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  1. The top 2 teams in the AFC East are playing their first game against each other; both teams are ranked in the top 10; one team seams to be running over most teams; and the teams don't like each other (a good rivalry).  For the players and coaches it is just game 6; for the fans (of both teams and the nfl) this is a quite interesting match up - plenty of hype to go around.  It is way more interesting than... bills vs. jaguars, bucaneers vs. redskins, falcons vs. titans, browns vs. rams, etc.

  2. No problem with the suspension just the timing of it. When the whole deflategate broke out the NFL dragged its feet to avoid any potential SB suspensions for the Golden Boys. Then when it looked like the investigation might drag into this season the NFL the NFLPA and the corrupt judges made it a priority to have it settled before the start of the season.

    Now the Jets are going into Gilette and they drop a suspenion on one of our players - coincidence I think not !!

    The difference here is that he didn't 'fight' it; they negotiated the decision.  Maybe he should have fought it (but they announced the policy before he was arrested - so he cannot claim that); anyway, I tribute the timing of the decision as to it too that long to agree to the compromise.  I hate the Pats as much as anyone and think they always get the breaks (lucky or otherwise), but I think this is just what it is; once the charges were dropped, the process started - it probably just too so long to work through the system.

  3. 49-19, 45-3, 37-16 and 31-14 were all scores of losses to the Pats during Rex's reign.

    Way to cherry pick :-) - Ryan was there 6 years, which would mean 12 games (plus the playoff game); last 4 games played were:

    13-10 NE

    30-27 NYJ (OT)

    27-25 NE

    17-16 NE

    (last 2 decided by missed/blocked FGs)....

    4 games, won by 9 points... 

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  4. No way in hell he is allowed to play vs the Pats. Just like the Enunwa suspension comin now, Skrine won't be allowed to play this week, and don't be shocked if the Richardson suspension comes this week too...

    Richardson suspension won't happen while the legal process is still going.  That is why Enuwa's suspension didn't happen until now.  Also, they need to give the player and the team enough notice; they won't suspend one player today, and another a day or two later.  Also, Richardson can always appeal the suspension and then appeal in court (if he wants to); finally, the NFL has already ruled that they were not going to suspend another player for a similar traffic issue, so even if they decided to suspend Richardson, he would win the appeal.  So, he is going to have to fail another drug test or do something else for  a suspension.

  5. I think it is even more dramatic in the 3rd Q; This is exactly what it should be, we start kicking butt in the 3rd Q, but in the fourth we have been in the lead, switching to mostly running the football, and often the other team is having to go for it on 4th.  It is actually nice to see other teams get 'desperate' in the fourth against us as we are dominating; unlike in the past when people would go for it on 4th in the 1st half as they didn't respect us.

    I love the way we adjust and come out strong in the 2nd half.  It would be nice, however, to start out strong like in the Miami game.  This team actually can play out the 4th strong even if they start strong...

  6. Nope, this is Ivory's last big chance at paydirt.  He's going to go where the money is, no matter if it's a little or a lot bigger.  He's not a HOF caliber guy, so it's not like he has to go somewhere that gives him the best chance to amass those final numbers to put him over the edge.  And Frankly if he goes somewhere that lightens his load he will probably last a couple more years and get paid a little more.  We can't count on the idea that we'll get a hometown discount for the guy. 

    Not counting on a huge discount, but ever interview he comes across as a guy that just wants to play and get as many snaps as possible.  He doesn't even like to get pulled in the 4th Q; I seem to remember he wasn't happy when he wasn't the featured back and felt he needed a lot of touches per game to be effective.  I am not saying that he loves the Jets and Bowles and will stay no matter what; he just seems like a guy that is more worried about playing hard, playing well, and having fun; less of the 'I am the best and need the biggest contract possible'.  I could be wrong, but I hope not.

  7. Different is all. I think Forsett took the best offer he could get. Ivory would be more in demand. Heading into the season I don't know how many predicted a repeat of that many touches. Seems the money he got said they thought he wasn't likely to start for much longer before fading into "RBBC / 3rd down back / spot starter" territory. Ivory, barring injury, will still be seen as a starter for potentially 3 more seasons - at age 28, 29, 30 - if he can learn to get out of bounds now & then, and not absorb literally every hit he possibly can. It was Forsett's first and only year as lead back. At a position like RB I think teams want to see it more than once, or want to see it for the first time before it's 30 year old RB contract time. 

    Ivory will cost more. Don't think he'll be near $14M/year territory, but he'll be north of 3 years $9M. If nothing else, he'll be 2 years younger than Forsett was at FA time. In GMs' minds, that's 2 more years he'll be an under-30 RB. 

    Whatever. He's having a killer season now and the team's 4-1. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

    I think Ivory will be in more of a demand, but the Jets are a perfect fit for him; Because of our dependency on the run (and the way he runs angry) we will give him the rock more often.  Also, for a team without a top notch QB (what you need to be given the rock early), we have a decent chance of being pretty good over the next few years.  So, as a RB, you are likely to go to a team that will let you run a lot, have a strong OL, and an otherwise pretty good team.  Sure if someone offers 30% more money he might jump for it, but I think Ivory will want to go where he has the best chance to run a lot.  He saw what life was like on a team that didn't power run and rotated backs more, and I don't think he liked it that much.  Hopefully, this means we can sign him to a reasonable extension.

  8. This is fine; this is exactly how you are supposed to ease a raw 2nd round WR.  You build through the draft, but you sign/trade for need.  Because of this, we have Decker and Marshall, Smith doesn't have to have all of the pressure on him.  Let him disappear.  He is getting some good experience and should be contributing better later on in the year and next year.

    Not comparing the two, but one of the problems the last time we drafted a raw receiver in the 2nd, we had to rush him into the line up.  He took some shots early, some key drops and never developed.  Not saying he would have been any different, but this is how you want to ease a young WR into the mix.

  9. I would love for the Jets to win, but I think the Pats are just too good at this point.  Maybe we can slow them down a lot with our D, but even their weak defense will likely be able to slow us down; if the game gets away, we will not be able to come back.  Just my opinion.

    Ryan, somehow, always kept the Pats close (except for the one bad game); I hope Bowles has it in them.  If the D is really charged and starts out strong like Dallas did, and we can control the clock - maybe; it would be f'n great and line us up for a chance for the division if not a playoff spot, but I don't think it will happen.

  10. so you don't think losing McCoy, Watkins and now their starting QB is a big deal?  the D has really only played poorly in the NE game. 

    It is a huge deal for the Bills, like loosing Decker and Ivory was a huge deal for us.  The difference is that offense wasn't what let him down against NE.  Had the Pats lost Brady and Gronk it would hurt as well.  Some bad luck, some letting your QB do too much and over-feeding the running machine.

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  11. IMO the only way the jets keep Coples is if we trade Mo and Shelden gets suspended for the season (for next PED - let's hope not).  Otherwise, he will want too much money to play OLB and he isn't great at it except for setting the edge.  We are too crowded at DL with better 3-4 players.  My guess he is left to walk (unless by some miracle we can trade him).

    He may play great on a 4-3 defense on some other team, but that isn't a hit against the current regime as he wouldn't be able to do that here much.

  12. If you are MO, you don't want to sit, so I understand not telling anyone, but had he told the team and was still willing to work through the pain (not a concussion after all), the team could have started treatment, and he could have looked like the warrior he is by playing hurt (win win)

  13. This just goes to show you how lucky Bob Kraft & BB have it with Brady! Guy always gives a discount & they continue to win the division, it's becoming redundantly ridiculous!

    Pats are always so damn lucky.  In the beginning of the season, this looked like a sure fire loss with Brady on suspension; but when the game is played, not only is Brady there, but Dallas' best to offensive players (Romo and Dez) are out.  You can't get any luckier than that  :D

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  14. I think when you look around the league.  The better teams - the ones making a case as a legitimate contender...have offenses that can put up big numbers.

    Unfortunately the Jets aren't one of them....They're not a bad team and rhere are a whole lot of bad teams in the NFL, so the Jets may very well get a wildcard, but without an offense capable of being explosive (even on occasion) they're not much of a threat to challenge for a super bowl...

    While I agree with that in principal (I stated earlier that we struggle against teams with a good Defense) at this point making into the playoffs would be a big plus.  Not to mention that we went to the AFC Championship game twice with just an average offense (although Sanchez probably had a stronger arm).  At this point we are likely out of the running for the #1 pick and possibly out of a top 5 pick.  So, a playoff 'run' would be good for several reasons:

    1. It give the team (which has a lot of youth) some playoff experience - this is especially important as I see some veterans being replaced next year (Pace, Colon, etc)

    2. If the team has success, it feeds the team buying into Bowles system (or continues to feed)

    3. If we do need to bring in some veterans, having a playoff caliber team, or a playoff contender would help land them.

    Since we aren't likely to finish with 6 wins or less (I hope not), just getting into the playoffs can really help the team mature and grow.

  15. I am happy as anyone that this team is as good as it is.  We can compete well with teams with a good offense; we will struggle, however, against teams with a good defense.  In addition to not looking past this weekend, I wouldn't look past the Bills either.  I believe our D is better (secondary and scheme), but there D is stout and our offense is going to struggle; hopefully our D gets us past, but I wouldn't count them as 'easy'.

    The Pats and the Bills are 4 games; I think we need to take 2 of them to contend for the playoffs.  Also, some of the teams that have struggled are likely going to right the ship; so I wouldn't count on 9 & 7 taking the wild card.

  16. Bowles will do WHATEVER IT TAKES! He's much more creative than Rex in the sense he'll go 3 safeties depending on the opponent. But the biggest difference is the coaching (teaching). Rex has been fortunate to have been the DC on one of the most talented defenses in the HISTORY of the sport the Baltimore Ravens! Then he goes to the Jets who have Revis, Cromartie, Shaun Ellis & Harris in their prime & Tanny brings in Bart Scott & a bunch of bit players for him.

    Now he's in Buffalo, a team that has an excellent Dline. Rex has been very fortunate. The years when he was asked to incorporate younger players into his scheme it was a huge failure. Honestly I don't remember a team that surrendered more 3rd &  longs & I've been watching football a long time. I think Bowles could "build a defense" given time, I think Rex has always been GIVEN a defense to work with, that's a big difference. 

    I agree that Rex has not shown the ability to 'teach up' many youngsters, but he seemed very well suited for getting veterans to play hard for him.  Cromartie wasn't on the team when he got there, however.  I think we grabbed him in the offseason after we beat San Dieago in the post season.

    Here is also another observation; I think under Ryan (and staff) they were never able to get Cro. to jam at the line; he seems to be doing that better now (or it looks that way from the few shots we see of him on the line).

    Pryor also looks better, but it is hard to tell how much is it the he is playing in a more natural position, how much is because he has a year of experience, and how much is due to the new coaches.

  17. They are very similar systems.  Both are primarily 1-gap, attacking fronts with a lot of man-to-man on the back end.  Both play more 3-4 than 4-3 but go hybrid a lot.  Both blitz, a lot.  It's why Bowles was the perfect hire, because he already had the perfect front 7 to execute his scheme.  Maccagnan fixed the back-end and now the entire defense is perfect for the system.

    I'm not gonna sit here and bash Rex's D, because overall he's still a great defensive coach and in 2009/2010 got to the AFCCG with Mark Sanchez.  The 2010 divisional playoff win at New England was the single greatest defensive game plan I've ever seen

    However, one thing cannot be denied:  Rex's D always had a tendency to give up the big score before halftime and the end of the 4th quarter  Bowles, on the other hand, has not let this happen yet.  The D has been solid before halftime and end of the game.

    I also think Bowles is a little more creative in the secondary.  Whereas Rex played mostly man-to-man, Bowles can also mix in the hybrid "matchup zone" which makes QBs think its a zone blitz until the ball comes out and DBs match up with a receiver man-to-man.  This really fools QBs.


    Great post

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  18. It is a good point, I'm not taking anything away from it.  It's just hard to compare because I think Revis makes a huge difference on any defense.  Even last year, Bowles had a better secondary than Ryan right now with Peterson/Cro/Honey Badger.   What I do like about Bowles is that, his system seems much better at adapting to his personnel, where Ryan basically stuck with one plan and that was it.  It also didn't help that Ryan held too much loyalty towards players, which caused players to go unpunished for mistakes and not learn.  

    Yeah, it is a bit early to track this stuff anyway.  It will be interesting to see what the numbers show over the next few years if they are still both coaching.  I don't know if the D back when Ryan first got here was as dominant, but Revis was.  I give credit to Ryan for isolating Revis and letting the rest of the secondary to cover the other half of the field.  He created a blueprint that Tampa failed to leverage.  Either way, I thought the stats backed what I perceived in to be the difference in schemes/styles/attitudes.

    Either way, I love to watch this defense play.  It is really fun to watch them shut down the other team.  In today's NFL, it is nice to see something other than an unstoppable offense.

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