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  1. I don't go for the knee jerk reactions, but they out to fire April right now.... how can we do any worse?
  2. It seems that the Jets have two types of games; one where they give up ST touchdownas, and turns over the football; and the one they have a chance on winning...
  3. yeah; all that running around; he gave up on the pass and was just looking to run; only throwing to Marshall; Giants are in his head... not surprising the number of times he was hit - too bad we aren't doing that to Eli
  4. not sure why we can't give milliner a chance to play; he can't be any worse then what is out there...
  5. Normally, I would say that the Jets don't have a lot of options. Best case scenario, he is your back-up for the next 2 years. Worst case, Petty still needs some time (and anyone we draft does too) and he starts the first half of next season. He knows the system and the players love him. So, you want him to stay. Fortunately, there are a bunch of FA QBs coming out this off-season; I don't think any are really worth pursuing by the Jets (unless something major happens), but it should help soften the market a bit. The problem is that Fitz has proved he can win for the Jets; people will likely rate him in the top 20 category (or close); therefore, there are roughly 12 teams that will think he is worth a short term contract. So, we can't do the 'sign the beast for short money' stuff. Even if Petty is the man or we draft someone who is, you want Fitz as your backup and you are going to have to pay backup QB money at least.
  6. It makes little sense to cut him. We are on the hook for next years salary 600K+; if we cut him (i don't know about offsets) we still owe him the 645K and have to take his prorated signing bonus hit of 1.8 million; If he stays, we have to pay him a 1.5 million roster bonus. So, the question is - is he worth 1.5 million in cash and cap to keep him, and I would say yes. A serviceable CB for 1.5 million is pretty good. Walls only costs us 1 million, Williams is 500k (what a steal), while Skrines is 6 million; so, we can cut him, but most likely if he is healthy we will keep him or trade him. But, anything can happen, he just has a decent dead money hit to cut him.
  7. I heard Revis was cleared for non-contact or light drills - so sitting in on sessions should be allowed at this point. I wonder if he doesn't have a hammy or something else they are resting as well...
  8. Yes, some of it has to do with the OL; actually I think they pass protect better than the run block. Some has to do with the balance of our offense, that our passing game is mostly short yardage (quicker to run routes), our passes to RBs, and Fitz (not only does he decide quickly, but he runs well). At least he doesn't just sit there holding the ball and back-tracking for 17 yard sacks.
  9. He is also too expensive; LT is were the 'money' is; not sure he would be willing to restructure down enough to play another position. If he renegotiates great; if not, you have to decide whether or not he is worth the money; also, I think he is too light to play RT; def. too light to play RG. Where would you move him then, center? LG?
  10. Let's be fair with 2 points: 1) Tannehill is better than most here a giving him credit for.. 2) what are they going to say; we signed him to top 10 money, we are locked in with him for at least 2 more years, we don't have a replacement, and we have no faith in him; btw, we fired all of our coaches - so I cannot really tell you what a competent coaching staff would think of him?
  11. We have 3 teams that on paper we should be Giants, Cowboys & Titans; we should win at least 2 of them; that would be 8-8. I would love to kick Buffalo's butt (and knock Brady on his). But, considering our start and the fact that we face relatively soft teams, 6-10 would be a disaster.
  12. We are not a top tier team. That being said, getting into the playoffs would be a great experience for a rookie HC, our staff and most of all the young players. Not to mention, before a rough patch, we had the playoffs within our grasps. At this point, not winning at least 2 more games would be a huge let down. We should beat the Giants, Cowboys, and Titans (of course we should have beaten Houston and Buffalo and the Raiders and Eagles games were terrible). We a second tier team; we should be beating bottom feeder teams. If we win these 3 games, we finish 9-7. That would be great. Beating Buffalo (or NE) would get us to 10-6 and a good shot at the playoffs. We are likely a first-round looser, but the experience and the enjoyment would be great. Also, rooting for you team doesn't make you delusional, it just makes you a fan.
  13. I seem to remember earlier in the year that some other player had a similar encounter and the NFL ruled that there would be no suspension. If that is the case, even if they suspend Richardson, it won't be for long and can likely get appealed. This is minor (in comparison to assault, domestic violence, etc.). But, with Goodel, who knows.
  14. This happens; at this rate, Ryan may not be there next year and he might get released... either way, we have great depth at DL at this point. Sorry to see him go, but he wasn't making the roster here unless something happened and so at least he gets a chance to play in Buffalo.
  15. Some call Fitz mediocre; I prefer the term average (I think he is actually playing a little above average) which is all we could ask from him. He has also shown a great deal of maturity and leadership and is above average in reading defenses and making good decisions. He is also above average, IMO, when it comes to grit and toughness. I don't know if many fans and even some of his teammates knew how deficient Geno is in the maturity and leadership categories until Fitz showed what a QB is supposed to be. As much as it would be good had Geno turned out better here, the writing is on the wall here for him; let's hope Fitz stays healthy for the rest of the year, and the Jets can sign him in the offseason.
  16. Kerley's problem is that he doesn't fit anymore; We have a true #1 & #2 now; Kerley's is a slot guy, but Gailey likes to rotate Marshall through the slot; other than for rest or injury, you don't want to every pull Marshall and Decker. Kerley is a possesion receiver, but so is Decker. If you want to stretch the field, Smith has the speed; had any of the bombs to Smith worked, teams couldn't stack the box on us which helps the running game. Enumwa blocks for and helps the running game. Kerley works best underneath which is crowded as people are stacking the box on us. In the spirit of this thread, however; I expected our passing defense to be better (should have known that our LBs would be exposed); thought Bowels would adjust better after the half (seemed to do it earlier); thought Milliner would be a star; thought Pryor would play better, but no to the level he has. Knew Fitz was a better choice, but didn't think we would be putting 38 points on anyone.
  17. Even though Gruden kept saying 'you have to play him'. Sure, cave to athlete whenever you need him and he will never learn (he likely won't learn anyway). The real question is, which prime time commentating group is the worst? Thursday night, Sunday night, or Monday night? I have to go with Collensworth (great WR however) as the most annoying, but Gruden tries his best
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