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  1. Idzik would have spent poorly; he and Rex weren't on the same page.
  2. Even Manish can't stop talking about Rex; I am sure it was nice as a reporter when he was here, but wasn't Manish one of the reporters calling the Jets a circus. Funny how now that he is gone, Rex can do no wrong. Truth is I doubt the offense would be any good as Rex never would have picked Chan. Also, this team does a great job with discipline and penalties (normally) and he wouldn't have reduced Coples' snaps. He would not suspend Mo for being late. I am grateful for all Rex brought the Jets, but I think Bowels has the potential to be a much better coach.
  3. LOL - of course non of the beat us, did they? Either way, I don't expect the Rex talk to stop...
  4. We still talk about Parcels and Namath; we still talk about Mangini and Mike T. My guess is that you have a long wait. Sorry. We are likely to move on from Geno this year too; so get used to that as well; we will still have threads discussing Geno vs. Sanchez and Geno vs. Fitz.
  5. I wonder if they don't activate him for the game; if you are going to release him, and don't want him joining another team (so you don't do it now); you may deactivate him to make sure he doesn't get hurt and then they will have to do some type of settlement for releasing an injured player, no?
  6. Sure, most teams would take Aaron Rodgers; didn't he choose the OC? press coverage only effects some HCs; other teams have players who are suspended; no injuries - yeah lots of teams get away with that - really? As far as the schedule is concerned weren't like 14 of the 16 games the same? Part of the schedule weakness has to do with the fact he had to play us a 10+ team twice, while we get to play an 8+ loss team twice. So, some of that is the nature if building a better team. You want him to have another year, cool. But, why should he be gifted with a top 10 QB (aren't we paying enough for the Pats doing that), no injuries, blah? Good coaches need to win in the real world where players get hurt and only 5 teams have top 5 QBs. Also, funny you talk about QB and OC, it isn't like offense is there problem.
  7. I disagree about hard to screw up when you have millions: Duh to Miami (who also overpaid for Tannehill); every year a team tries to buy a playoff spot by throwing ridiculous money at a player, Mac didn't do that. As far as Marshal goes, giving up a 5th (and getting back a 7th) for a guy with his talent wasn't all that risky. He could have been a cancer, but it was a low cost / high reward play. A good draft that may turn great is a good job IMO for a first time guy that had to hit the ground running. He did well in FA (I think he spent too much on Cro but we are free if we want next year). The only real mistake, if you ask me, wasn't resigning Fitz with a 1 year extension when he came to camp. It would have been short money to extend what appeared to be a backup QB and we would be sitting with much more leverage now. Not sure if Fitz would have gone for it coming off of injury, but not sure he would have had much choice in turning down the signing bonus...
  8. Right on both counts, Jessie wanted to be in NYC; Q may turn out to be one of those players like Cotchery that you are glad you have; He may be a great fit for Chan, but not a 1st round talent.
  9. Sorry to disagree, but I think he sealed his fate with the locker room incident; he is damaged goods and maybe a change of scenery will help, but IMO he is done here.
  10. Yep, that's what I said... unless we sign him and trade Sheldon; but likely Mo
  11. Geno is gone next year IMO. He just stands on the sidelines and mopes when the Jets are doing well; If we don't trade him (only advantage is he is still on Rookie contract) and they don't think Petty is ready for the backup role, the hold him until Mac finds another backup. Yeah, they may extend Mo and trade Sheldon; my guess is that if Mo and the Jets were too far apart at the beginning of the year, they are likely to be further apart after Mo's great season. But, I would be okay with that scenario. If we prefer our current kicker, we might be able to trade Fold - doubt it thought, but Buffalo could sure use him there kicker has missed 5 extra points this year Amaro might also be tradable; he had a pretty good rookie year and it seems that Chan prefers his TEs to do a lot of blocking. Either way, hopefully we don't have to start talking about the draft until February
  12. We only gave up a 6th (for the following year) for Fitz and a 5th (dumb a** Chicago) for Marshall, what do you think Geno and Kerley are going to be worth? Not much. We are likely to tag and then trade Mo; he should bring in decent value. We may be able to trade Milliner or McDoogle, not likely at this point, however.
  13. While I completely agree with you on #1 - this team has a long term/short term approach and good disciplined coaching, I have to disagree with #2. We received a few trade offers for williams so I assume the skins did too; they could have traded down a few spots (or more), got an extra player (or 2) and still drafted their guard. I don't think you draft a guard in the top 10/15. I think the Giants messed up too. Either way, you have to respect Macc for drafting the BPA in a position where the Jets were deep. You have to also respect the way Bowels (and staff) got Williams the playing time with such a stacked DL.
  14. He def. fell into our lap; as I understand it we tried to trade out to get a bunch of picks. You have to recognize that Macc had the strength to pick BPA even though we were stacked at DL and had other needs. Clearly, the Redskins didn't have the same discipline.
  15. This was discussed on another thread, but sometimes you have to have some patience to give a new FO pair time to work together. I think they will need to make a change at some point, but you will never have a sustainable team if you make grand changes every year.
  16. I am happy as anyone about this FO and their first season together, but lets wait a few years to be sure. This pairing seems special, but I was pretty happy with the results of the Mike/Rex pairing their first 2 years. Again, this feels different, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  17. Injuries can effect a season, but there are other signs of problems in Buffalo. You cannot be a winning team in this league with double digit penalties all of the time. These penalties show a lack of discipline. Disipline also effects holding your lanes, etc. This is why, IMO, a Rex defense is always good for one stupid TD and one killed drive per game. The other problem, is that he makes games super bowls. His motivation is great, but then the team either cannot put together 3+ win streaks, or when they loose a super bowl the game is lost. Most importantly, sometimes you only play a half of a game - this is what killed us in both AFC championship games. I have no doubt that had they not had some of their injuries, they would have faired better, but not sure he can win the big game.
  18. Bills have announced the Rex and his GM are coming back next year; is that the kiss of death? Do some of his players loose interest in winning one last one for Rex?
  19. Maybe this is a trap game for the Bills? LOL We beat the Pats; we are at 10 wins; we control our own destiny - if the jets have really learned how to win, I hope they just dominate. My concern is that the momentum shifted with the Pats, when we were up by 14 and decided to not sit on the lead (I think was a good decision - be agressive) - I hope we don't get too conservative.
  20. Force of habit; by week 15 we are used to talking about firing coaches, offseason and the draft. Finally being able to focus on football and winning in the last week has likely confused many and taken the rest of us out of our comfort zone. Too much pressure. Try and be understanding as much of the fanbase is still punch drunk from the last few years.
  21. The Bills loss came in that funk the jets were in. I think they are a much better team now. They seem to have learned how to play a full game and win in the end. Also, it appears that the offense is really starting to click now. I am hoping for a good win on Sunday...
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