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  1. I agree with all of this except the team didn't seem prepared and ready for the game. They were flat. They also failed to adjust; Bowels said that there was a bunch of zone and it wasn't all Revis' fault, but either way, Revis or Zone, they needed to make a change. Just sitting there and hoping it doesn't bite you isn't going to cut it. But, most of the blame has to go to the O; the Jets D gave them the ball on the Bills 23 and we got a field goal. Ivory cranks out a 58 yard run and we don't even get any points. Too many drops - not all by rookies/young. Fitz (I am still grateful for the year) threw a stupid INT in the red zone when we were 2 points down. And, just when we were on our last drive, Thompkins drops a ball that should have been the game winning TD.
  2. Too many drops by receivers as well.. I was hoping for a decent season we got it, but win and you are in against the Bills - this loss hurts. We had won 5 in a row; I guess the 6th was too much to be hoped for.
  3. Fitz pick #1 all on him; #2 he was being tackled; #3 he couldn't step up, but i wouldn't matter as a catch would have used up all of the time. Blame goes to D/Revis, Gailey, and Fitz.
  4. bad play calling, why run twice; why run Ridley at all?
  5. Defense needs to step it up big; not sure why they are forcing the ball when within 2.
  6. This is the problem playing a team with nothing to loose; Rex would never go for all of the 4th downs if this game was needed. It is like fighting a wounded animal. Have to play tougher..
  7. Glad we scored, but 3 points after getting the ball on the opponents 23 is pretty sad.
  8. Maybe some of the bills fans trolling this site will be his friend. I would rather our raider friend make that prediction, it would guarantee our success..
  9. I agree, but I said that after the year1 and year2 of the Mike/Rex show. I would be pretty happy if we beat the Bills and make it to the AFC championship game again this year. It is funny, the SOJ part of me is worried about the Bills, but the wow, everything seems to be lining up for this team is excited about the post season. One game at a time I guess.
  10. Cro will likely restructure to stay - if they want him, which I think they do. They will likely restructure Brick as everyone including Brick's agent knew when the deal was signed that he wouldn't get that last year. It is something they put in the contract to make it look bigger. Since Macc will likely go BPA (even if we draft at the bottom of the 1st round as I hope we do with a win Sunday), so he will not release Breno or anyone else that doesn't have a big signing bonus until after the FA period and draft to make sure their spot is filled before releasing. He will start drafting for need in the 2nd round. Milliner is likely here at the beginning of next year if we cannot trade him. Ivory although playing well (when not hurt) is likely gone as he is getting older, his running style is hard to maintain as he takes a punishment, and will likely want a bigger pay day. I can see Pace being let go as well - if we can find a replacement; he is still playing well, but he is old and likely to decline soon. Most likely either Mo or Sheldon will be gone as well. Hopefully we get good value and in turn a good player.
  11. Most talking heads had us last in the AFE way behind the Fins (who I thought would suck) and the Bills. Most of these guys, particularly Manish are useless. In the beginning of the season he wrote stories like 'circus will still be here' and the 'jets will suck'; puff pieces with no investigatory work needed. At least, they were things you could call him on now. So, he was wrong on so many levels, now he writes a piece with even less work needed, but now at least he is smart enough not to make predictions that can be wrong. He just pontificates on how things would have been knowing he can't be called on it.
  12. I am, but let's be real, there is a different FO, HC, OC, DC, and a good chunk of players. Past experience is not necessarily an indication of future results. The way I see it, we are 1-1 and a matchup, if it happens, would be great for the rivalry. Didn't think you were so sensitive to a little ribbing. Assuming we beat the bills and make it far enough, I think we have a fair chance, better than many. Hopefully we get the ball again in OT again.
  13. Big talk dude Think what a great game that could be if the Pats are playing at full strength and the Jets make a deep playoff run and are playing with confidence - this is what rivalries are all about.
  14. After last week we shouldn't be worried about a 7-8 team as we showed we don't quit. But, the Steelers, needing the win, lost to a worse division rival for the second time; Until the Jets win these games and win them easily, I think those of us who got burned over the years still have to fight back the SOJ mentality. Stupidly, I am more worried about his game than the Pats game; maybe because I thought the Steelers weren't going to loose so it didn't matter. It is a bit ridiculous, but this is where some fans are. Hopefully, we cream them and get the other monkey off our backs. Go Jets.
  15. Pats only scored 20; 13 on offense; if the bills score more hopefully it is in junk time in a blowout...
  16. This is not good news for the Bills. This is essentially a meaningless game, and still Rex won't discipline players for missing a meeting/practice for 'playing in the snow'; why would the rest of the team play hard for this guy? Funny, when Mo was late he was disciplined and nobody knew anything about the incident before the fact.
  17. I think Smith did a good job against the Bills - we blew them out, no? But, that was his only good game that year - I think.
  18. I can't remember for sure, wasn't it the last time we beat the Pats? LOL
  19. Hopefully we can beat the Bills without Powell. I think we are on different trajectory than the bills. We should win this. If not, we don't deserve to be in the playoffs. We make it, we will be glad we rested Powell.
  20. He rotates players around too; not like making him do that all of the time. Trying to make the best of a weakness. I would guess either Mo or Sheldon will be gone next year and we will hopefully draft/sign a true OLB and it will make things easier.
  21. I don't know much about Williams, but some players are more concerned with their stats then the teams success. Rex used him wrong, no doubt, but you want to build a team of team first players. Not sure Williams fits the build.
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