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  1. I would love to lock up Wilkerson for the long run, but if he isn't happy with a Jordan like deal, than we need to trade him if we can. There is really no reason the Jets should pay 14 million a year for him. It is like the Revis situation all over again (except he doesn't have a history of holding out - yet). An organization has to be reasonable in how they pay out salaries. The Jets could pay him this year, and if necessary franchise tag him next year for about 22/23 million, why pay him 28/30 over the next 2 years? Remember he is not the most valuable player on your defense (I wo
  2. Here is my question. Forget the cherry picking of different games of other QBs, and please, forget the comparison of Geno to Peyton at all. Forget the hype, the fact the Geno has had a historical weak showing with a few good/great games in his career (btw, Peyton cut his INTs in half second year while keeping up his TDs). Forget how bad the Jets team overall was these past few years. Forget everything. Geno is likely to start this year. My question is this: How many games do you give Geno before he has been given a 'fair shake'? How many games to you give him before you can pull the
  3. No team is going to invest 4-5 years on a guy (unless they are desperate). If Geno continues to struggle (trying to be kind) he is done after this year. The Jets will find a way to move on (it may require trading Wilk and other drastic measures, but they will move on). Geno is now in the best possible position to succeed. He has upgraded weapons, and a dramatically better defense (at least on paper). No point talking would'a could'a should'a anymore. He is the 'starter' on a team with a backup QB recovering from a broken leg. If he can't shine now and he can't win and keep the sta
  4. I don't think it matters about what kind of 'deal' he is getting in the media or from the fans. The truth is, he is going into his 3rd season after very poor overall showings in his first 2 years as the guy whose job it is to 'loose'. Getting a raw deal is getting cut without the chance to compete. Or, playing poorly on poor teams only to have the team sign a likely starter. Or, getting pounded by your new coaching staff as being terrible. Or being benched in favor of Johnny Football in an effort to sell tickets. Would Geno have been better off if Sanchez hadn't gotten hurt in his
  5. So Marshall gets like a 10% raise and this year's salary guaranteed (which I think he gets once he is on the roster first week of the season - correct me if i am wrong). I bet if Wilk said give me a 10% raise and guarantee next year's salary and we would have a deal. Wilks deal is more complicated; also, Jets have the leverage; also, we don't know what Wilk is asking for. I will also say that Marshall dramatically improves our WR group and is our #1. Not sure considering the depth you can say the same about Wilkerson. I hope Wilkerson retires a Jet, but you have to run the CAP li
  6. I don't know if it has anything to do with Heaps (other than he is PS eligible). I would imagine this was the plan from the start. Petty was getting the #3; since they moved up (1 spot) to draft him it is clear that the Jets have faith in him and that they perceived interest. He would also have to be released to be added to the practice squad, and surely someone would snap him up as a #3. That leaves Simms as only training camp fodder; and why not go with your own guy who, if you like him, can go on your practice squad?
  7. The only reason we want a QB competition is that there is no real decisive winner. Lot's of teams don't have QB competition. Teams like Pats, Saints, Broncos, Colts, etc. Even teams with the second tier QBs like Miami don't have QB competition. We have a QB that ranked at the bottom of the league in pretty much every measure for the past 2 years, a guy who failed to live up to a big contract and had become a career backup with a broken leg, a guy who was released by the Jets and not picked up by anybody, I guy who is raw and 1 to 2 years away from even competing and a guy so unknown tha
  8. I seemed to remeber that Chan had said that it was unlikely that Geno would loose the job in training camp and that he would probably be the day 1 starter (after being forced to give a guess). That is completely different than a guarantee. I seemed to remember that Seattle thought that they know who the starter was going to be before Wilson was lights out. I would imagine Chan would prefer to know what QB will be starting sooner than later (as he supposedly customizes his offense to the players), but if Fitz is healthy and Geno stinks up the joint, I would imagine that Fitz will start.
  9. I am not sure there were plenty of opportunities to upgrade. Maybe, but it isn't like either of the QBs in this draft fell to them; rumor is that the Jets explored trading up to get one, but if the Chip couldn't trade up and he had such a hard on for him, then it sounds like it was too expensive. The could have traded Mo to the Raiders for next year's number 1 hoping they would be in the top 5 again, but who would have gone for that? Sam Bradford? Eagles had Foles to trade; Foles? Rams had Bradford to trade. Should we have traded our #2 for some other team's backup? It wasn't like Mann
  10. People love to throw around extreme tags; the guy is either a beast or hot garbage. Maybe he is injury prone and his career will never take off, but terrible, garbage; i don't thinks so. At least not yet. 1. There is only one Revis and even Revis gets beat for a completion or even a TD once in a blue moon. You cannot compare a good/very good CB with Revis - the bar is too high 2. Rex is very hard on CBs; he likes to isolate them; no help; most/many corners don't play as much man-to-man without safety help - let alone as a rookie 3. He had 12 mediocre to bad games, but put together 2-3
  11. To be fair, he didn't go to the press and say Geno will start; they asked him who was going to be the starter for the first game and he didn't want to answer; when pressed he basically said he wouldn't say but it is probably Geno. It was coordinators day and the media was talking directly to the coordinators. I don't see this as a power play or that the HC has lost his coaches; I see it as a coordinator that was presented to the media was backed against the wall and asked his opinion giving his job as OC on what he thought would be the case...
  12. There is competition at our DLine (players trying to get spots), a top rookie competing for playing time. There is competition in our secondary (young players pushing for playing time like McDoogle and last years starters fighting for jobs) There is even some competition on the OL particularly at Guard position. There is no competition at QB; Fitz is hurt (may even start season on PUP?), Petty is a 1-2 year project, etc. What should the coaches say? Should they claim there is competition when there isn't? Gailey was being honest; he just doesn't see how Geno won't win the starting
  13. Not sure what everyone expects. Petty isn't ready and Fitz is still recovering. Would everyone prefer that the coaches claimed there was competition when there isn't any? I would rather the staff doesn't kill its credibility right out of the gate. I love that way the Jets have created competition at so many levels in just one year after having a team with a lot of weak spots, but they couldn't do it at QB. That got a decent backup and a project with a lot of potential; if Geno falls flat, I can see them switching to Fitz, but right now Geno is what you have. The good news is that wh
  14. Maybe a slight overpayment, but if they did it next year, it would be more (as the cap and salaries keep rising); he is not top 5 and maybe not even top 10, but if the jets had him with their current team (at least on paper) we would have to be considered contenders.
  15. Thanks; does this mean he will stop whining about it?
  16. Apparently, Kraft is speaking now - it is streaming on a local TV stations site; I cannot listen in as I am in a meeting, but something is happening
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