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  1. The playoff game and Doug Brien?  I still blame Herm for that for laying down after we kept steamrolling down the field and being content with trying 43-48 yarders.

    That is a fair point; last week, we went for the TD (by going for it on 4th and 3) because we didn't want to send our punter out.  If we are going to be more aggressive in offense, then great.

  2. Buster Skrine has allowed opposing QB rating of at least 109 each of last 3 weeks after 5 straight of 86 or under. Injuries a factor.

    This just shows what is going on.  The CB not named Revis is going to get picked on.  Has Cro played well, no, but Skrine didn't look any better yesterday.  The CB covering the #2 CB is going to be the weak link.  Williams looks good, but start him over the #2 and he will get beat too.  Also, once the Jets stop showing the pressure and the QB has time they are going to hit someone... it is just the nature of the league.

    I would imagine if the Williams or anyone else was better than Cro - he would play.  I would imagine Bowels knows the secondary and he likely knows more than us.  The only 'hope' of someone stepping in IMO to cover the #2 is Milliner - once he gets up to speed.

    Also, Cro has an advantage over most of the other CBs with his height and speed.

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  3. We are a good, but not great team.  We don't have a lot of depth and it is hurting us.  Also, we have a rookie HC and it shows sometimes (overall I am happy with the choice, but these are the things we need to deal with when having a rookie HC).  With our schedule we should win 9-11 games depending on luck/injury.  We have a good shot at the playoffs, but are unlikely to make a big push - but who knows.

    Either way, they are much more fun than that last few years and we see signs of a productive future.  Only time will tell.  Never thought we had a good shot at the division this year (unless Tom was suspended)

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  4. The O-Line is missing 2 of its best 3 players, so no surprise that they are taking a hit - although we are leading the league (or we were) for fewest QB sacks.  Also, our OC has decided to force the run even when teams are stacking the box; Fitz may not have a tremendous arm, but with what he has and our weapons, we should be throwing over the box and using the pass to open the run...

    As for the DL; we are leading the league against the run.  And we are doing much better with turnovers.  The fumble and the last INT was due to the pressure we have been putting on the QB.

    I think we are mostly struggling with a) injuries in the secondary and b) not keeping the ball more (and of half).

  5. Why are the fans on this site ahead of our coaching staff? A lot of people were saying start Mauldin over Coples & bench Cromartie. I still can't believe Bowles has continued to trot Cro out there as a starter, like I've said many times before this isn't rocket science. 7 million for Cro? Don't let the door hit you in the azz on the way out, so weird that most Jet fans thought he was done but Bowles didn't. He needs to start making better decisions going forward.

    Hmm.  Did the defense look better when Cro was out with an injury?  I get it, Cro sucks and everyone else is better.  But, with Cro out, our D gave up a TD in less than a minute.

  6. Not sure what you guys want.  The team still has plenty of holes on offense.  We have a rookie HC without a franchise QB, a weak OL with 2 of the 3 best players out, an ineffective running game, a make shift secondary and having to change the game plan after loosing your FG kicker.  The D got burned on a few plays, but came up big with 3 turnovers (the other was a gift).  Our QB (called terrible by many here) played well with a bum hand.  And, finally, we beat a team last week beat the Bills (who just embarrassed Miami).

    We are 5-3.  Be happy :-)

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  7. The loss yesterday is NOT on Geno.  It is also hard to step in from the #2 position without the reps and the practice even though it is the job of the #2.  The defense let the team down and the offense isn't good enough to win with the injuries they have had even had Fitz not gotten hurt.

    That being said, I still think Geno is not now, nor is he going to be the Jets future.  He will start as he is the best option.  His problem isn't rust, or talent, or even talent around him.  He is still making the same mistakes he always makes.  His problem is mental, he takes bad sacks, doesn't throw the ball away, can't read defenses.  He has a wealth of athletic talent, but the lights have not come on yet.

    Should the Jets trade away a ton of picks (or even 1) to get a starter who doesn't know the system and isn't likely to be better than Geno? No.  Should they rush Petty in? No.  Geno will start until Fitz is back.  Hopefully we win at least half of the games so we can still be in the running.  Maybe, he even surprises me and plays well, but I still think Geno isn't on this team next year.  

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  8. People who want Stafford and Brees would have to understand that you are waiving bye to Wilkerson. I have not seen enough of out Williams to think he can hold the fort with Sheldon. Also sheldon is one puff away from a year long suspension and will be suspended at the start of the next season for atleast 6 games.

    Our D-line would go from Wilkerson Sheldon and Williams to just Williams to start next season. That scares the living bajesus out of me.

    I am not suggesting that we trade for a QB (or not), but at this point, I think Wilkerson is a gone no matter what.  If the two sides were close, they would have signed a deal already. Not sure what Wilkerson is looking for (that is a tribute to him to not air his dirty laundry), but you can't pay him Watt or Suh money.  Take a look at Houston to understand why (even if he was as good as Watt - which I don't think he is).

    Hopefully, we will be able to trade Wilk. in the offseason and the Jets can get value, and he can get paid what he wants.  With the contract we gave Revis, and with Sheldon needing to get paid next, I don't think we can afford to sign Wilkerson.

  9. Same old Jets would sell future assets to go 7-9 instead of 6-10.

    If you want to be a SOJ, by all means, demand they trade next years #1 and/or #2 for Metzensh*ts, Capersh*tz or Glenonsh*tz.  

    None will be a franchise QB, all would be gone in a year or two and do nothing to salvage 2016.

    But hey, at least we'd get to draft 17 instead of 15, right?

    I wouldn't say a lost season yet, but you don't sell out the future unless you are getting someone you think will truly be a franchise QB, or if you are a win now very close with an aging team (even then it isn't a good bet/risk).  Bowels (and Mac for that matter) cannot mortgage the future unless they think the QB is the future; you do your best to win games with a back-up and hope for a quick return for Fitz.  If the season becomes lost, you think about giving Petty some experience.

    I would say we could hold on until Fitz is ready, but we cannot do that unless the defense steps up; the last 5 quarters has not been good for the defense...

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  10. I have a big problem with the OC today too.  I know you want to run, I know you want balanced football, but the Raiders are great a stopping the run, but not so much with the pass; Of course having your QB going down and ... you know...


  11. Only Jets fans are dumb enough to look at today's game and think the problem is that the coach doesn't yell enough.

    We called Pryor a bust after 2 games, why not call the coach a bust after 7?  I was very disappointed in the team and especially the defense this week, but one week doesn't make a season.  Can we wait until the end of the year to find a new coach?  He needs to prepare this team better.  He needs to do a better job, but let's give him a season to see how things work (at least one).  Really good teams don't change FO/coaches every year; consistency is the most important.

    A team is never as good as their last win, and never as bad as their last loss.  Either way, not sure it is time for another coach.

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  12. Fitzpatrick lost his center, had a key drop from Marshall, and faced the same Pats D.  Yet you still have people ripping on Fitz and defending Tannehill in this thread after a 36-7 loss. 

    Clearly Fitz and the Jets are playing pretty well on offense.   A lot better than we are used to seeing lately.  I think Miami isn't very good, they clearly got beat badly last not.  I think Tannehill is a middle of the road QB playing on a very dysfunctional team.  If we had a long term, middle of the road, QB we would be perennial contenders (maybe it would be easier to move to another division than find a QB).

  13. He's playing on a team that isn't very good?  

    Please Jets fans, read the above bold?  Remove the name Tannehill, insert the name Sanchez or Geno and ask yourself, have you heard this story before?

    Tannehill: Landry, Jennings, Stills, Parker, Clay, and Miller

    Geno: Stephen Hill, Santonio Holmes, Kerley, Jeff Cumberland, Davis Nelson, and Ivory

    Sanchez: Plaxico, Holmes, Hill, Kerley, Keller, and LT

    Ummmmm, excuses much?  Tannehill sucks, he has stacked talent around him, and he still sucks.  Period.  Did you not watch the jets vs Miami?  Hey, pretty sure the Phins bandwagon has room, feel free to join!


    Just because you have Landry and Wake doesn't make you a great team?  Look at the defense on Houston; Watt, etc.  It is how the team plays together (team sport), how balanced they are, etc.  This team (except for the previous 2 weeks) was a dysfunctional as they come.  Just because they have great players doesn't mean they are good.  All  a great defense has to do is shut down Landry; score enough points to put Tanehill behind, and ...

    Yes I watched the Jets/Miami game.  We beat them; we beat their offense, we beat their defense.  It wasn't close IMO; therefore, not a good TEAM.

    As far as Tanehill; on this board players are either the best that has ever been or hot garbage.  Nothing in between.  He is a middle of the road QB.  Way better than Geno; he has more more maturity (ok not much).  They ran for like 14 yards in the first 3 quarters last night.  Is that Tanehill's fault? It is like the Jets loss to the Pats - it is always the QBs fault.

    You put him on a balanced team or better and he will be a middle of the pack QB; Not sure why you are so emotionally vested in Tennehill; put it this way, can you think of 10 QBs in the league who are worse than him? I can.  Middle of the pack doesn't mean great, it means better then almost half.

  14. I still think Tannehill is pretty good.  He is playing on a team that isn't very good.  Even if the new coaching staff is good, they are playing catch up and the offense isn't right.  I think they also started to read their own press and were cocky.  Also, Bowels who has had an entire offseason to prepare to coach and a full week to prepare for the Pats was out coached, can't imagine how hard it was on the new coaching staff to go against BB and Brady on a short week.

    Either way, I would be happy if Tannehill was the Jets QB (as long as we didn't overpay for him the way the dolphfins did).  He is a middle of the road (12-16 in the league) with a pretty strong arm.  He needs to settle down and make the next step, but the pressure is on with his new deal.

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  15. Not taking anything away from Lewis, but if we had a passing game that was unstoppable, teams would stop stacking the box against us and spread out.  That would open lanes.  Again, Lewis looks great.  But if he was on the Jets (or another team that has a worse passing game) it would be completely different.  The Jets use the run to set up the pass, the Pats throw the ball and occasionally run.  Big difference.

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