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  1. Yeah, he doesn't fit into the offense; he is slot and they like to move people in and out of the slot; we need large bodies who can block, break tackles, and provide a big target for fitz to throw to. It is a testament to Macc that there is enough depth at WR that Kerely doesn't get more reps.
  2. True, but how many fans have said that we should have gotten rid of Bowels after 8 games? It is understandable to want to make a change (and I think Cleveland needs to) but you should not respond to knee jerk reactions to a bad game here, there, or more.
  3. Even considering that, they are only ones to do it since then; when have the Jets ever lead positive offensive stats?
  4. I appreciate what Rex did for the Jets and the 2 AFC championship games, and although it was time to move on, I was worried about who we would find to replace him (remember how well replacing Mike T went), but I am so glad that the Jets went in this direction. This is a perfect example of why we are better. It isn't even Rex being a blow-hard in the media about this as he has toned it down so far about the Jets game, but listen to his players. You don't hear the Jets talking about the Pats game as their super bowl. Hyping it up in order to win. They just quietly went about their business. Marshall said that he was hoping that the celebration on the sideline would not be like wining the super bowl as it was just a game. Clearly, the Pats were the monkey on the jets back, but you didn't hear them yapping about it all week. I have no problem with these players making the game more than just a last week's paycheck and trying to get motivated to beat the Jets; although it should always about playing hard and striving for the win, I can see some satisfaction from beating the Jets and why they want the extra motivation, but do it quietly. Fitz said when the got the ball in OT they knew they were going to win. Quiet self confidence. Don't go telling everyone you are going to win for your coach, just win for your coach. And although it is way more subdued than it was with Bart and Rex, the Bills are doing the same old unwarranted swagger and media hype. Here is a thought, shut your trap, beat that Jets and then start talking. Just a thought.
  5. He is playing well for a Red Shirt rookie; He has had his share of drops (but so has Marshall who is balling for us this year)(even Decker had some drops in a few games). But I think there are 3 points here: 1) You cannot judge completely on a second year WR - some times it is obvious either good or bad; he is showing promise; if you want to build through the draft that needs to be good enough. 2) As a #3 or #4 he is playing well, and playing better than most of our WRs over the past few years; In addition to making some big plays, he does a great job blocking - not everyone on the team needs to be a HOFer 3) The way he is playing and the way Thomkins is playing, Smith is going to have a hard time making it back onto the field next year.
  6. I might be remembering this wrong, but didn't BB do this one other time (kick in OT) and he won that game? While I don't think that BB tried to give us the win, his decisions (like not trying to score with 1:30 left in half) seem baffling to me. Maybe he was trying to protect his offense from more injuries, maybe the Jets D got into his head (doubt it), but he did look more like a coach trying not to loose than the typical Pats approach by trying to win with aggressive offensive play.
  7. It appears to me that it took almost half of the season for Chan to get back into coaching and adjusting to the 'new' NFL. It looks like the offense is starting to really click and some of the young receivers are starting to contribute. If the great BB can make a bone-headed call in OT, I guess I can forgive Chan for some of his head-scratchers, but the offense seems much more fluid now.
  8. I wonder if it is the opposite; are Fitz and the offense continuing to gel? Maybe they play better next year? Maybe our young WRs step up even more giving Fitz 4 WRs to throw to?
  9. I realize that there may be bad blood and stuff, but do you think Rex would let us use IK as our team captain this time?
  10. Of course Namath only had 14 games and it was a different game back than much more running and the DBs could mug the receivers, but still glad for Fitz - he is having a great season - hopefully he can be this good for us next year if Petty isn't ready, etc.
  11. First of all, there is a difference to not guilty and innocent; you are almost never declared innocent (unless they find the 'real' culprit and realize there was a mistake). If you win, you are not guilty - which btw doesn't mean you didn't do it, it could mean they couldn't prove it. Secondly, the appeal wasn't about the merits of the case (guilty or not) it was about the process and whether Goodell could have suspended him in the way that he did. Nothing about guilt or lack of evidence. It is like you are convicted of murder, but your punishment is that they stone you to death. In this country the court would appeal the penalty regardless of the guilt. But, you already know this - you cannot be this dense. just trolling I guess...
  12. I agree, I think Brady took the fall for other people, but then if you are going to take the fall, and you don't cooperate (didn't want to turn them in) and destroy evidence, you either should take the fall without whining or change your stance. I think you don't take the fall, and then say, "hey, I didn't do anything wrong" Fortunately for Brady, Godell and the NFL are incompetent losers and he is likely to get off.
  13. First of all, I think that using a different brush/pad when preparing the ball is a violation but not as significant as under-inflation of a ball that is used for most of the plays. Also, there is a difference between roughing up the ball and hoping to not get caught and taking a ball(s) that were approved by officials and then tampering with them. I feel this is a huge difference in both intent and attitude - but I can see how Pats fans may not see the distinction. The real difference in my mind is that after getting caught, most teams/people fess up and take the punishment. If Brady had said, "hey, I didn't realize what was going on and although I didn't intend to have this done. But, if my actions encouraged someone to tamper with the balls or assume that I was okay with the tampering, that was not my intent, but I am sorry" - I think the team would have be fined and maybe some equipment guys would have gotten suspended. Instead, BB said he didn't know, ask Brady. Brady was dodgy in the press conference and not only failed to co-operate, but clearly destroyed the phone. On top of that, the team's lawyers tried to prevent access to witnesses. The team cried that they would being wronged and picked on and that they didn't cheat, but if they did, it would not effect the game (probably not for Indy, but maybe Baltimore the week before). There were other violations this past year, in each case the team fessed up and there were fines and suspensions and it was over. I believe had Brady 'fessed up', there would have been a fine (probably not Brady) and it would have been done. No way the NFL bans them from the post season.
  14. What is comical is that a troll and his troll buddy whining about Brady being innocent on a Jets fan site, and then starts calling names when they loose the argument
  15. Denial - you fell for the misinformation drooled out by the equally uninformed Boston media. The ruling was published - I think other's challenged someone to publish the link showing that...
  16. It started way before that; if he hadn't suspended people for what they did outside of the NFL (and become the mad suspender), he might have been taken more seriously when it came to alleged cheating. How many times did he loose on appeal on other issues? My hope was that deflategate would have marked an end to the Goodell administration, but no. And yes, his own stupidity and the laziness and poor work of his legal staff.
  17. Goodell got himself stuck; if he drops it, every player will always just appeal and appeal and he will spend his life in court; if he appeals he is petty. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
  18. No the judge said the process wasn't correct - NOTHING about innocence. In fact, the Judge during some of the appeal pointed out that Brady did not cooperate and it didn't sit correctly.
  19. He is young and still learning. This is why many get frustrated with labeling a player a bust early on. With his suspension and injuries he lost some time, but he is starting to come around. Not to mention, he has been very good in run blocking. This is also why you cannot judge purely by stats. This is also why Kerley hasn't been getting playing time. He has potential, is getting better, and does a great job blocking. The bigger picture...
  20. Agreed. I think most of the blame goes to the OL and Gailey... Not sure any back would make those plays.
  21. Apparently it is okay for WRs to act this way. I saw a game Thursday night were a WR threw a punch and not only didn't get ejected, he didn't even get flagged
  22. Coughlin only cares about the win. I am sure the same condescending blow-hards who chastised Rex for letting the Beard play after his DUI (you know against the Dolphins who had 3 players arrested in the offseason for Domestic Violence without any Miami suspensions), will not say anything. The hypocrisy in this league is amazing.
  23. I don't think you can put it all on Ivory; the DL was in the backfield each time. I think you have to blame the call; if you are going to go for it - rush to the line and QB sneak it, or something else - can't just keep running up the middle and loose a yard.
  24. These stadiums require a lot less land and parking; significantly smaller and cheaper to build. And yet, here in Boston, the Bruins and Celtics share a stadium - a new Garden barely got built with the 2 teams needing it. It only creates more jobs during construction (and a little for upkeep etc); with the football stadium normally the town gives land; there are ramps that need to be built; traffic and congestion. Making wider roads and ramps may create jobs but it also takes a public money. Where the revenue is better with one stadium paying twice and revenue from the other location also being taxable. IMO
  25. Considering the cost for the building and the land, it just doesn't make sense for 8 regular season games. If two teams are close enough to play in one stadium it just makes sense. I would have loved a stadium in NYC, but had it been built, how would you justify just one team there?
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