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  1. okay - whatever. this was a question about Saleh; what in my post said anything about JD and year 2, 3, or 2.5? The point was that expectations were set to about 3 wins - so growth and progress needs to be measured in other ways. That is the point of the thread. Why does every thread have to turn into a JD bash thread? There are tons of other threads to complain about him. Whatever the case, and however long JD has been here, in the beginning of the season expectations were set. The question is has the team progressed? maybe you think yes, maybe you think no. maybe you think that regardless of the expectations or the fact that we were playing guys not likely to be on the team next year they should win the remaining games. whatever the case may be, it was a Saleh progression question... I get the unhappiness with the team, but to say there is no progress because we aren't winning games is a bit off point. Cimini know that when he asked.
  2. not so much this year; this is at least what the organization hinted at (or came right out and said); cimini even wrote an article about it in the preseason - if this team is only going to win 3-4 games, how can we judge progress? if that is what we were saying in the beginning of the season, why are we shocked with it now?
  3. First of all, I think the term flourish is a bit off - we won how many games with those 3? Yes, Mike had a great game against Cincy, and then he fell back to earth. I also disagree with the vet QB for competition. Either Zack is their guy or he isn't. If he is (and I think they think he is) then he has to play. The only reason for a vet QB in this scenario is to win games when Zack is out, but this year and likely next won't be about making the playoffs, it will be about continued growth. If Zack is not their guy, then you don't hire a vet QB to back him up as that isn't going to get you anywhere long term and the team isn't good enough to make a push for the SB next year. So, you would have to eject Zack and draft/sign the next long term starter. Going back to square 1 after a year on a bad team isn't going to happen unless they are absolutely convinced Zack is going to suck. Remember, a QB sucking his rookie year or sophomore year is the norm. What Herbert did as a rookie is NOT the norm. If the Jets have any chance at being good, they are going to have to stick with Zack at least another year, so why do you need a vet QB? Not sure why we traded for Flacco this year - it was like he was - I am going with White as backup - when White went down he was like, I can't roll out my 3rd string QB, can I?
  4. This year it was about growth and rookies (HC and QB and more); next year is about wins. The said it multiple times before the season started. This year is not about wins. Fear not, he isn't going to get that luxury next year (and he knows it). I would expect a 500 team if we do well in off season. This record is NOT surprising unless one expected 6-8 wins. This organization is trying to build a foundation out of a crap, untalented team with no depth. It might take more than one year.
  5. yeah, this was a 3-4 win team in the beginning of the season. we are there. also, wins and losses are based on your team and the other teams you play. We beat one team we shouldn't have, and beat another team that is as bad as us. The growth and progress was about players being comfortable in the system, etc. While Zack has his ups and downs, he has made some progress (not on the short throws ); Moore was making tremendous progress before getting injured. The OL, while looking a bit shaky yesterday is significantly better than at the beginning of the year. I think the D is either worse, exposed, or was just playing over their head in the first few games. Cimini knows this (or he is dummy than we thought) - he wanted to either smack Saleh around or get him to throw someone under the bus. Glad it didn't work. However, he could have said what I stated above - parts of the team are getting better and are better, it just isn't translating into wins..
  6. um, but you are still posting to a Jets site? you may have numbed yourself to the loosing and drama, but i think we can say that you are still interested - sorry...
  7. To be fair, Brady looked very off in the second half. There were a lot of passes that were behind. Not comparing the two, but ... There was one play where the ball looked to far ahead of the receiver and Romo was like Brady is mad that the receiver didn't cut it off harder and then the pass would have been perfect. Again, not comparing the two, nor saying that is all that is going on, but I can see how some of these CFL players may be running the routes too shallow or high; it is a bad combo with a struggling QB and 3rd tier receivers who don't play often.
  8. Not sure our best makes most other teams. As of now we have the 4th and 7th in the first and 4th and 7th in the second. Whether we trade down or not, we have to hit on those 4 picks - could be a difference between a competitive team and the crap we have been watching...
  9. I was willing to give JD a mulligan for the 2020 draft for a variety of reasons. It gets harder and harder to watch some of these players. I am hoping Becton and Mims turn it around next year. Becton is likely to turn it around, I can't say the same about Mims - but next year will be make or break for. him.
  10. He has a no trade clause and isn't waiving it to come here. Besides, do you think he is going to win here with these weapons and this defense? Especially after trading away the world for him? If watching the Jets stink makes you so sick, maybe you shouldn't watch for the rest of the year. Sorry man - but not worth your health.
  11. so now we are grading on a curve. is he the worst? or just the worst considering his draft position? So, the team doesn't matter. If you are picking at #2 - your team is bad. Sanchez was picked at #4, but the team was in the twenties and traded a bag of magic beans. Had Zack been drafted into that Jets team or into the Patriots this year, he would be looking much better (most likely)
  12. White had a great game and then a terrible game. That being said, it is about Wilson this year. Carter and Brooks were way worse - your unhappiness with Zack is messing with your memory.
  13. I am shocked that Wilson is having another down game. I thought he would be an instant success. This guy has potential. Some days he looks okay and his receivers let him down; other times he looks terrible. But, a rookie QB playing on a rookie team with a rookie HC and he is playing poorly - shocking. What I don't get is that the Jets have played QBs like Tupa, Brooks Bollinger, Quincy Carter, Luck Faulk, and Bubby Brister and you think Wilson sucks. I get the frustration. But, did anyone really think Wilson and this season was going to go any other way? This team is short on starting talent, short on depth, playing a rookie QB with no quality veterans, and his best receiver is now on IR. Why watch?
  14. Correct me if I am wrong, but Tomlin was handed a winning football team with a winning QB. He has just watched the team get worse and Ben get older. Not sure he is the guy to take a young poor team and coach them and a rookie QB up. IMO.
  15. Of course, Gase was willing to throw him under the bus, probably fair, however, to save his own job. And it didn't help. I don't expect that Saleh will do that, or is even under pressure to do that this year.
  16. Yes, the Browns when 0-16 and then was competitive 3 years later - they went 0-16, then 7-8, then 6-10, before going 11-5, but to be fair they were terrible before 0-16, they were 3-13, then 1-15 before that. So, yeah, 3 years after 1-15 they went to playoffs, but they had two terrible years before that. So, the jets went 2-14 last year, this year we will be at least 3-14; so to match Cleveland, we should be terrible a few more years? Even if we are comparing our 3+ win season with their 0-16 season, we will still have under .500 games for two more years before going to the playoffs - you up for that? To say it took 2 years for Cleveland to turn it around is cherry picking - took 3 years, really, they took 6 from first really bad year to really good year. Next year being about 500 and then playoffs the following year would be faster than Cleveland if you are being fair.
  17. I have complete faith in them tanking as much as they want While it remains to be seen, I am confident that the team is on an upswing. Of course, we won't know anything until next year.
  18. So, I have three theories here: 1. Moore was probably only going to miss a few games, maybe 4; if the team was still playing meaningful games this year - they would likely hold out hope and possibly play him early. Why risk a bigger injury? 2. With the season over, placing Moore on IR opens the door for another spot; this will give them an extra player to watch/give a chance to play without releasing one when activating the CB. Since this year is about getting experience and seeing what we have, they want to see more players - maybe give Mims a chance. 3. Full tank is on to get the best pick possible and hope to trade down to a QB needy team. Some middle tier teams are going to want to upgrade QB this year including Steelers, etc. My guess is that it is a combination of the above.
  19. Plan? Get more talent, get more experience, win more games We have 2 firsts (probably top 10), 2 seconds (top 10 and top 15) - draft 4 impact players - I would suggest LB/pass rusher and Center in the 1st; RG and WR/TE/S in second. With the 3rd, 2 4ths, and 2 5ths (assuming Flacco doesn't play more) - the Jets should get a couple of rotational players and some depth; likely won't fill the team up with this draft, but coupled with FA the team should be solid - plus half of the team would go from rookies/2nd year to 2nd/3rd year players ... This also assumes that we don't trade down with 1 or both of the top first picks to get more picks. If Wilson continues to grow and with some more talent on O and D, we should be able to have a good season - may even sniff playoffs; even if we don't get into playoffs, we should be playing meaningful football in December. That is the plan at least.
  20. Yes; or maybe not a lot, but a few very loud posters. His is crap; Another JD bust. Just like the Hill 2nd round pick. Why can't JD draft a quality WR in the 2nd? You don't remember these posts? He was soft for missing much of preseason, so he was a bust before he even played. Remember when LaFluer needed to go?
  21. He is a rookie, if this team still stinks in 3 more years, let him walk
  22. I don't think it is stubbornness as much as there is a lack of talent. There are some. serviceable players, but most of them would be rotation or backups on other teams. We have some depth if we can get some starters. We need LBs, Safeties, and probably a CB. The LBs are weak against the run and the secondary gets burned without a great pass rush.
  23. Yep - hopefully it is for the Pats and he causes them to loose an important game
  24. Could it possibly be that they are still learning the offense, trying to hard, and thinking too much? Or could it be that these receivers have been do all of that and playing with 4 different QBs? Nah, it is is the water
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