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  1. These comparisons are absolutely useless. Can anyone here just enjoy the fact we are playing really well and we are 8 points away from being undefeated???

    who cares about these comparisons of stats, coaches, blitzing philosophies..... 


    no one cares....

    I am enjoying the wins very much.  Just because we talk about something, doesn't mean we aren't enjoying the wins or the team.

    Nothing we discuss here effects the games, so whether you are enjoying the team or not, the whole point to this website is to talk about the team.  Next time I will make sure that I check with you before posting to make sure it is rah rah or interesting enough...

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  2. I think it's hard to compare with factoring in rosters.

    We had good defenses when Rex had the cornerbacks, and in this league we need cornerbacks badly.  In terms of efficency according to Football Outsiders, we had the No. 1 overall defense in 2009 (with No. 1 overall against the pass) and top 5 overall in 2010.  In 2011, we were No. 2 overall with being No. 2 in pass defense.  Obviously, the next year Revis got hurt and we went down the drain.  

    I think it's more players than scheme, because if you don't have the players, no matter what exotic blitz or play you draw one, someone is going to beat your guy one on one and beat you.  Rex's Achilles heel is simple, he needs someone in the backfield that is deathly scary to CBs.  In Baltimore, he had Reed, in NY he had Revis.  If he can take away one guy on a play, he's excellent at game planning for the others.   When the CBs go away, then the advantage disappears and his blitzes are costly.  

    Don't get me wrong, Bowles has been great, but lets not forget Ryan had a 3 year run here that rivals some of the best defensive runs from any team.  He fell off the last few years, and so did the roster, but those first three years, the defense was special.  This year looks special too, but it shouldn't negate the first three Ryan years.  

    It is true, the rosters are different, but I think you can still have a discussion about the differences in philosophies; Ryan has a similarly talented team (maybe not as good), but it still kicking it against the Run and hurting against the pass (and points); where Bowels last year still had an aggressive defense without Revis, et. al.  I just thought it was an interesting point about the statistics.

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  3. I don't want to start another Rex thread, but I thought it is interesting to contrast this year's defense vs. the defenses Rex used to field.

    I realize that we are only 4 game into the season, and that the secondary has been drastically upgraded, but at one point Ryan had younger Revis and Cro.  Either way, some interesting points.

    The Jets defenses were good, often in the top 5 under Ryan, but a closer look at the numbers shows a different story.  The Jets are currently ranked 3rd, but look where the yards are.  They are 2 in passing and and 12th against the run.  In the past, we would dominate against the run, but be in the 20s against the pass.  Take a look at Buffalos current numbers, overall in the 20s, 29th against the pass, but 3rd against the run.  Sure, buffalo played the Pats and we haven't yet.  Also the season is young and we have maybe the best corners out there.  But, the trends seem to be the same, Rex was strong against the run, but would give up the big play; had trouble getting off the field.  He would blitz in the early downs and play soft on 3rd and in the 4th quarter.

    Bowles, however, gets more aggressive as the game and downs go on.  In the 4th quarter he doesn't soften up.  Again, not dissing Ryan as I liked him when he was here, but this defense can be a truly dominant defense.  It still has a way to go, but I love the new philosophy.  Play the run, but in this league you have to stop the pass.  

    I was never a fan of the defensive rankings being about yards.  A more telling ranking, IMO is points/game and takeaways.  Currently the Jets are ranked #1 in both.  More importantly, the Jets are averaging 13.8 points to game; #2 is at 17.2; that 3.4 difference may not seem big, but that difference also separates the #2 team from the #11 team.  In short that number is amazing.  We also have the same number of takeaways in 4 games that we had all year.  I think this goes to show the difference in philosophy.  When we have a close game, or a lead, we get even more aggressive on defense.  As the other offense is pressured to score, we get tough and step up.

    The season is still young.  I hope this trend continues, but it is nice to have a lead in the 4th quarter and be confident that you can hold the lead.

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  4. Mike T and Rex gave us the best 2 years that this franchise has seen in a long time, and I will be grateful for that. I have no ill will towards them.  Also, remember with that success, the team was in a win-now mode; so you could argue (although it didn't work out) that Mike's plan for holding the team worked out okay for 2 years.  Also, Rex and Mike were well suited for each other.  Mike knew how to hold the team together for a few years with mostly veterans, and Rex gave the team swagger (albeit with a lot of smoke and mirrors) and could coach up/motivate veterans.  The worked well with each other - at least at first.

    Miami has some veteran talent (at least on defense) but they totally underachieve.  Philbin was terrible and so are the coaches on defense.  I don't know how much authority Mike had on the HC at least until this year, but it seems to me that firing your coach after 4 weeks isn't a great idea.  You are likely not going to get you 'dream' coach until the season is over (unless he is the guy you handed the rains too) - so the season is likely lost; your interim coach might just be good enough to win you out of the top 10 picks.  The other problem is that Mike has not shown the ability to build through the draft and that is what Miami needs.  Too many holes to fill and too little depth.  Also, his track record with coaches (leaving Shotty there too long, etc.) has not been great,  Not sure he is the guy you bring in to rebuild the team.

  5. All QBs (great and crappy) play better and worse in spurts. If we are going to use numbers, than let the numbers stand.  If he sucked in passed years (according the numbers) then it is okay to say he had a statistically good game (more importantly a win).

    Great QBs make the receivers better.  But great receivers make average QBs better.  There are only a handful of QBs that are so good they make the WRs better.  More often than not, it is the great receivers (get open, make amazing catches, etc) that make the QB look good.  Consdider this, every one of OBJs great catches happened because Eli had a poor throw.  You can argue whether Eli is great or not, but he has 2 SB wins.  I will take one of those wins easy.

    I don't think the Jets are SB ready, but my point is that the stats for teams and QBs should average out; if you have a great game, but got lucky, you still had a great game.  Can't pick and choose - if you live by the stats...

    Also, I don't think that throwing the ball up is a 50/50 get lucky situation. The WR always should have the advantage and that is why you pay big money for a 6'5" WR that can go get catches.  That and the back shoulder throw are staples in today's NFL.

  6. I think everyone including our FO would sign up for that in a heartbeat.  I think he is a different ZIP code at this point.  How different is the only question.

    I don't think anyone on the Jets FO don't appreciate what they have in Mo.  The question is really, on what they feel his value is vs. what Mo and his agent feel his value is.  I would not give him Watt money or Suh money.  As good as he is, I wouldn't.  You also have to determine how much money you put in the DL.  Signing Mo to a long term deal may prevent you from signing Sheldon or someday Williams (as well as locking a lot of money up).

    I would suspect that if they cannot get close, they will franchise him and then try and trade him.  It is the only thing that would make sense.  Some other team (especially who doesn't have the depth the Jets do at DL) will pay him close to what he wants and we will be able to get something significant for him.  Or, they will let he and his agent try to find a trade and really determine his market value.

    I can't see them paying him the Tag money for one year unless we hit the lottery with a QB that can take us all of the way.  I also just don't see the Jets signing him long term.  If they were in the same galaxy they would have signed him by now (unless his demands come way down).

  7. Rex would have taken the job if it was offered to him quickly.  I wonder if the Falcons and Blank realize the huge bullet they dodged when they did not get Rex.

    Would Rex have passed on Buffalo over Miami? Clearly the weather is better in Miami, but which FO/Owner to you choose to work for?  Not saying that I know the answer, but you have to wonder.  Also, most teams in need of a coach have their share of problems (or they wouldn't need a coach), but some FO/Owner situations are way better than others.

    Not sure if I would choose the FO that has fired 2 coaches in the middle of the season in the last several years. 

  8. I think the coach sucked, but the problem is bigger than that.  Extending Tanehill wasn't a problem; he is likely a top 15 QB on the right team, and if we had him we would likely be a playoff contender.  Suh, well that is another story - a lot of money for a malcontent. But, IMO, the FO and ownership is a joke.  Selling parts of the team to stars, can't fill the stadium, etc.  So, what quality coach is going to want to go there?

    Yes, it is one of the only 32 HC jobs out there.  So, someone will take the job.  But consider this, had they fired Philbin at the end of the last year when they should have, and they offered the gig to Bowels and Quinn, would either of them take it over the jobs they did take.  Yeah, I know that our FO was messed up, but Woody is a better owner, they have great fan support, and the consultants we hired did a great job.  Atlanta is a way better situation.

    It is like coaching for the Redskins; yeah, if want a chance to break into HC or want a chance to try again, you will take the job if you have nothing else, but do you want to play for Snyder?  I think getting rid of Philbin was a good first step, but I wouldn't worry too much about the Dolphins juggernaut quite yet.

  9. Emotion can sometime be a good thing.  Sometimes you can motivate players and teams to play over themselves.  The problem is that many times (see Bills this year, Jets in past years) that emotion can either bring you down or run amok.  I would imagine, when we need it, he may amp things up, but they will always have their even-keel preparations to fall back on.

  10. We are a good team, but not a great one (although our D is pretty amazing).  I don't think we beat the Pats (even though I hate them), Buffalo's defense can be a nightmare for our offense so maybe we split with them.  I don't think we beat Dallas if Romo is back.  That's 4 losses.  I think that we can get 10 wins, but we can also only get 8.  Hopefully, Bowels keeps them aggressive.

  11. I like Kerley too; he is a decent possession slot receiver.  Clearly, Decker and Marshall are the class of the WR corps.  Smith has big play speed (although hasn't done much yet as he is very raw).  Kerley's problem with the new staff is that they want to move Decker and Marshall around and play Marshall in the slot.  Also, Decker, Marshall and the others are big and tall.  They have 'better' match-ups with smaller DBs and block better.  Kerley is odd man out now that we have some real receivers and some young depth.  They want to bring the youngsters along (this is how you build with the draft), but want to have quality WRs on the field.  Before Marshall, you needed a slot to get open and make plays, but now you have Marshall who is playing like a beast.

    Unfortunately, it will get worse next year when Amaro comes back.  Kerley was one of the best WRs we had a few years back, but now he is getting pushed out by better WRs and some hopefully up and coming WRs.  This is how it should be in a well run organization.

    How many of these threads will we have when Cro. is eventually replaced by Williams or someone else? (I still think he can play FS, but I not many agree with that).

    I don't think he is anyone's doghouse, I just don't think he fits what Gailey wants.  And, now the Jets have a real 1 & 2 they can bring up players who fit the mold better.

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  12. Yes, if Geno played like this we would be all over him, but isn't this thread proof that we are all over Fitzpatrick?  Racism is being eradicated slowly, but subtleties remain - Geno is dumb and unable to read defenses, Fitzpatrick has a chicken arm and can't run. 

    This was a thread about his 'weak' arm.  My point is that I think the problem was not the strength of his arm, but the decisions that he made.  And I thought it was ironic that his advantage over Geno was supposed to be smart decisions.  It has nothing to do with the color of anybody's skin.  I still think he has the edge, but in reality if he had made some smarter decisions, I think  we could have won the game.  His arm will get a little stronger as his legs get stronger, let's hope his decision making process gets better too.

  13. Just re-watched game; so many mistakes everywhere.  But to me, the biggest problem was Fitz.  My problem isn't the fact that he wasn't that accurate, but he made too many mental mistakes.  Too many times he threw to Devin Smith when he wasn't covered.  Kerley was wide open and not targeted or overthrown. That tipped ball int (not the Marshall tip) he was trying to avoid the sack.  These things happen, but the point with going with Fitz over Geno is his smarts and ability to read defenses.  If Geno played like this, we would be all over him.  He needs to focus or we might as well go with the guy with better athleticism.

    I know he isn't comfortable with Kerley and Smith, but he has to do better.  Just my opinion.

  14. No YOU have already made up your mind about Geno.  Please don't project your beliefs onto the coaching staff.  Both Bowles and Mac were prepared to have Geno be the starter so how do you come to this conclusion?  

    I don't know about projecting, but I think everyone is clouded by their own perceptions.  It it my opinion they are ready to move on.  Can't explain it.  They do some funny things, like having all 3 QBs active.  But, it could be that they were willing to give Geno the benefit of the doubt, and then the fight, the silly post after the fight, and playing catch with the neighborhood kid was too much.  It could also be that, after the fight, they saw the way the team/locker room didn't get Geno's back was a sign that he didn't have the leadership.

    There have been rumors that the Jets tried to move around to get another QB before the draft.  Clearly they, like many fans, are not sold on Geno or Fitz.  Maybe before this last mess, they were leaning towards Geno.  Maybe now they are not.  Fitz is the 'savy' veteran, not the future for the team, but can contribute as a back up for a bit.  If Geno isn't the guy, he has no place here.

    Again, this is my opinion clouded by own perspective (like everyone else).  I haven't 'made up my mind', but many on this site I don't see him getting better.  Fortunately, nothing I say here will effect the FO or coaching staff, so if I am projecting, it won't end anybody's career....

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  15. I think this is the key part.  Fitz seemed good/decent at deep throws last year, but this year he looks terrible.  Will the real Ryan Fitzpatrick please stand up?  If he continues to demonstrate that he can't throw deep, he'll have to take a seat.  If he turns it around, even a little bit, he'll probably be fine...


    For most QBs it isn't all about arm strength; it is also about the motion and the legs.  Hopefully, Fitz will get stronger as the season progresses.  If not, and teams stack the box, we will have to make the switch...

  16. You watched Geno for 2 years and are sure he's not our guy. Fitz has done the same sh*te for 11 freaking years and we want to give him more rope. Just answer this question how many average to good QB's have played for 6 different teams ???

    I don't think Fitz is the guy either.  Just think that between the two, Fitz is my choice.  That's it.  Fitz biggest problem is arm strength. I would hope Gailey can try and work and game plan around it better.  Is he going to bring us back from 24-0 against a good D, no.  But, he is smart and accurate.  If you want to build a team around this offense, you want someone who can run it better.

    Geno is by far the better athlete with the better arm.  He can sometimes win games with his athleticism, but he can often loose games with his inability to read a defense.  I would prefer another option, but we don't have one.

  17. 6, that's the number.  6!  What does that mean?  The most wins Fitz has ever had in a season in 11 seasons, so how is that the best option for our rookie HC to compete with other teams, and win ENOUGH games?  The last 2 times Fitz started 2-0 his combined record the rest of those 2 seasons was 8-20 so don't give me, but he started us at 2-0 (he did sh*t the D generated 10 take aways, Fitz had zero to do with those wins, Todd Heaps could have won those games).

    I didn't say anything about 2-0; But, I think with this defense, he can win 8-10 games this year.  Geno won how many games last year?  Granted with a weaker team and a weaker coach.  Nobody knows for sure, but if past performance is any indication, we are screwed either way.  Still, with only 6 wins, I still think Fitz is our best shot.  Buffalo ate Geno's lunch last year and look how good their D looks this year.

    As for the 10 take aways, you are probably right, he didn't win those games for us, but he didn't loose them either.  Not sure why you are so angry about this unless you are related to Geno.  IMO I have seen enough of Geno to conclude he isn't our guy.  Clearly you think differently...

  18. I agree with most of this, but it's time to find out, now not next year.  Next year has to be the year for plan B if Geno isn't the answer, and the Jets can't find that out if he doesn't get the chance.  I get he screwed up in the locker room, and he deserved to sit and watch including this coming week, but after the bye week regaedless of how Fitz plays it's time to find out of Geno learned from the nonsense, and can be the answer for this franchise.  If not at least we know we need to start at the beginning at QB next season.  Probably going all in on Bradford if he shakes free.

    Actually, IMO, they have already made their minds up about Geno.  I could be wrong, they could be wrong, but I think he is done here.  If Fitz starts making loosing a habit or gets hurt, Geno will get his shot.  Otherwise, I think he is done here.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Petty starts the last game or 2 (or comes in early) in the season if we are out of the playoff hunt.

    Bowles preaches professionalism, hard-work, team, consistency.  I just don't think Bowles is a fan of Geno and neither he nor Mac are tied to him.  Just my thoughts.  Fortunately for Geno, I would expect he will get one more shot...

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  19. Macc did an amazing job turning a team with limited talent (most of which is in the DL) into a team with good talent and reasonable depth.  And, he did it all in one off season.  But let's face it, there are still some holes, gaps, and issues.  If neither Geno nor Petty are our future, we are going to have to make some tough decisions this off season.  It is just to hard to win the SB without at least a top 15 QB.  I also doubt that the Jets and Wilkerson will agree to a long term deal.  We have to have a franchise QB.

    That being said, if you aren't willing to suck for 'franchise QB', then I think that Fitz with all of his warts gives you the best chance to put out a team that can compete with most teams in the league.  You have to win enough games to support your rookie head coach and get the players to buy into his schemes and approach.  The question isn't whether Fitz is the future (we all know he is not), but who is the best player to lead at this point.

    He is who we have.  For better or worse.  Long ball or not, we need to find a way to win with him.  Will Geno get his chance, probably, but for right now (at least the next game) Fitz is the guy.  

  20. I don't know how many people actually "hate" the guy.  For me, I don't hate players unless they are terrible people, not for playing poorly.

    People on this site tend to go to extremes.  Someone is either HOF or hot garbage.  If you happen to think Fitz is better than Geno, you are an apologist (instead of just thinking Fitz is the better of two unhappy choices.

    For me, if he gets another chance and succeeds, that would be great.  But, in fairness, he was giving 2+ years and although he did not have good teams or good coaching, he IMO hasn't shown much.  A flash here, a flash there.  To me it comes to 3 points:

    1. He has never demonstrated the ability to read defenses.

    2. He comes across as an egocentric brat (IMO)

    3. He continues to make poor decisions: texting during meetings, missing meetings, leaving draft early, tossing the ball around in parking lot before being ready to practice...

    The list keeps coming.  He never apologizes for any of it, he just keeps doing it.

    I hope I am wrong.  It is obvious to me that not only is Fitz not likely to win the big game, but he is clearly not the future of the Jets.  It would be great if Geno was the franchise QB and with this team, GM and coach, we could go a long way.  Personally I am not convinced that he will ever truly grow up.  Again, it would be great if it turned out that way, but after almost 3 years, I am not counting on it.

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  21. I need to re-watch the game, but this loss tells us a lot about the team.  It is a good team (not great) with a good (and sometimes great) defense.  The offense is okay.  I am still optimistic about the season being good.  Consider all of the mistakes we made, problems with had, big plays we gave up, but we still ..

    tried to fight back; held the team to no points in the second half; we adjust.

    Considering a first time coach and a weak QB, we are doing pretty well; lot's to fix still, but hopefully we correct moving forward.

    It is my opinion that Bowles is making rookie mistakes, but we will see moving forward, but I think he is going to be pretty good.  Look at it this way, last year, off by 17, we would have given up.

    Not sure that this offense isn't good enough to catch up in the second half with a good defense.

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  22. there are no easy games

    That is true, but if we are a really good team, we should win these.  If we cannot consistently beat bad or struggling teams, we are not a top 10 team.  Sure, on any given Sunday, but the Pats win these games 9 out of 10 times.  If we think we are that good, we should win these games.  They need to work hard, game plan, and not see past the game, but we should still win.  Beating the Eagles doesn't prove we are good, but loosing to them suggests we are not there yet.

  23. Kind of crazy that less than 2 months ago, Sheldon Richardson was arrested, and 6 weeks ago Geno was punched out by IK.  Yet through those circumstances Bowles has kept the team focused.  Had we started 0-2 those things would have popped back into our brains (We need Sheldon!  Geno needs to start!).  Major props for Coach Bowles are well deserved.  Not every coach could wade through such a tumultuous offseason then lead his team to a pair of double digit victories to start the campaign.

    Well said.

  24. I consider 'must win' games being those that if you lose, you are pretty much statistically out of making the playoffs. If no team has EVER started a season 0-3 and made the playoffs, I would consider that a must win game. Obviously there are firsts for everything but when you are going up against 50 years of data, it's a pretty foregone conclusion. 

    I get that, but they play in the NFC East, they could probably go 0-4 and still take the division :-).  My problem is when a player comes out and says it, and they loose (and I hope they loose), what do you do with the rest of the season?

    Unfortunately, for the Jets, winning doesn't prove much, but loosing does.  At this point, we can only determine how bad or inconsistent the team is, but we really won't know how good the team is until we play the Pats.  At this point, Miami looks like a mess, but their home game won't be hot and humid (or as much) as they are playing in the UK.  The Pats are the first really good team we play.

    The good news is that if we are a very good team, we should easily win 10-12 games.  Just being good gets us to 8-9; Unless some of the weaker teams turn things around, that is.  This schedule is looking even easier than we thought.

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