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  1. Not a Fitz stat, but I read somewhere that Marshal is the first double digit TD WR since Moss. Looks like there will be a lot of things that hasn't happened in a while. The one that I hope stands is playoff appearances with a rookie HC - here is to Bowels extending that streak.
  2. JAG means that anybody can replace them. So, I would say that Kellen Davis, Zac Stacy and Ridley are JAGs on this team. But, Powell is sometimes the spark that ignites the offense. Clearly other JAGs cannot do this, or Stacy/Ridley would be doing it. I don't think he is 'awesome' or an every down back, but what he contributed yesterday is way more than just another guy. He doesn't get a lot of touches (and has been hurt) so his yearly numbers are not great. He also does things that don't show up in (or are not obvious) in the stats. His screen plays were effective enough to slow down the Giants pass rush. He also got us a few critical 1st downs, half of our TDs and he is a very good pass protector. The OP said we missed him, which I think we did. Normally, when Ivory is out (not sure why yesterday) we are dead on runs. He played a good game and contributed nicely. Doesn't make him awesome; doesn't make him a JAG either.
  3. All games are dangerous - that was one of my biggest problems with Rex; he could hype a team way up for a big game, but then there were the 'reading own press' and 'let down games'. We have to beat the Titans and the Cowboys and at least one of Bills/Pats. Each game from now on is pretty much a playoff game. Got to win the games that we are 'supposed' to win. Hopefully, Bowles has beaten the 'let down game'/'reading own press' games out of the culture by now.
  4. If anything, maybe the Jets-Bills game; can you flex the last regular season game?
  5. We are not going to catch the Pats. We would have to win all of our games and they would need to loose most if not all of the rest of the games. Pats also still need to play the Dolphins. Can't see us catching them. Also, Gronk and Addleman are likely back for the playoffs - earlier if they are needed.
  6. The Jets have several holes to fill for 2016; one of them is the starting/future QB (if it isn't Petty). Yes we beat weak teams and lost to weak teams, but he has played his heart out. And, playing within his limitations has helped us win 7 games. Most importantly, he has never given up, he played us back from behind (with a critical run), and hasn't panicked. We don't have Brady/Rodgers/Ben; this is what we are right now, and winning the games we can is all we can do.
  7. With the number of QB FA available, I think we can resign him at a reasonable rate; especially as he is relatively up there; also, he plays better under Gailey and will likely want to stay, but who knows.
  8. They can say what they want, but going into the middle of December the Jets are playing meaningful football and the Giants are only alive because their division is a joke (except for Philly that kicked NE's butt at home - fans booing and leaving early, it was wonderful).
  9. This. The Jets shut them down in the second half. Even with the Jets giving them first downs on penalties, they did nothing. There is plenty of blame to go around.
  10. Right now, I say Bowles has the edge (way too early); has fixed some of the real cultural issues with this team. This team never quits; plays professionally; and tries to adjust. Wilk getting benched for 1st quarter says it there; so does the fact that nobody outside the Jets knew it was happening and now doesn't completely know why says some too. BTW; The Rex tree is going to take a hit; Cleveland was officially out of the playoffs...
  11. Westy blames both; said the players are a problem, but so is the scheme...
  12. Unhappy about the ST and also unhappy about some of the defensive plays - big TD and that horrible series up until the INT. You have to give this team the nod; they were down with a ST touchdown, and a fumble in their own red zone; still managed the OT. Play tough and you can have the win.
  13. April has to go in the off season (unless there is a real excuse - which I think no); would be interested to hear what a certain SNY commentator has to say; SNY should just fire him so he has to go back to coaching...
  14. ball didn't pass LOS; intentional grounding no? but that gets a flag...
  15. At least we have 3 TOs left; Rex would have burned them all...
  16. Jets have not looked great tonight, not sure Fitz is on the top of the list; there is ST, defense giving up 4 minutes on some bone headed plays, Ivory fumble... etc.
  17. not sure why we didn't try and run at least once; either way, didn't this happen a few times before; we drive down and couldn't get it in? We are really good with the Red Zone offense normally, not sure why we are struggling now; need to pull a rabbit out of the hat...
  18. i don't like to see players get hurt, but karma knocked that guy out; should have been a late hit on Marshall.
  19. why wasn't that a catch; he was on his back when the pulled the ball out?
  20. I expect decent play. I know our best 2 CBs are out; but up until the INT this was embarrassing. And, if we are rebuilding, shouldn't we see what a couple of young CBs can do?
  21. Okay, sit them both; at this point what is there to loose? If we are going to loose this game the playoffs are likely lost - so let's see who can play and who can't.
  22. One catch; how many stupid penalties; we finally get pressure and just suck in coverage. The CBs are getting owned all over the field.
  23. Walls is sucking; why can't we play another CB; I know that Milliner was hurt and McDoogle, well, is McDoogle, but at some point a change is in order...
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