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  1. LOL - when I saw this thread, this is exactly what I was thinking..
  2. I think it is easy to got caught up with who has played and to not want to risk another player messing up. I do believe they can play themselves into more playing time in practice, but it might take a while. Short of injury - not sure they will get in quickly. I think it is a mistake (but I guess they know best). It is frustrating to watch these guys not get the playing time.
  3. Could also be, but I doubt it, but if the Pats take another loss or two, they could be out as #1/#2 seed and it won't matter; but I don't see them loosing these games....
  4. Bowels said that it had to do more with whom has been practicing longer, but at some point, we will never know unless another CB gets hurt.
  5. If both Revis and Williams are out, I would really like to see either Milliner or McDoogle get some playing time. We need to know moving forward if they are keepers or not, Cro and (eventually) Revis will need to be replaced. Can Milliner be effective on a defense that has one shut down corner and better DL and Safety help? I actually think if he can stay healthy (big if) that he can be quite good as at least a #2. Skrine seems more like a slot guy than a #2.
  6. Great Job Marshall.. .. sign the beast (for short money); make it happen Tanny...
  7. He should be pissed that he forgot to mail that $600 check....
  8. I don't have a problem with the flag, but I do have a problem that a Giant walked up the sideline to bark (or bark back) and he didn't get the flag. I am sure if a Jet had done that on the Giants sideline there would have been a rumble and then a flag against only the Jets.
  9. I am not suggesting that the Jets don't draft; I was stating that with the draft being a crap shoot that the Jets shouldn't tank winnable games to move up a few spots. These spots are most important in the 1st round. And you can only 'suck for luck' for so many years (not that it is doing much good for them this year). You need to do your best in the draft. But, to just diss the team because they have an 'easy' schedule and say, hey instead of the wins, you want to loose for a better draft position - is where I have a problem.
  10. I wasn't talking about moral victories, I was talking about real ones in opposition to the OPs comment about strength of schedule. As far as Oakland is concerned, yeah they are young and 'building' but they have sucked for years. How many top 5 picks does this team have. And sure 5 wins is building, but that doesn't mean next year they would do better. Can you imagine this site if we had that many top 5 picks in the last 10 years. And for getting a better draft pick; the draft is a crap shoot. And if you are not picking in the top 5 often 304 spots won't matter too much. Look at us. We picked high this year and there still wasn't a QB for us.
  11. Sorry, it was subtle - not counting the Jets loss to the Pats.... my point wasn't that the Jets were as good as the Pats, but that other than beating the Jets, the Pats only have two more wins (one a much harder team in the Steelers). So, the schedule is what is it. Looking at it another way, the Jets would be leading the division assuming they played in the same division as the Colts, and we would have a 2 game lead if we were in the NFC East. In other words, there a much 'easier' schedules out there where teams have worst records.
  12. Okay, let's look at it this way; we got 'lucky' with the NFC division, but so did the great and powerful Patriots. Being in the same division, we have basically the same division games (6), NFC East (4), AFC South (4). So, out of 16 games, 14 are basically the same. As the super bowl winners (or cheaters), they had the Stealers (with players suspended) and the Broncos, while we had the Raiders (up and down team) and Browns (okay that is a gimmie). We lost to one of our different teams (Oakland) and they lost to one of theirs (Broncos). We were both beat by the same Eagles interestingly enough the same way with turnovers and ST. They beat us once and they have 2 more wins. Yes they are the better team, but nobody is talking about how they got so lucky with the NFC games, etc. 7-5 is still a winning record. We play against professional football teams (okay maybe not Miami and Cleveland) and a win is a win.
  13. While we are at it; lets concede to Dallas too - that would drive the Giants nuts.
  14. Marshall said that he will play for the Jets until they don't want him anymore and then he will retire. Jets extended him and he is the first WR with 1000 yards or double digit TDs in a long time - I think he plays next year.
  15. His agent said that if anyone drafted him lower than 3rd, he would sit out the season and re-enter the draft next year (which I think shouldn't be allowed, but the NFL should have let him sit out this draft so...). We could have signed him as an UDFA, but Cowboys offered more. Not sure if the Jets were interested...
  16. More crap considering he was on the Jets sideline talking smack right back; maybe Colon should have stayed in the box (apparently not being dressed hurt too), but shouldn't the jack*$s from the other team get a penalty for staying on the opposing teams sideline talking smack. Apparently the officials and the via impartial commentators didn't agree with me.
  17. Mauldin didn't generate any sacks, but didn't he force a penalty? (actually should have been more penalties).
  18. pretenders or for real; next week at almost the middle of December, the Jets are playing meaningful football. Assuming we win (hopefully we do), we go further into December playing a meaningful game. Now if we beat the 3-9 Titans and the Romoless 3-8 Cowboys we go into the very end of December into our most hated rivals playing, yes meaningful football. We cannot control what other teams do, but we can control what we do. We where basically done last year 8 games in. The year before we were done by November (or there about's). We are playing with what many have called the worst QB in the universe. And yet, we are still playing meaningful football. Who knows, win or loose in Foxborro we may yet be playing meaningful football in January and maybe even get into the playoffs. Shouting out pretenders is either an unhappy the glass is always empty view, or it is a die-hard fan being let down all of these years and is now just trying to soften the blow and not get too excited. Or, someone just looking for attention. Either way, it smells of SOJFan ... the Jets aren't (as of yet) playing SOJs so far, maybe the fans can find a way to break the cultural depression. This time of year can be depressing for so many reasons, at least at this point, we don't have to be depressed to be Jet fans. Not convinced. Cleveland lost a game to a bad team on a blocked (would have been game winning) FG that was returned for a TD (by a team that left Cleveland in the middle of the night but left the name). And now, they don't even show up in the 'in-the-hunt' column of the playoff picture. We could Cleveland fans
  19. I would hate to seem like I am agreeing with a troll, but in mind mind it is unlikely (but I would take it) for the Jets win all of their remaining games. That being said, it is almost absurd to assume that the Pats are going to end the season on a 6 game loosing streak (assuming Brady is knocked out for the year) especially with the Dolphins and the Titans on their list.
  20. That cannot be true; only the Patriots had to deal with injuries this year; Would Sunday night football lie?
  21. I think they were leaning towards Enunwa as the blocking side and Amaro as the H-back side. I guess we will have to wait and see
  22. I would say he is average (maybe slightly above or slightly below); every team needs these players. I view practice squad players as not quite a JAQ, but with potential - or are raw. I would say that Walls (I know a lot of people feel differently) is a JAG. He did a fine job at his position considering who he is, but if we lost him, we would find another replacement just a good (or about the same). That is why I was wondering why McDoogle or Milliner hasn't gotten more playing time. I think we know what Walls is, but the others may or may not have the ability to be more. Either way, I think we are splitting hairs. We may know their names, but most fans (not on this site) probably don't. I don't think he is awesome, or a scrub. Glad he is on the team and is healthy.
  23. I thought there was a Sunday night game, but no Monday night game in last week. If there is, and things go as expected, I would expect the Jets and the Bills to both be 9-6; If the winner gets the last playoff spot, it could be a worthy 'national' game.
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