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  1. It was like 3 or 4 times where we tried this and failed. At some point, you need to learn you lesson and try something else.
  2. If the Broncos don't bet the Steelers, Jets may not get in. Would love the Pats to lie down for the Jets so they get in, but remember all of the crap we got (even Goodell) telling the world it wasn't fair - even though someone is going to take the NFC East with a crappy record. If we want to get in, we need to beat the Pats. With all of their injuries, we need to be able to beat them at home.
  3. Not to mention Dez begging for the flag. I would love them to add a rule that says begging for a flag is un-sportsman like conduct. I am tired of these whinny guys. I remember once, Brady was doing the flag gesture while he was being sacked.
  4. Looks like you were right; I love the way this team rarely quits...
  5. The Dallas DL is small but very quick. When you are playing someone quicker than you, it makes you look slow; but yes, we need to improve the OL over the next few years.
  6. All true, but the Cowboys are a faster DL and smaller - they aren't used to it... but yes, we need to rebuild OL (and LB) this offseason
  7. I know they are trying to use up the dallas TOs, but I hate the playing for the FG
  8. I hate that, every time there is a close call, instead of just snapping the ball, we go slow or call a TO; Bowels has to learn that in the offseason..
  9. A few inches to the right, and that is not good; a few inches different and even without the pick, that wasn't a first down... just not going our way, got to make this happen...
  10. breaks are just not going our way tonight - we played like sh*t, but we are not getting any help...
  11. If Witten can do this to us, then imagine what Gronk and Brady will..
  12. That was a well designed and well executed play... about time
  13. Funny, when we were loosing in the Giants game, I had a lot of confidence; not tonight - we sure are struggling against a bad NFC East.
  14. If that is Powell, that is a 7 yard game... not sure why Ridley is on the field...
  15. It was a long shot for this team to make the playoffs - and maybe they are not ready; but this is not the first time this team has failed to show up (at least on offense). They look off, flat, and are not adjusting. They should be creaming this team, and they have to beat teams that they are supposed to beat.
  16. Fitz trying too hard gets Fitz INTs - Gailey needs to shake things up ... they are too predictable.
  17. well - there we have it... not only do we throw the pick; we don't touch the guy...
  18. apparently it is only illegal to hit Brady in the head...
  19. Once again they seem unprepared and tired; it is like if they have to travel and have a short week they just can't win. I don't get it. Hey, let's run Ivory up the middle for another 3rd/4th and short - it has been very effective.
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