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  1. White had a great game and then a terrible game. That being said, it is about Wilson this year. Carter and Brooks were way worse - your unhappiness with Zack is messing with your memory.
  2. I am shocked that Wilson is having another down game. I thought he would be an instant success. This guy has potential. Some days he looks okay and his receivers let him down; other times he looks terrible. But, a rookie QB playing on a rookie team with a rookie HC and he is playing poorly - shocking. What I don't get is that the Jets have played QBs like Tupa, Brooks Bollinger, Quincy Carter, Luck Faulk, and Bubby Brister and you think Wilson sucks. I get the frustration. But, did anyone really think Wilson and this season was going to go any other way? This team is short on starti
  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but Tomlin was handed a winning football team with a winning QB. He has just watched the team get worse and Ben get older. Not sure he is the guy to take a young poor team and coach them and a rookie QB up. IMO.
  4. Of course, Gase was willing to throw him under the bus, probably fair, however, to save his own job. And it didn't help. I don't expect that Saleh will do that, or is even under pressure to do that this year.
  5. Yes, the Browns when 0-16 and then was competitive 3 years later - they went 0-16, then 7-8, then 6-10, before going 11-5, but to be fair they were terrible before 0-16, they were 3-13, then 1-15 before that. So, yeah, 3 years after 1-15 they went to playoffs, but they had two terrible years before that. So, the jets went 2-14 last year, this year we will be at least 3-14; so to match Cleveland, we should be terrible a few more years? Even if we are comparing our 3+ win season with their 0-16 season, we will still have under .500 games for two more years before going to the playoffs - you
  6. I have complete faith in them tanking as much as they want While it remains to be seen, I am confident that the team is on an upswing. Of course, we won't know anything until next year.
  7. So, I have three theories here: 1. Moore was probably only going to miss a few games, maybe 4; if the team was still playing meaningful games this year - they would likely hold out hope and possibly play him early. Why risk a bigger injury? 2. With the season over, placing Moore on IR opens the door for another spot; this will give them an extra player to watch/give a chance to play without releasing one when activating the CB. Since this year is about getting experience and seeing what we have, they want to see more players - maybe give Mims a chance. 3. Full tank is on to get
  8. Plan? Get more talent, get more experience, win more games We have 2 firsts (probably top 10), 2 seconds (top 10 and top 15) - draft 4 impact players - I would suggest LB/pass rusher and Center in the 1st; RG and WR/TE/S in second. With the 3rd, 2 4ths, and 2 5ths (assuming Flacco doesn't play more) - the Jets should get a couple of rotational players and some depth; likely won't fill the team up with this draft, but coupled with FA the team should be solid - plus half of the team would go from rookies/2nd year to 2nd/3rd year players ... This also assumes that we don't trade d
  9. Yes; or maybe not a lot, but a few very loud posters. His is crap; Another JD bust. Just like the Hill 2nd round pick. Why can't JD draft a quality WR in the 2nd? You don't remember these posts? He was soft for missing much of preseason, so he was a bust before he even played. Remember when LaFluer needed to go?
  10. He is a rookie, if this team still stinks in 3 more years, let him walk
  11. I don't think it is stubbornness as much as there is a lack of talent. There are some. serviceable players, but most of them would be rotation or backups on other teams. We have some depth if we can get some starters. We need LBs, Safeties, and probably a CB. The LBs are weak against the run and the secondary gets burned without a great pass rush.
  12. Yep - hopefully it is for the Pats and he causes them to loose an important game
  13. Could it possibly be that they are still learning the offense, trying to hard, and thinking too much? Or could it be that these receivers have been do all of that and playing with 4 different QBs? Nah, it is is the water
  14. Hmm; top NFL prospect playing on a terrible team - generational QB - how is he not outplaying Mahomes? Video games, high speed internet, and social media has ruined this generation Herbert is the exception. Most QBs, especially ones drafted in the top 2 who go to really bad teams, take a while to become productive in the NFL. It also takes a while for such bad teams to build quality around them and they are often on new coaching staff and schemes. To expect him to come light up the NFL is ridiculous. I haven't watched any Jags games, but even if this guy will be great, expecting him
  15. Not in the hunt? What? I think only Houston has statistically been eliminated. "So, there is a chance"
  16. The Jets are the Prozac of the NFL. Depressed, can't seem to win a game - get a Rx for the Jets. In fact, if teams could pick their schedule I would play the Jets before Detroit.
  17. Center and RG are more important IMO than RB and 3 Edge Rushers...
  18. I agree, we haven't given up on Zack, Moore, or Becton, why Ammendola? I would give up on Mann before Ammendola.
  19. a win in a competitive game would require a defense who can stop the other team from scoring and can give the QB the ball back. While 18 points (maybe 21 with a kicker who can hit an XP) won't win many games, if the defense held the Eagles to 24 or so points and gave Zack the ball back a few more times he would have had a shot. Remember that Mac Jones is given a great defense, and is not expected to put the game on his shoulders - this is how Brady was eased into his first SB. Give Zack a few more quality WRs or TEs and a great defense and then you can ask him to give you some wins.
  20. Yep - JD thought, wtf, might as well roll out a crap roster.... While his first draft isn't looking great right now (i choose to give him a mulligan for his first draft and no combines) the team was a complete wash of young talent; there was no depth; and a bunch of aging vets. While I am not convinced that JD is the one, any expectations of a quality team at this point were misplaced. We decided to do a real reboot - only adding a few vets for key spots and mostly relying on rookies and second years to fill most of the spots. Many of these young players wouldn't be starting on other
  21. While I agree in theory, I have to admit that the defense is even worse than I thought it would be, or maybe it was better than I thought early on, and regressed to expectations. I realize that we are starting young, inexperienced, and raw CBs and that our safeties are hurt requiring the backups. What I don't understand is that the DL is supposed to be our strength and it looks like Williams is very good at LB for us and everyone is saying that Mosely is playing great - so, why is our run game so bad? DL pushes up the field and LBs are supposed to cover. So is it the DL? LBs? or is it the coac
  22. I was thinking the same thing - why not give him the rest of the year to see if he improves? While he was below average, he had the potential to be quite good - this year the W/L didn't matter as much, but hey... NEXT Maybe it is time to end the Mann experiment as well...
  23. I don't care if you are overly critical of the players; you are taking this out of context of a long thread; my point was that I don't understand why some fans seem to root for players on their team to fail. Also, comparing players to other players; expecting better results or unrealistic results can be classified as overly critical. Calling a player a midget or pig on toothpicks isn't being critical, it is a poor attempt to rationalize why JD sucks. And then, when the 'midget' plays well they disappear is a bit self-serving. That being said - I didn't understand why fans would want playe
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