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  1. The fins are a game behind us and are currently 0-2 in the division.  If we can't beat them in NY and we can't win enough games (especially considering who we play) to be ahead of them for the wildcard race, then not only do we not deserve to go to the playoffs, but we will certainly not do well even if we get there.

    Because of that and how much I hate the Pats, you have to root for the phins, or a tie...

    I don't think Miami wins tonight, I don't think the Jets can take the division, but you have to play for it.  Root for the Pats to loose every week until they start loosing...

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  2. It seems to me that if the NFL wanted to encourage in season trades, it should move the deadline out at least 2-3 weeks.  At this point, there are very few teams that are really 'out' of the running for a playoff spot, but come the end of November, the reality for many teams will become more evident.

  3. It comes down to a few things in my mind:

    1. Bowels got out coached (it is going to happen esp. when playing against BB)

    2. It is hard to hold an offense down a whole game in this league especially with Brady at QB

    3. Pryor and Skrine getting hurt

    4. Defense getting gassed (the Offense has to do better in 4th Q as well)

  4. So where is Mallet taking his talents to?  3rd string on the Cheaters' depth chart.

    Say what you will about the Cheaters, but you don't show up late or miss flights.  It just isn't allowed.  A team with TB and a decent backup isn't going to set a bad example with this guy (-even though you were probably just joking).

  5. This is all a moot point.  The team is 4-2; They are favorites to win next week and are likely to win 4 out of the next 5 games AND your QB isn't loosing the games for you (regardless of what people say about his arm strength).  You just don't change QBs at this point.

    Even the great BB didn't bench a struggling Drew Bledsoe and he actually had a future HOF QB on the bench.  It just isn't going to happen.  The only way Geno sees the field this year is if Fitz gets hurt, the team does a nose dive (particularly Fitz's play) or in garbage time.  You may think that Fitz is the worst QB ever; you may think that Geno is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  It doesn't matter.  While he is healthy and the Jets are winning Fitz is the QB.

  6. As the OP on this thread, I watched that entire game yesterday and came away impressed with the Raiders. For only his 2nd year, Carr is impressive (as a Jets fan I'm damn jealous) and Cooper is stud in the making.


    That said, the Jets historically struggles out there and this may be the toughest game remaining on their schedule, including Patriots at home. **A bold prediction...win this game and the Jets could go 14-2.

    This is no Gimmie and it would be great to have someone like Carr as our QB; but Luck is no slouch, and Tannehill lit it up this weekend.  The Jets defense held NE to 16 points (even after giving them the ball in the red zone) for 48 minutes.  I know the game is 60 minutes, but Brady and the Pats offense is probably the best offense in the league.  I think we can hold Carr to under 20 especially if our balanced offense can hold the ball in the 4th Qtr.  This is the NFL, anything can happen on any weekend, but I like our odds.

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  7. Geno has the stronger arm and is more athletic and is younger; no body is arguing it.

    He also doesn't read defenses well, holds the ball too long, takes big sacks and has lost the locker room (if he ever had it).  If all you needed was a strong arm, Jamarcus Russel would be in the HOF now.

    Maybe he can turn it around, maybe not.

    Meanwhile the Jets have been winning with Fitz.  You don't 'take a chance' with Geno or the rest of the season because Fitz scored 23 points against the Pats and the defense could not hold.  Sure, the 3 and outs help tire the defense, but if every team changed QBs when the Pats beat them, Rothesberger and Luck would be available for trade.

    I don't think it is time for the fire Bowels, fire Macc and bench Fitz signs quite yet.

  8. I didnt mean you, I read the article and in the first sentence it states how the Jets wont win the AFC east.....WITH 10 GAMES LEFT! lol. 

    The lack of faith with what we've seen from this team is just ridiculous...criticisms and all. The Jets are good enough to win 8 to 9 of the games they have left on the schedule. Winning 12 or 13 games in the season most definitely gives you the opportunity to win the division, especially with the Jets being good enough to beat the Pats. They didnt wipe the floor with us. 

    People will talk about the 10 drops the Pats had yesterday...okay. I see Cumberland drop a TD as well as Marshall, so instead of having 14 points we had 6 yet lost by 7. Those two plays right there could have done just as much for us as those 10 drops would have done for the Pats. 


    I just dont understand how people are just giving this division to the Patriots yet get all upset when the media does it. 

    It is frustrating, but the media loves the Pats.  After all, if you were to only listen to the game you would think the Jets couldn't do anything right and the Pats were winning by 100.  At this point, unless the Pats fall from the sky, I think it is difficult to win the Division.  That being said, I can tell you that neither Bowels or the rest of the Jets seem willing to yield the division and that is all that matters.

  9. we have double digit weeks left and Jet fans already believe that we cant win the division. I hope the Jets players dont feel the same. 

    Anything can happen in a season and the jets are playing good football.  They seem prepared and they play hard.  I didn't say we couldn't win the division, I said that with the Pats playing lights out, it wasn't a reasonable expectation.  We are 4-2 and Pats are 6-0; even if we beat them next time and win ALL of our remaining games, the Pats would still need to loose at least one more to a very easy schedule.  The Pats have been playing the same system for ever and have a HOF QB.  Can we win the division this year - Absolutely, is it likely to happen or is it a reasonable expectation - I think no.

  10. The Pats are playing lights out, and we have a rookie HC a new offense, new defense, new and rookie players and we don't have an HOF QB.  We were never in serious contention for the division.  Was I hoping for a win - Absolutely; could the Jets have beaten the Pats - Absolutely.  At the end of last season, we were a joke and nobody thought we would do anything this year; same jokes came out when IK punched out Geno.

    The truth is we have a reasonable shot at the playoffs.  We have to keep getting the wins and growing as a team.  It sucks to loose to the Pats when we were so close to a win, but the Jets are still playing above expectations.  If we can get into the playoffs that would be great.  If we continue to get better, maybe we can make some noise too.  Right now, the team just needs to focus on wins; the schedule and the standings will take care of themselves.

    This team is way better than most thought it would be.  Loosing to maybe the best team in football (or at least in the AFC) sucks, but it isn't the end of the world right now.  This team is going to win a bunch more games this year (assuming we don't get killed with injuries) - let's sit back and enjoy the ride.

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  11. they are young so it's possible, but they have a dynamic young QB/WR tandem that can put up points in a flash and a defense that defends the pass pretty well. They have problems defending TE though so I'd like to see Cumberland more involved 

    Defense is 3rd against the run, but 32nd against the pass; these numbers aren't all important, but 32nd is pretty bad.  Kind of like when we were like 28th against the pass; yeah, we stopped the run, but basically because people just threw against us.  

  12. I am not sure what some fans want.  Do they expect that Geno will win it all for us?  Do they think the Petty is ready?  It is not like we are sitting a HOF QB for him to play?  What do they expect the Jets to do?  Call Goodell and have him force GB to trade rodgers to us for Geno and a hand full of magic beans?  Should we just give up as we can't win it all with Fitz?  Just refuse to play for the rest of the season in hopes that Andrew luck re-enters the draft?

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  13. Jets are #17 in the passing game; it is about as good as you would expect with Fitz.  The offense actually looked pretty good in spots today.  They seem to be getting better.  No INTs today, didn't take any huge sacks.  D needs to step up.

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  14. He is not blaming Fitzpatrick.....

    Why is it that you cannot criticize a player on this team that deserves it?  Fitzpatrick plays his heart out, is a great teammate, and is a smart guy.  But that does not mean he is good enough to lead a team.  He is the perfect example of a great back-up QB.  What is the shame in that, considering where he was drafted?  But this guy is just not going to carry a team.  We all knew this.....why now is there such blind allegiance to this guy? 

    Nobody is calling Fitz the next Brady.  He is what he is.  And, at this point it is not likely we have Brady or Rodgers sitting on the bench.  Sure, criticize a player, that is fine, but today, with all of the blame to go around, not sure why you targeting Fitz.  It is like saying the band on the Titanic could have done better :-)

    IMO we were out coached.  BB has been doing this for a decade, not surprising he had the upper hand on Bowels.

    If you are going to blame anyone other than coaching, you have to blame the #1 defense.  If they had held on either of the last 2 TDs and forced a turn over or held to a FG we might be rejoicing now.

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  15. I actually agree with the decision to not call timeout; if they had, they would have run out of time; the D has to make the stop in order to call it; had Mangold not gotten hurt (clearly not blaming him), we would have had an extra timeout.

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  16. Fitzpatrick is a good enough QB good enough to get us by he cant and won't win the big game proof was today its the story of his entire career. 

    Sorry, again, not sure you blame Fitz for this loss... plenty of blame to go around, but not so much for Fitz today.

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  17. Yeah, if we had Brady or Rodgers we probably win today.  But there are only a handful of these QBs out there (if that many).  Every other QB has strengths and weaknesses; except for the fumble, you can't really blame Fitz for the loss.  You can blame the OL; the D (they seemed to get too conservative in the end of the 4th quarter; blame coaching, Marshall for the drop, etc.

    Yeah, if we had a strong armed QB maybe we don't have to throw in the middle of the field with 30 seconds left.  But, the Patriots constantly beat QBs with strong arms.  Fitz played smart and tough - he plays with a lot of heart.  Not sure most other 'average' QBs with a great arm (so probably not as savy) do any better.

    I expect the Jets to finish better than .500, so I doubt the next Rodgers is waiting for us next year.  So, unless Petty turns out to be our Brady, we have to find a way to win with an average QB.

    Jets should have won today.  A couple of plays here or there; different calls - we may be talking about a win; we will regroup and hopefully learn

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  18. Personally, I think the defense let us down; they are by far the best unit on the field; That being said, we played tough against arguably the best team in football early in the season with a rookie head coach in Gillette.  We should have come away with the win, but this team never quit - Bowels played it pretty smart; they adjusted better at half than we did.

    Hopefully week 16 will come out differently.  The team is still looking pretty good; Gailey shook things up with his play calling; Fitz played pretty well.

    We need to regroup and continue to pile up the wins and get better.

  19. He had a couple of catches against the Eagles and then got a concussion.  That was the only game where he was targeted.  He missed the Dolphins game and I think they worked him in kind of slow last week.  Gailey seems to have very game specific plans.  A guy like Cumberland may have a big part one week and nothing the next.  He may be one of the guys that has to pick up the slack for H-Back/WR Enunwa.

    What? Planning for your opponent.  No that won't do.  You are supposed to pound your chest and tell everyone you're the best and they cower; then you play the game you want stick stubbornly with your approach.  Right? Planning? Preparing? You are just talking crazy now.

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  20. The source of the pats success is often slapped right to Belli and Brady as the big duo and that certainly is a pretty big factor.  The main reason for their dominance?  Especially in this division?  Turnover ratio.  The difference in turnover ratio in the afc east over about the last 10 years is nothing short of mind boggling.

    its almost like they are using a different (or differently inflated) football than anyone else :-)

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