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  1. yes, and the bills probably still loose, but hey why follow the rules?
  2. why didn't the officials stop the clock; he wasn't touched - took himself out of bounds...
  3. There is actually no real problem getting rid of most players and coaches. The problem is replacing them. This is the reason I wasn't eager to get rid of Rex until the end (although I thought we kept Idzik about 3 years too long... ). When Bowels came in I was reasonably happy. Things have soured a bit, but I am hopeful that he turns it around. We can rid of many of the problems, but without being able to grab players from other teams (as in the old expansion days) or extra expansion draft picks, we are out of luck. Just like we were out of luck the last few times we picked in the top 10 with no real QBs being available. Hopefully Williams turns out to be a star, but a franchise QB is so hard to find...
  4. Sorry, but at this point, the jets are still loaded at DL and light at LB; also, he has lost the weight and isn't as productive at the line anymore. You don't pay a guy 7 million to be okay. You don't risk having to pay him next year. He is like Geno - they inherited the problem and were unable to fix it. Time to move on. They weren't going to be able to trade him at that pice and would have released him anyway.
  5. This; it is what I meant a while back when Bowles said that the fight didn't effect their thoughts on Geno; we was done on this team long before. They will play Fitz until he is either hurt of we are eliminated from the playoffs; if he is ready, we will start Petty to see what he has (without the pressure of winning)
  6. Here is a list of positions that are hard to fill especially when drafting in the middle of the draft: QB, LT. i think we should draft OL and maybe another QB, but I would be surprised if we can land a starting LT where we are going to be drafting. You will have to draft a guy that can become LT, so my guess is that Brick stays another year. Plus consider the holes on this team other than QB and LT: OLB, other OL, TE (of Amaro isn't it), OL, DL (if wilkerson and sheldon are gone), OL, ultimate replacement for Marshall, OL... You get the idea
  7. Don't forget Marshall - he counts towards this draft....
  8. Maybe, but at this point it is what it is; Coples was stuck at LB for the same reason he was moved there; they have depth at DL, but not LB. Once he lost the weight, he was no longer as strong at DL, so it became a trap. You can't blame Coples, but you can't blame Mac (can't rebuild the whole team in one year) or Bowels. It is what it is. Coples does have to bear responsibility for the taking plays off rap as well. Either way, we still have depth at DL, and Coples is too expensive to keep (playing this way at LB and at to have him put on weight again). The trade deadline is over so we can't trade him; and with all of the free agent signings, we weren't going to get a compensator pick for him anyway. Time to start cleaning house ...
  9. I understand why people are frustrated. I am too; thought Mac and Bowels had a good start, was starting to believe that this was a 10-6 team. But, they are what we thought they were going to be this year a 7-9/9-7 team. There are many ways to ruin a franchise. Draft poorly. Don't get a franchise QB. There are also ways to fix a franchise. Changing FO/HC every year or so fits into the first category and not the second. Also, knee jerk reactions to every bad game / loosing streak is another one. A GM and/or HC normally deserves at least 2 years to see what they can do (if not more). Maybe Mac is a mistake, maybe Bowles too, but name a quality GM/HC that is going to come to a team with no franchise QB, without the #1 pick in the draft and that has changed the FO twice in two years?
  10. Stacy hurt; messed up; had he stepped out of bounds and touched ball... he would be okay and we would have the ball on the 45 with 3 seconds left
  11. Pissing over specials, okay, the specials have sucked all year, but asking for Rex or Geno? Really? It is one game; actually, one half....
  12. Fitz mistake costs us 3; Defense held strong. Got to pass on 1st; try to get Ivory outside.
  13. He forced that in; when we get 0 on first and take a 5 yard penalty on 2nd; he panics sometimes
  14. They didn't change the rules; it was def. close (why I said borderline); he has a right to the ball, but can't go through receiver; receiver cannot do it to DB either.
  15. nice play, but if that was smith last play instead of marshall that is a TD
  16. Sorry, you have a right for the ball, but you cannot go through the receiver or hit him until he touches the ball; he was too early - Simms hates the jets and shouldn't be allowed to call any jet games.
  17. perfect; 2 runs up the middle; marginal PI call, and then the quigley crappy punt... i smell trouble.
  18. That is a fair point; last week, we went for the TD (by going for it on 4th and 3) because we didn't want to send our punter out. If we are going to be more aggressive in offense, then great.
  19. I remember that game in Pittsburg were we kept missing field goals - this is somehow going to cost us I fear....
  20. Injuries can happen at any time, so it is hard to say, but this injury apparently happened during warm-ups. Do we think there is an issue with our conditioning program? or at least with the warm-up program?
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