maybe you guys are reading Becton and Mims wrong like you did with me. They may be busts, but maybe they aren't lazy, fat, stupid, or whatever... You seem to be reading me wrong.
  17. I get the frustration, and never called you, or anyone else, a false fan. I said that I don't get it. Not that it is wrong. To me, criticism is fair, but some feel happiest making fun of players, like calling them fat, lazy, or midgets. I don't do that for teams I hate, but whatever works..
  18. I don't mind criticism, I don't get the giddy attitude of fans who love to bash a team they say they support.
  19. Yes. Some seem to like to dump on players. Call them fat, or midgets. I get rooting for draft picks, but I don't get actively making fun of the team (like in a thread about breaking most points scored against) or players. Not sure why. It is like they want the team to stink.
  20. There are many on this site who have a problem with JD and therefore look for failures to prove their point. There are those who just do not like Becton. While I applaud your response, many would prefer to believe the media and other fans over logic.
  21. Having weight issues, food issues, is not the same thing as being overweight. Weight/food issues can be an addiction and therefore something one has to deal with for his entire life. That does not mean he is fat, lazy, or injury prone (I know you didn't say he was, but many on this site did). Yes, he has weight issues that require him to stay focused. They would make have committed to staying fit, not Lazy.
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