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  1. That fact that we may have squandered one of the picks (although I thought we traded that pick for Ivory) doesn't negate the value of the trade. I also meant that Tampa gave us the 2 picks - I wasn't referring to the money. Either way, a great pick for someone we couldn't resign is still pretty good. Yes, why pay 2 picks and 14 million for the best shutdown corner to have him play mostly zone is beyond me, but not TBs only coaching screw up.
  2. Nobody is underrating Revis; at least I am not. He could be the best player on the planet, it doesn't mean that the trade was bad. We got great picks for a player that we had very little leverage on and couldn't afford. the NFL, more than any other sport, is a team game. Having one great player doesn't win you it all. And we traded him outside of the conference; Tampa was stupid to pay all that they did for a 1 year rental. Nobody would have thought that he would wind up at NE last year. Talking about hindsight being 20/20. There is a great player and then there is the bigger picture. It is like the guys saying pay Mo anything. At some point you run out of money. You have to have 53 players and all of the money cannot be on 2 players. IMHO.
  3. lol - what we need is to bring Bradway back - he wanted us to draft Wilson..
  4. IMO these tricks come back to haunt you. Sometimes a team has lost 2 years getting out of Cap hell. And you still need to fill 52 other players. Sure let everyone go for one CB. What happens then, the QB just throws to the other side against a guy you are paying league min or has all day to beat your top CB as there is no pass rush. Or, they just run against you instead of throwing. Blowing the cap for one player rarely works. Even with the QB. All of a sudden the QB has to throw the ball to himself. P Manning didn't win 10 superbowls because his team often sucked. Sucking for Luck didn't pay off as he has no team to win against the elite and no OL to protect him from getting hurt. Now, there are arguments that the best players on the team are now on offense - Marshal. Revis is great; glad he is back, but I still think the trade made sense when it happened.
  5. Not looking for payback. If we have become professional and a well coached team, this should mostly be about beating a team that has been struggling in an effort to get into the playoffs. Sure this is like an early play-off game; win and you are in, loose and go home, but hopefully that jets are focusing on beating a team in an effort to move forward. A grudge match (for both players and fans) is a way of saying, 'see - we were right to fire Rex'; where I sit, it was a good decision to clean house and the Jets are now better off. No ill will towards Rex at all. He may be holding on to upsetting the Jets season, but if we really have moved on as a team, he has no hold on us. I just want to beat a division rival so we can go to the playoffs. The last time we played them, they won. I think we are a better team now and I will be rooting for a win to continue a great season.
  6. I am perfectly happy with our team. Nor do I think it is unreasonable to be upset about things. Was just commenting on Cleveland having to start over and how all too often people have knee jerk reactions. Fire this guy, bench that guy; no time to gel. But it sounds like my comments hit a little too close to home. Wasn't signaling anyone out, but you sure did. I believe you are the one who blew those comments out of proportion; never did I say I was a better fan either. The 'if you think you are better' IMO s a just a way of calling someone out. Either way, I am happy to move on from this - way more time on this subject than I thought - slow work week not withstanding...
  7. Not that anyone would turn down 3 weeks on an active roster and a chance to play, but I don't think they can. Once they are taken they have to go or not play in the league.
  8. True again, but I didn't pick the data point; also there is a warning to those using statistics to not just dismiss a data point (because it was miscommunication); throwing out 'explainable' data points are as bad as extrapolating on a single one
  9. True, but it is a datapoint in the discussion. It certainly doesn't make him average either. It isn't like Brady throws picks all of the time.
  10. Hmm; not sure watching the QB while covering a player, adjusting and getting the INT make a CB adequate. Wasn't arguing with the premise of whether or not Revis maybe on the downside of his career, but was arguing with you cherry picking a quality play and calling it luck, miscommunication, or adequate. My old boss once said, the better prepared you are, the 'luckier you get'. Another said 'luck seems to be attracted to good'.
  11. And BTW, the Jets let Namath go to the Rams in the end...
  12. Yep; Jets should have ignored a great trade, and blow the Cap (who would we have had to let go) to resign Revis because we should have guessed that Tampa would release him after a year (1st Round pick for a 1year rental) and that he would go to the Pats for a SB ring.
  13. To be fair, that was more of a QB ducking/throwing too quickly because of a rush than miscommunication. Also, stats get padded each way all of the time; how many ints does a QB get when the ball bounces out of a WRs hands? What if the receiver pushes off and it doesn't get called? Also, if it was Kyle Wilson, his back would have been to Gronk and it would have hit him in the head. Being elite includes watch the QB, knowing routes, and being in position when the QB has to throw too quickly.
  14. Yeah, he is only human so a decline is only to be expected; he seems to be more about technique than raw athleticism, so he should be able to hold on to his edge longer. The other thing to consider is that he was most effective under Ryan when playing exclusively man-to-man; now he is playing zone. It is also a new defense for the whole team; we don't always know when he is supposed to be man-to-man or if he was supposed to be zone and if someone (including him) blew a coverage.
  15. He may not be the guy he was, but a lot better than most; also there were some games where we had absolutely no pass rush - a CB can only cover so long - I think one game even Westy was saying that it wasn't Revis' fault. Either way, I am glad we have him. Maybe declining but still one of the best. At least we didn't overpay for Suh...
  16. Marshall has been a beast this year, but who would have guessed that. Revis coming back has meant a lot to this team. He may be declining and more often getting targeted than before, but that also increases his impact when he plays great. Also, his work habits, film watching and professionalism is a good example for the younger CBs on the team. I was hoping he could do something with McDoogle and Milliner (oh well). Money well spent I think. Sometimes, when you have the money, you can overpay. Marshall has had more impact this year, but I think it is closer than you think. That being said, Brady was more than happy to throw to Revis - I love his comment about you hate throwing picks, but Revis wouldn't be his first choice. I love this rivalry now that we are no longer a joke.
  17. Got it. An example of 1 isn't an example. Nobody else agreed with him. The rants over sitting Fitz don't count. The rants over Pryor being a bust don't count. My original post said nothing about Widespread. You win, take one aspect of my post and go to town with it. Because this site NEVER has any overreacting knee jerk comments like lets blow up the team, or Bowels doesn't adjust, yadda, yadda, yadda. This is silly and I am moving on.
  18. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. As for giving Idzik props, well. He sucked, I said as much. In fact, I said as much when I stated the only concern with getting rid of Rex was that we would get worse (like we did moving from Mike T to Idzik). That being said - if we don't acknowledge the good, than any criticism seems an emotional one-sided rant. To say he sucked is perfectly fair. To refuse to acknowledge anything he did right (or not wanting others to) just makes us look foolish IMO. But, he totally sucked and sucked any passion out of this team. Glad he is gone; glad Revis is back.
  19. And I said that many said similar things about different players. My point is that someone somewhere is always asking for a change. You want to count them all - go right ahead. We have multiple threads calling for Fitz to sit. Multiple threads saying the were frustrated by Bowels/Chan. Even that thread said that wining 6/7 games he would like to start over (not 11). Fitz sucks and will never win more than 6 games, start Geno. We lost 2 sit Fitz. Pryor is hot garbage, get rid of him... I can go on and on. But, I am done. My point all along is that fans and media always want to pull the plug, but in Cleveland it is likely to be a good idea.
  20. I disagree, sometimes you need to part ways with a player; they either want too much, or you can't afford a fair contract. Pats trade away players all of the time - like Seymoure etc; nobody accuses them of not wanting to win.
  21. My problem wasn't so much the plan (although I think he squandered picks and could have done better), but much more that when the plan failed he was either too stuck behind it or couldn't adapt/make decisions quick enough and we were stuck. We always wonder about coaches who don't adjust at half time, but Idzik refused to deviate from his plan - even when it was failing. He thought a crappy season was acceptable.
  22. Sorry, i was talking about the pick he got - I specifically said he didn't do anything with it; that was great value for a player who wanted a lot of money, was about to be a UFA, coming off of a major injury. The fact that Idzik didn't draft well is another story. As for the money, I wasn't talking about cash I was talking about Cap and we had a lot of holes to fill... Many don't agree with the decision, but I think it was a good one.
  23. Sorry, I think this was a smart move. Revis wanted too much money and we were a team in a need of rebuilding and had cap issues. He got great value for Revis. The fact that he maybe should have picked differently given the extra 1st is another story. Sometimes you have to make the trade even though you love the player. Sorry to tell you, but this is a very likely option for Mo - doubt we can sign him at this point.
  24. Here is one: http://forums.jetnation.com/topic/124577-bowles-i-will-say-it My point is that people are always calling for a change. He is hot garbage, he can't coach; Fitz sucks, on and on, it isn't a scathing indictment on this site or anything else. The above post says if we finish with 6 or 7 wins pull the plug. I am glad that we have won 10 so far, but that doesn't mean that Bowels has long term success (I remember Rexs first 2 years). I am just saying sometimes it takes more than a year for a player or coach to start hitting his stride. In the case of Cleveland, def a time for a change. With Rex, it took too long. Also, sometimes you make a change for the worse (eg Idzik). People can call for someone's head whenever they want. Media too, but I am saying there is a tremendous lack of patience and even though many teams/fans have been hurting for quite a while, stability also plays into the consideration.
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