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  1. Fitz mistake costs us 3; Defense held strong. Got to pass on 1st; try to get Ivory outside.
  2. He forced that in; when we get 0 on first and take a 5 yard penalty on 2nd; he panics sometimes
  3. They didn't change the rules; it was def. close (why I said borderline); he has a right to the ball, but can't go through receiver; receiver cannot do it to DB either.
  4. nice play, but if that was smith last play instead of marshall that is a TD
  5. Sorry, you have a right for the ball, but you cannot go through the receiver or hit him until he touches the ball; he was too early - Simms hates the jets and shouldn't be allowed to call any jet games.
  6. perfect; 2 runs up the middle; marginal PI call, and then the quigley crappy punt... i smell trouble.
  7. That is a fair point; last week, we went for the TD (by going for it on 4th and 3) because we didn't want to send our punter out. If we are going to be more aggressive in offense, then great.
  8. I remember that game in Pittsburg were we kept missing field goals - this is somehow going to cost us I fear....
  9. Injuries can happen at any time, so it is hard to say, but this injury apparently happened during warm-ups. Do we think there is an issue with our conditioning program? or at least with the warm-up program?
  10. This just shows what is going on. The CB not named Revis is going to get picked on. Has Cro played well, no, but Skrine didn't look any better yesterday. The CB covering the #2 CB is going to be the weak link. Williams looks good, but start him over the #2 and he will get beat too. Also, once the Jets stop showing the pressure and the QB has time they are going to hit someone... it is just the nature of the league. I would imagine if the Williams or anyone else was better than Cro - he would play. I would imagine Bowels knows the secondary and he likely knows more than us. The only 'hope' of someone stepping in IMO to cover the #2 is Milliner - once he gets up to speed. Also, Cro has an advantage over most of the other CBs with his height and speed.
  11. We are a good, but not great team. We don't have a lot of depth and it is hurting us. Also, we have a rookie HC and it shows sometimes (overall I am happy with the choice, but these are the things we need to deal with when having a rookie HC). With our schedule we should win 9-11 games depending on luck/injury. We have a good shot at the playoffs, but are unlikely to make a big push - but who knows. Either way, they are much more fun than that last few years and we see signs of a productive future. Only time will tell. Never thought we had a good shot at the division this year (unless Tom was suspended)
  12. That's supposed to be a slap in the face (pun intended). If he could do it again, not only would we get the 15 yards (total worth the trade), but it would help fix the active roster problem
  13. I was say yes (except his replacement) for pass blocking, but he is pretty stout on the run...
  14. The O-Line is missing 2 of its best 3 players, so no surprise that they are taking a hit - although we are leading the league (or we were) for fewest QB sacks. Also, our OC has decided to force the run even when teams are stacking the box; Fitz may not have a tremendous arm, but with what he has and our weapons, we should be throwing over the box and using the pass to open the run... As for the DL; we are leading the league against the run. And we are doing much better with turnovers. The fumble and the last INT was due to the pressure we have been putting on the QB. I think we are mostly struggling with a) injuries in the secondary and b) not keeping the ball more (and of half).
  15. Hmm. Did the defense look better when Cro was out with an injury? I get it, Cro sucks and everyone else is better. But, with Cro out, our D gave up a TD in less than a minute.
  16. Not sure what you guys want. The team still has plenty of holes on offense. We have a rookie HC without a franchise QB, a weak OL with 2 of the 3 best players out, an ineffective running game, a make shift secondary and having to change the game plan after loosing your FG kicker. The D got burned on a few plays, but came up big with 3 turnovers (the other was a gift). Our QB (called terrible by many here) played well with a bum hand. And, finally, we beat a team last week beat the Bills (who just embarrassed Miami). We are 5-3. Be happy
  17. rewatched game; williams got burned a few times too. Not sure why there wasn't safety help over the top on the Cro touchdown. Mostly, as our pass rush slows down, are DBs get exposed - just as you would expect.
  18. I don't know; team hasn't looked great. Colon and Mangold are needed; D seems soft, but ... ... Buffalo lost to the team we beat today. Buffalo won big and Rex isn't great after after a big win and hasn't won 2 in row often lately.
  19. The loss yesterday is NOT on Geno. It is also hard to step in from the #2 position without the reps and the practice even though it is the job of the #2. The defense let the team down and the offense isn't good enough to win with the injuries they have had even had Fitz not gotten hurt. That being said, I still think Geno is not now, nor is he going to be the Jets future. He will start as he is the best option. His problem isn't rust, or talent, or even talent around him. He is still making the same mistakes he always makes. His problem is mental, he takes bad sacks, doesn't throw the ball away, can't read defenses. He has a wealth of athletic talent, but the lights have not come on yet. Should the Jets trade away a ton of picks (or even 1) to get a starter who doesn't know the system and isn't likely to be better than Geno? No. Should they rush Petty in? No. Geno will start until Fitz is back. Hopefully we win at least half of the games so we can still be in the running. Maybe, he even surprises me and plays well, but I still think Geno isn't on this team next year.
  20. I am not suggesting that we trade for a QB (or not), but at this point, I think Wilkerson is a gone no matter what. If the two sides were close, they would have signed a deal already. Not sure what Wilkerson is looking for (that is a tribute to him to not air his dirty laundry), but you can't pay him Watt or Suh money. Take a look at Houston to understand why (even if he was as good as Watt - which I don't think he is). Hopefully, we will be able to trade Wilk. in the offseason and the Jets can get value, and he can get paid what he wants. With the contract we gave Revis, and with Sheldon needing to get paid next, I don't think we can afford to sign Wilkerson.
  21. I wouldn't say a lost season yet, but you don't sell out the future unless you are getting someone you think will truly be a franchise QB, or if you are a win now very close with an aging team (even then it isn't a good bet/risk). Bowels (and Mac for that matter) cannot mortgage the future unless they think the QB is the future; you do your best to win games with a back-up and hope for a quick return for Fitz. If the season becomes lost, you think about giving Petty some experience. I would say we could hold on until Fitz is ready, but we cannot do that unless the defense steps up; the last 5 quarters has not been good for the defense...
  22. I have a big problem with the OC today too. I know you want to run, I know you want balanced football, but the Raiders are great a stopping the run, but not so much with the pass; Of course having your QB going down and ... you know...
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