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  1. more importantly, clearly interim HC >> Bellicheck; Guess Miami messed up in firing their GM too... Steelers lost to their very weak division rival last week (which gave us hope) for the second time this year; Jets and Pats lost within their division yesterday too; it sucks - we have to do better against Rex, but in the NFL division games are always harder - especially on the road with field condition issues. Not making an excuse for Bowels or the Jets, but this Rex talk is silly. Good, bad, joke - it was time to move on and the circus has left town. Let's give Bowels at least 1/3 the time as a HC as Rex has had and see where the teams are this time next year.
  2. I was going to use the dislike button for you post; not because of you, but the comment - don't know if he was all that good other places and I don't think there was a lot of things to be done, but not impressed with April. Maybe the team from SNY will fire Westy for the good of the team.
  3. I was agreeing with you, but not all of the blame goes to Fitz. So, I don't think his day stunk all day as much as that play was just horrible. Last INT was desperation, middle when he was hit. I brought up Geno as this is a re-up topic and we need to decide based on the current situation. So, the choices are Fitz, Petty, Geno, whomever they can get. Petty was never really in play this year. So that comment is more about the topic then your post.
  4. Unnamed source -- made up in my mind. If the BPA in round 1 is an OL; then I would expect we likely go OLB in the second. That was kind of my point - so that would mean not in first 2 rounds unless we trade Mo or something. It should be fun to watch, however.
  5. Ridley over Ivory is a mystery to me; sounds like he is covering for Chan, but who knows. He explained the timeouts at half during his presser. He was concerned with the starting position that he would give Buffalo another possession in scoring position. Considering how our O and D and especially our punting was going, I can't argue too much on that one.
  6. Cool - we have more reporting with unnamed sources. Jets are likely going BPA even at the #20 spot. And, when drafting for need, pretty much everyone realizes we need OLB. Also, last year, Mac added via FA to fill the major holes and then drafted BPA in first round. Expect the same (with a smaller amount of money to spend).
  7. I think drafting a day 1 starter isn't likely. I also think that considering the FA market, we are not likely to do a lot better than Fitz. Who knows - maybe Mac pulls a rabbit/QB out of a hat. I think we resign Fitz and he holds the fort until Petty or someone else is ready.
  8. Maybe we can trade our #2 and some magic beans to move up to the 4 spot like when drafting Sanchez. All we need is Mangini to land Dallas (okay maybe SF).
  9. We don't know that. My guess is Geno is gone and we draft/sign at least one more QB. Also, Fitz vs. Petty isn't the same as this year Fitz only win 6 games and Petty as a rookie. Both have grown in the year.
  10. Bowels and our DC need some time to. I don't like the zone with Revis. I don't like not giving Ivory more touches. Heck, with Ivory in the game, it gives you the play-action option as the defense needs to respect Ivory. First time HC, OC out of football for a while, let's give them time to grow too.
  11. Fitz blew it with the first INT. You cannot make that throw. This is what we used to kill Geno/Sanchez for. Fitz is smart and has good pocket presence. The INT sucked (and his game wasn't great), but Geno would do that every 3rd game. Geno would also take the 20 yard sack when you most couldn't handle it. Is Fitz a top franchise QB, no. But the Jets proved that they could win with him. You hold onto him until you find someone better (or Petty steps up) and then you hold him as a backup to come in and win or mentor the QB. He had a couple bad games this year and it killed our chances in the Post season, but I honestly think we don't have a chance at the post season with Geno. Let's also be fair, WRs dropping balls and stepping out of bounds didn't help much either. The Jets are a good team with Fitz; they just aren't good enough to win games against decent/good teams when they play off.
  12. We played like crap both times we played them and still almost won. Imagine how we could have done if we came prepared and on our game?
  13. I am in no way getting April's back here; I think he sucked... Realistically, we are now starting our second year of a rebuild. We filled some holes this year, but depth is still a problem. Normally, the players on ST come from depth. As far as Kerley is concerned, they just wanted him to 'not drop it'. I would guess he is gone next year and we will have some other WRs that will likely get punt return duties.
  14. Yeah, that's it, the day after a brutal loss keeping us out of the playoffs, and now we are playing for the 2017 draft. I hope this is sarcasm, but on this site, it is hard to tell. Maybe we should play a game, or draft, or see what we do in the offseason before we raise the white flag on next year's season.
  15. We don't know anything about our off season or anyone else's but that is what we are guessing? I doubt it is that bad, but hey, at least we can draft the next Luck the following year.
  16. Let's face it; he is right. Maybe he was wrong to say it, but he showed true emotions on the loss, likely missing teammates, and the injury to Mo. But, yeah, let's toss him out with the trash.
  17. Tampa Bay went 6-10; Marriota went 3-13 in a weak division. And these teams had to go 3-13 the year before just to be able to draft a top notch QB. So, you are most likely looking at multiple 3-16 seasons before you make progress. And that is assuming we are bad when other QB needy teams aren't and the next Luck comes out. I would prefer to draft smart. Get QBs with upside and have fill the gap QB in place until they are ready. Also, this assumes that Fitz the main culprit of the loss. Drafting a top notch QB doesn't guarantee the WR will catch the ball. Look at the great Tom Brady; lost 4 or the last 6 because his top guys are out. If his receivers decided to drop every pass, he wouldn't win jack either.
  18. To get a chance at a top pick you have to loose year after year. So you are okay picking whatever QB we can get and go 1-15/3-13 for the first year? Okay.
  19. Mauldin played pretty well this season. Can't really blame Macc for that; there is a reason Idzik and Mike T are gone.
  20. Of course we do that and start 1-4 everyone screams for another coach...
  21. Kerley doesn't fit the system and is likely gone at the end of the year. Playing Kerly means Marshall and Decker are not in the slot and they have been effective that way. Not sure also that Kerley gets that open playing outside.
  22. Yeah, I don't get it; Revis strength is not zone...
  23. Also, I believe they inherited better teams. Certainly Rex did.
  24. Gift wrapped? Yes, the steelers lost when we needed to, but didn't we win 5 straight to get there? I am as frustrated and unhappy as anyone, but let's not pretend these guys didn't play hard/smart these last few weeks.
  25. Fitz didn't play well today and has his limitations. That being said, the whole team laid an egg. Without Fitz, doubt we wouldn't have a worse record than the Bills. Great season. Five game winning streak. Just didn't have enough; but with as crappy as he/they played; I actually thought after the first 2 INTs we were going to pull the win out. Drop by Thomkins (or great play by DB); if that play changes by inches we win this game and live to fight another day. F**k Rex; we had better crush him 2 times next year.
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