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  1. Can't replace too many players as you still need some depth.  Brick is too light IMO to play RT.

    For me, I keep 'Snacks' as he is cheap and you need a run stuffer; I would consider trading both Wilkerson and Richardson depending on what you can get and what is available in the draft.  In a 3-4; the OLBs are responsible for the sacks and covering in the flat; Wilkerson is great, but not a difference maker, Richardson is going to have suspension problems moving forward.

    OLB, OL and QB (if available and not sold on Petty) are indeed the top priorities.

  2. If you followed what BB did with the Browns he pulled fan favorite Bernie Kosar for Vinny.. BB went 5-11 with Bledsoe in 2000 I don't think he was that crazy about a QB that was there during the Tuna  regime who he was trying to get away from and be his own man..

    Wasn't criticizing BB, was just saying it is hard to pull a proven vet for a younger player.  It takes either a while, or for the team to be desperate.  Trying to be fair to Jets coaches; they deserve their fair share of criticism, but that critique IMO isn't fair.  Had we set the vets and played the youngsters more, you hear stuff like Devin dropped the pass, where is Kerley.

  3. Well some Pat fan friends of mine who watched Brady in camp in 2000-2001 said it was only a matter of time until he became a starter.. Mo just helped make that a bit sooner..

    Maybe so, but even the great BB wouldn't pull a struggling Bledsoe to put in the great Brady.  The point is that it is difficult to bench a veteran who has played well for a rookie/2nd year player (especially at QB); even when the veteran is struggling and the young player has looked good.  People always slammed Rex for playing veterans.  Now Bowles is accused of it.  It isn't easy to make that call (especially when the team is 4-2); so, let's not shoot the rookie HC for the same thing BB did.

    I would guess eventually BB would have pulled the switch, but who knows, he may have waited until the playoffs were out of reach.


    He looks and acts like a first grade soccer coach on the sidelines.


    Does he hand out 53 participation trophies at the end of every game?



    Not sure is the what Belly did for his years at Cleveland, or at NE before he lucked into Brady?

  5. Shocked that a first time HC with a team without a franchise QB and a lot of holes isn't dominating the league.  He should just go to Staples and get and push the easy button.

    I remember a few games when he clearly adjusted at half-time.  In fact, the 3rd Quarter has been some of the best of the Jets.  The QB and team isn't built to come back big from behind, so if the fall behind, they are hard pressed to catch up.

    As far as Kerley goes, it is the OC (whom you like) that had reduced his role, not Bowels.  Kerley is a good WR, and yes he wouldn't drop the long bomb like Devin did, but of course he isn't fast enough to get that open deep.

    You say he shouldn't play vets and give the youngster the chance, but then knock him for releasing Coples (most likely a Macc decision and a cap decision for next year).

    Bowels had made his share of mistakes, but we should def. fire him in the off season; this way over the next 5 years we can have 5 head coaches.  Actually, if we fired him 2 games ago, we can have 2 rookie HC every year and have the chance at 10 HC a year until we find the next Cowher (who btw took a century to win the SB and didn't do it until he had a real QB).

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  6. It is way too early to tell about our draft, but as I see it:

    #1 Williams - consensus pick - will hopefully be great; frees us to trade Wilkerson or Richardson in the offseason.

    #2 Smith - yeah his drops piss me off too. hopefully he can fix this, he is raw, but hopefully

    #3 Mauldin - Not a bad value pick for 3rd round; He plays hard - time will tell - I haven't seem much of him in coverage - at least he is faster than our other LBs

    #4 Petty - could be the future - if he pans out this is a great draft; way too early to tell

    #5 Harrison - practice squad - who knows how this will turn out

    #7 Simone - big question mark

    So, it looks okay, but not great, right?  But, let's not forget the trades...

    Stacey - okay, not impressed

    Posey - waste

    Marshall - starter and true #1 receiver - yes he has had the dropsies lately

    Fitzpatrick - starter - where would we be if Geno was out? playing Simms?

    When you include the trades you get our starting QB and starting #1 WR.  Add rotation from Williams (would be starter if not so deep at DL), Mauldin - who will probably start now that Coples is gone.  And you have

    3 starters, a rotational contributor (and someday hopefully great starter), and a WR who may someday start if he can get his head out of his a.. and it looks like a pretty damn good draft.  Again, too early to tell

  7. NFL should allow hopeless organizations to exercise some sort of an expansion option every 10-15 years or so.  They could cut bait on everyone (players and coaches alike) and start fresh.  We could use that right about now.

    There is actually no real problem getting rid of most players and coaches.  The problem is replacing them.  This is the reason I wasn't eager to get rid of Rex until the end (although I thought we kept Idzik about 3 years too long... ).  When Bowels came in I was reasonably happy.  Things have soured a bit, but I am hopeful that he turns it around.

    We can rid of many of the problems, but without being able to grab players from other teams (as in the old expansion days) or extra expansion draft picks, we are out of luck.  Just like we were out of luck the last few times we picked in the top 10 with no real QBs being available.  Hopefully Williams turns out to be a star, but a franchise QB is so hard to find...

  8. that's kind of my point. it should have never been allowed to get to this point. I can blame bowles for not seeing what a casual fan can see. I can blame mac for cutting an asset. sperm had made a point of an injury occurring and that would put the jets on the hook for money next year. but I am not buying it. either something happened that we don't know about yet, or the 2 newbz decided to make an ill advised statement.

    Sorry, but at this point, the jets are still loaded at DL and light at LB; also, he has lost the weight and isn't as productive at the line anymore.  You don't pay a guy 7 million to be okay.  You don't risk having to pay him next year.  He is like Geno - they inherited the problem and were unable to fix it.  Time to move on.  They weren't going to be able to trade him at that pice and would have released him anyway.


    This; it is what I meant a while back when Bowles said that the fight didn't effect their thoughts on Geno; we was done on this team long before.

    They will play Fitz until he is either hurt of we are eliminated from the playoffs; if he is ready, we will start Petty to see what he has (without the pressure of winning)

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  10. Here is a list of positions that are hard to fill especially when drafting in the middle of the draft: QB, LT.  i think we should draft OL and maybe another QB, but I would be surprised if we can land a starting LT where we are going to be drafting.  You will have to draft a guy that can become LT, so my guess is that Brick stays another year.  Plus consider the holes on this team other than QB and LT:

    OLB, other OL, TE (of Amaro isn't it), OL, DL (if wilkerson and sheldon are gone), OL, ultimate replacement for Marshall, OL...

    You get the idea :-)

  11. just not true. but it keeps getting repeated as fact. when playing d-line, he has shown something. when playing olb, he shows nothing. who's fault is this?

    Maybe, but at this point it is what it is;  Coples was stuck at LB for the same reason he was moved there; they have depth at DL, but not LB.  Once he lost the weight, he was no longer as strong at DL, so it became a trap.  You can't blame Coples, but you can't blame Mac (can't rebuild the whole team in one year) or Bowels.  It is what it is.

    Coples does have to bear responsibility for the taking plays off rap as well.

    Either way, we still have depth at DL, and Coples is too expensive to keep (playing this way at LB and at to have him put on weight again).  The trade deadline is over so we can't trade him; and with all of the free agent signings, we weren't going to get a compensator pick for him anyway.  Time to start cleaning house ...

  12. I understand why people are frustrated.  I am too; thought Mac and Bowels had a good start, was starting to believe that this was a 10-6 team.  But, they are what we thought they were going to be this year a 7-9/9-7 team.

    There are many ways to ruin a franchise.  Draft poorly.  Don't get a franchise QB.  There are also ways to fix a franchise.  Changing FO/HC every year or so fits into the first category and not the second.  Also, knee jerk reactions to every bad game / loosing streak is another one.  A GM and/or HC normally deserves at least 2 years to see what they can do (if not more).  Maybe Mac is a mistake, maybe Bowles too, but name a quality GM/HC that is going to come to a team with no franchise QB, without the #1 pick in the draft and that has changed the FO twice in two years?

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