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  1. Sorry, I would have to disagree; what great luck did we not take advantage of (other than Steelers loosing a second time to their division rival - who had more severe injuries)? Rex only needed to go 9-7 to make the playoffs (that was the luck) we had to go 11-5; Sorry, but whether we win or not, a team benching their starting QB vs. a team whose 'super bowl' is to beat you are completely different. Sure, maybe we win that game, but if Indy's super bowl was to beat us, we likely go 8-8. As for loosing to Buffalo twice, I think Rex having known the players had an advantage as well as marginal weather and more experience - still we hung in there. Hopefully next year is different.
  2. There is a certain amount of luck needed as well; Rex's first year, 9-7 got into the playoffs. Also, Indy sat Manning in the second half or we finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs. BTW, we are paying for that one; since that time the NFL is trying to make week 16/17 games meaningful; if we hadn't capitalized on the Indy thing, we prob. wouldn't have finished at Buffalo.
  3. Plus there were no Jet injuries at all; Ivory nicked up and Powell out made a huge difference to our offense. Loosing Folk has hurt us in missed FGs. Loosing to the Bills and missing the playoffs wasn't enough, now we have to discount our wins too? How many teams that we beat would have had break-even/winning records if it wasn't for us? We beat the colts before Luck was out (did we knock him out do we get extra points for that?) Do colts go to playoffs if not for us? Tenn. only won 3 games this year, but yeah, the only reason we beat them is because they were hurt.
  4. This thread is like a train wreck; I try to avoid it, and fail; sometimes I even post, and then feel weak afterwards...
  5. Speaking of future and talent and GM, isn't Mac supposed to give a year in review/moving forward press conference at some point? or is that just optional? did i miss it?
  6. Bleecher Report gave us a B- I think; pretty good review; gave our ST a D+ - I think that was the lowest of ST and pretty generous...
  7. yeah, we have to fix that. win 1 of those and we get into playoffs; 2 and we take the division and a bye... Rex had a 2 game improvement from his first to second year, maybe Bowles can do the same.
  8. Yes, Rex (and Tanny) had some of the best years we have had her as Jets in his first 2 years. Last ones, not so much Let's hope that Bowles/Mac can bring us to the promised land.
  9. It is my understanding that his 5th year option of 16M is for 2016; if they franchised him, it would be for 2017, no?
  10. It is strange; and I will always be grateful for Tanny/Rex for that. The problem is like with anyone trying to make a point with stats, they hand pick the games/stats; they also give credit for wins to one person, but blame for losses to another. We have a Jets team that went 10-6 and many want to give all of the credit to Mac (he does deserve quite a bit); Rex went 8-8 and many say he had a better year. Moot point, Tanny is in Miami and Rex is in Buffalo; Rex deserves the credit for the back-to-back AFCGs, and plenty of blame for the 8-8 season. Bowels deserves some credit for the 10-6 season and some blame for each loss. Said, but I felt that if we could beat Buffalo, we could have done pretty well in the playoffs, probably not AFCG, but still. Oh well, on to the offseason and the draft.
  11. You are likely right, but, what if we fix some of the problems on the line, our 3rd/4th receivers improve (or are upgraded) and we improve (healthy, upgrade, more depth) our running game and rb receiving game? Yes, this past year was his best year, and you would think it would never be that good, but what if we improve (even more) the support around him? Fitz was 15th in yards and 10th in TDs, couldn't he go to 10th in yards with the proper support (and now that he and his 2 receivers are on the same page and they have learned the offense)? What if the defense gets faster and we get so much better there and he rarely has to play from behind? What if ST gets better (not sure it can get much worse)? Yes, normally when someone with his years has their best year, it is down hill from there, but it isn't a given.
  12. I don't think it was serious and I think next year is the last year of his contract, but yeah, I would gladly trade 2 firsts, or Mo and Sheldon to get Luck. Maybe they will do a straight trade for Geno (and the $600)
  13. I don't get this. It is never 'easy' to win 10 games in this league - despite records. The Steelers won 10 games and loss twice to a 5-11 team within the Division. Winning a division game on the road is rarely a gimme - just ask the Pats who lost to the worst team in the east. If it was so damn easy why didn't the Bills win 10 games with roughly the same schedule (beating us twice as we choked)?
  14. Technically not a lame duck (or dunk) since he is under contract past that. But, yes, he is on a short leash.
  15. And we had Geno friggin Smith as our starting qb when TC started. Whatever; all good from Mac, Bowels did nothing. No real changes to Buffalo except the RB that Rex wanted, and going from top defense to bottom and 9-7 to 8-8; yep Rex way better.
  16. Its funny; we had a terrible GM and went 4-12 the previous year, and many call this site called this year a complete failure. Some even say that Rex is better coach (or out coached Bowels in last game - okay that may be true). And that Bowels had great talent and should have won 11 games or more. Buffalo fans who had a 9-7 team last year are unhappy with Rex going 8-8. The team says no playoffs, no job after next year. And somehow, people want us to trade. This I know, Bowels would suck in the booth/TV - so he had better work out.
  17. I heard talk that Luck wasn't consulted about the coaches extension. If he is unhappy not much that he can do. And then someone said something about him holding out and getting tagged and two 1st round picks would get him (not really understanding this - is the tag different for someone coming off their rookie contract), and would you do it - all of the Pats talking heads said they would absolutely do it. I would too. Would you guys give up this years and next for Luck? I love Fitz but would do it in a heartbeat.
  18. Could be, at least Mo has been very professional about all of it. Not running to the media, not crying over his 1 Q suspension. I would guess Mo is asking for too much, but who knows; he certainly played a great season. Sucks he got hurt - hopefully a speedy and full recovery.
  19. What? Apparently the owner of the Bills don't read this site. Bowels did nothing with the greatest talent in the world, and Rex, had no talent, over rated Mario is the biggest loser, and Rex, he won the f'n Bills super bowl. I think it is ridiculous that an NFL owner can overlook all of that and just see an 8-8 team. What a clown Pegula is. What a clown.
  20. While I agree that he is the best defender, class act, professional, and deserves to be paid, I don't necessarily agree that it should be the Jets who pay him. The question is, looking at the big picture, and the money he wants - is it in the best interests of the Jets to pay him? I don't know - we don't even know what money he is looking for. But, if we can afford him, and we want to pay him and trade Sheldon, this is fine. But there is no way, in the long run that we can keep both IMO. I also, don't think people realize how good Snacks was for us. As far as him being jerked around. I don't know what happened in the Idzik mess, but just because a team doesn't fall over and pay a player in his last year whatever that player wants, it doesn't mean that he is jerked around. If he and the Jets are really miles apart about what he is worth, or the Jets agree on his worth, but don't think they can afford him, that isn't jerking a guy around. I don't know what he was told, what he asked for, or anything, but neither do most people. Its easy to say 'pay him'. I hope he stays, but I don't think it is likely - I hope I am proven wrong.
  21. Nobody is taking credit away from Rex for those 2 runs (at least I am not), but to say stuff like we had 11-12 win talent? Most people didn't think so. Our OL is nothing compared to what it was - no he isn't the GM, people mentioned talent. OTOH, everyone thought the Bills had 10-12 win talent and they finished 8-8; see, I can play that game too. Actually, the Bills had 14 win talent, Rex sucks. My point on Coples wasn't that Bowels turned him around, it was that Rex took a player who was playing well last year, and moved him to a position where he sucked an gave up. And then didn't discipline him for giving up. Not coach of the year in my mind. Bowels - rookie HC - I think did a good job with what he had, but has a lot to learn; if we knew the Jets would win 10 games this year, we would say, YAY Rex - had a very disappointing season at the Bills, but rallied the troops for last week win (like he did with us against Miami). If Buffalo knew they were going to win 8 games this year they would cry. Rex gave us a lot but it was time to move on, now isn't the time to move back.
  22. I don't know; he is a VP, not the GM; maybe it is all about managing the finances, PR, hot dogs and parking, it may be basically the same. Does it say what his responsibilities are?
  23. Is Revis the same guy he was when he was 5 years younger and before the injury, of course not. The question is how good is he really? I need to rewatch the game, but it seems to me he was in zone way too much. Bowels/Rodgers were clearly in the bend but don't break mode. Now, I hated watching it. I hate to see them play that with Revis, but it kind of worked. Bills only scored 9 in second half and how many times did Rex have to go for it on 4th down (he coaches like a mad-man with no skin in the game). If you were to say at the beginning of the game, that you could hold Buffalo to 9 points in the second half, what would you have said about our chances? I HATE watching 'prevent' defense, but let's be real: 19 yard punt, getting a fumble recovery on the Buffalo 23 on one drive, and a 58 yard run on another and getting a total of 3 points; this is what killed our first half. Not to mention running out of bounds and some drops here and there. The INT in the end zone killed us, we could have pulled ahead (if not another missed FG). Dropped shovel passes, and a dropped 'hail mary' (Fitz version), etc. And still with 3 INTs we still had a shot at 22 seconds. Defense bent way too much all game, but the blame is on the ST and Offense. IMHO.
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