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  1. I would cut Geno :huh:, okay, maybe not, but it felt good to write.

    I am not sure with his injury history (esp. concussions) that anyone would take Owusu (but this could be releasing danny for clowney all over again)

    I think we have like 20 OL guys, probably could release one of them...

    We are going to have to release someone long term after the bye for Richardson, so might as well make the tough call now...

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  2. I wouldn't necessarily call a "quality start" 60% completion and 2/1 touchdown/interception ratio. This is the expectation for every nfl starter. If he's not playing at this level, the team will be looking for another QB.

    I don't think anyone in the FO, media, or even fans (even the pro Fitz ones) think that Fitz is our future.  We need to get/grow a franchise QB.

    I think the point is that this is was is expected from (at a minimum) an NFL QB.  A team can win a lot of games (especially without D) with a QB playing at that pace.

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  3. Maybe you are right, I really have not been paying that much attention to the sidelines. Than again how much have you really seen of Geno on the sidelines??  30 seconds? Seriously Man, you have no idea what he is saying or not saying to Fitz during the games, in the locker room, in classrooms, at practice etc.  I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are correct in your observations; it that is the case, then Geno is wasting a perfect opportunity.  I guess time will tell.  

    It is just a feeling I have.  Could easily be wrong.  And, if something happens to Fitz, I hope I am wrong.  I hear all the time about the DBs hanging around Revis and the receivers hanging around Marshall and Decker; never hear anything positive about Geno; of course, with some of the worst media - that could just be them hating too.

    Here is to hoping that you are right and I am wrong...

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  4. going all in on pocket aces and losing to someone who called you with j-10 doesn't mean your strategy was bad. The right strategy last night was to attack their weakness at cornerback. Instead we stubbornly kept attacking the strongest part of their defense last night. We won, but barely. The score isn't indicative of how close we came to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. It was stubbornness. They looked weaker against the run vs bills and running is supposed to be our strength. Refusing to adjust when they had an apparently good plan against the run and an obvious, glaring weakness in the secondary was stupid. 

    Great post.  Glad we won.  I like the direction of the team in general, but you take what the defense gives you (to some degree) and you have to put the other team out when you can.

  5. I totally agree with you and have been and still am a supporter of Smith to a degree (in the fact that I would have liked to see what he could have down with this offense; water under the bridge now).    Fitz is showing his command of the offense and his ability to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage.  We kept hearing all night about Luck and his hard count, and changing plays at the line of scrimmage, but Fitz showed he was no slouch in that department. 

    I also believe that the chain of events that lead to Fitz starting may be a blessing in disguise for Geno as for the first time in his young career, he can actually sit, watch and learn from a true PROFESSIONAL QUARTERBACK.   He can learn to be half as savvy as Fitz, he will have a future in this league, whether it is with the Jets or some other team. 

    Sorry, I don't believe in Geno (hey maybe he proves me wrong).  Geno is by far the better athlete with the strong arm.  Geno's two problems IMO is that he doesn't read defenses well and is too slow on his progressions, and he is not a leader/team guy.  It would be nice if he would use this incident and the time to fix both of those, but look at him on the sidelines.

    1. He is moping during every Jets win.  He puts himself before the team and the win.  Marshall said "it isn't about statistics, its about the team winning" (or something like that); maybe that is just the winning (or his 100yd 1TD game), but Geno doesn't even pretend to be happy about the win.

    2. When you see him on the sideline, he isn't talking to the OC or Fitz.  When the OC and Fitz are talking, he isn't looking over their shoulders.  It is like Sanchez at Philly - did you see the shot of Brandord on the tablet talking to the OC while Sanchez was sitting next to him, starring into space, listening to his ipod?  Geno isn't going to learn to read defenses and how to prepare for a game from Fitz without talking to him.  Isn't it McDoggle that is always around Revis during practice and the games? that is how you learn.

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  6. Cool, I check these too, but it doesn't mean much.  These are just guys with opinions, it doesn't help us (in fact with Ryan it could hurt as the team would get full of itself).

    I like to see them up high, but I would be just as happy next week to see Jets drop 4 slots in win over Eagles.  Maybe this team isn't that good, they just beat up on another crappy team.  Whipping up an 0-2 team doesn't impress us.  Now Miami loosing a close game to mediocre team - they move up 4 points.

    Glad to see them getting good press, but wins and watching this D is what makes me happy here.

  7. Some thoughts on the game I do not see other's posting.

    1. I will say it to my dying day, and I think last night showed it: Andrew Luck is NOT an elite QB. He is no where near the likes of Brady, Brees, Manning, Rapelisburger, and on and on. He just throws a lot, and plays a lot of crappy teams that throw soft zone at him. Is he a good QB?. Absolutely. But he is a turnover machine and already has more turnovers in 2 games than Rodgers had all of last season. The hype on this guy needs to stop. In the last 3 games against teams that actually play defense Luck has Sucked. Unfortunately his hype will continue, as the Colts have a ludicrously easy schedule left. Not only do they have 6 games against the AFC North left, they have 4 games against the worst division in football, so he will likely be able to pad his numbers and they still make the playoffs, but do not be fooled. We can crush them again in the playoffs. 

    2. The "prevent" defense is MIA. 100% chance that last year when the Colts were in the 2 minute before the first half ended, Rex would have trotted out the soft zone and Indy would have scored. Not only did Bowles not do that he got another TO. He never changed the way the defense played the Colts and that is just awesome. You can get the defense gets a jolt of energy too knowing that their HC has that much confidence in them.

    3. Speaking of Bowles, no one seems to be noticing that Todd is calling the defensive plays. I have no issue with this at all.

    4. Buster Skrine is really an incredibly good defensive player. As good as Revis is, and as good as our DL talent is (We need to figure a way to keep Wilk without paying Suh money) I think Skrine may be the catalyst for our entire defense. Not only is he exceptional at nickel coverage of TEs and slot guys, but he is all over the field in tons of different roles. He is our wildcard and really makes our defense and especially our pressure and coverage combinations really unpredictable.

    5. Davis and Harris. Not the great ILBs but the defensive scheme really maximizes their skills and they are very effective. Bowles made an interesting comment last night that only one defensive package was the same as when he played Indy in Arizona because the players are completely different and they have different skillsets. THAT is great coaching.

    6, I LOVE the defensive scheme. Simple defense that allows the defense to "fly around' (Bowles words) and make plays on the play. Interesting to note that the coverage techniques that the Jets are using are not zone but not straight lock up man either. They are playing man coverage but in a way that they are able to look towards the backfield by incorporating almost a zone like technique to the man to man. It will lead to some additional catches on comebacks and throws like that but the advantage is that the vision this technique affords them to make more pass breakups but also to consistently make plays on the ball and make turnovers which we are already seeing.

    7. The level of precision in coaching is amazing. Our players are playing with amazing precise technique across the board.

    8. Devin Smith will have a huge positive impact on this offense. Hopefully he does not need to replace Decker and Eric comes back quickly.

    9. We have a big benchmark Sunday. Win or lose it will be interesting to see if the Jets can maintain their intensity and focus and come to play after an emotional Monday victory,




    My take on some of your points.

    1. Sorry, couldn't disagree more.  This guy has what it takes.  I seem to remember Rex making Brady look pedestrian a few times and that is after he had all the experience in the world and a good/great team.  Luck is surrounded by crap.  If he was on the Jets, we would be SB favorites.

    2. Agree completely, now if we can avoid the prevent offense...

    3. I did notice that; interesting, I wonder if he gives it back at some time; I don't have a problem with it since the defense is HOT, and he seems to be able to manage the game (something Rex couldn't)

    4. Yes

    5. Yes (still think they paid too much for Harris)

    6. Yes; I love to watch these guys play

    7. Yes and mostly disciplined - not only are their penalties way down; they are starting to get the benefit of the doubt with the officials.

    8. I am looking forward to seeing what he can add to the offense.  If he is really that fast, it could have made a big difference last night on the deep balls

    9. I couldn't agree more.


    Nice post

  8. The whole defense has been hammering people.  They knock people out of the game, but more importantly make the 'pay' for the completion and are forcing turnovers.  To be fair, Proyor sucked last year, and yes he is still making some bad plays/tackles/angles.  But last week was his best game to date.  And last night was his best game to date.  He has been playing better and hitting hard.  He didn't choose where he was picked, and that is now history.  Let's see if he can continually improve and make a significant impact to the team.

    maybe he was 'lucky' to be in the right place at the right time, but let's be fair, Revis got 'lucky' by being there for the 2 fumbles (he was great at the goal line btw) and his int was helped by Mo hitting Luck's hand. But, Revis was great.  My old boss said that the better you are the luckier you get.  Pryor was in the right place for that int, but more importantly, he was in the right place - protecting the deep ball and giving help to the CB.  He also had a great run back.  Last year, he would have been out of position and likely dropped the ball even if it came to him

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  9. And they will; again IT IS THE SECOND GAME OF THE SEASON.  Why not just enjoy the win?  

    I am totally enjoying the win (except I am so tired today).  This is a what did they do right, what they did wrong thread.  I just pointed out what they did wrong. I love the win, I love that we are competitive, and I love this defense.

    Bowles talks about moving forward and trying to win while doing it; it is great stuff.  Talking about improving when a team is winning is the hallmark of a good coach.  You can't talk about improving without pointing out where you can get better

  10. It is the second game of the season for a brand new coaching staff, a bunch of new players and you are on the road on Monday night.  I have no problem with the plays called; Enunwa dropped two passes that would have been first downs.  My only issue was Fitz' two deep passes to  a double teamed Marshall but Marshall has come down with the ball in similar situations, the balls were poorly thrown and should have been to Marshalls back Shoulder; forcing the DB to Jump thru him to get to the ball.   You also have to give credit to the Colts defense for the way they played the run; I sure didn't expect them to play that well for as long as they did. 

    BTW Parcells made a career of winning games like this with the Giants.  


    I agree, it just thought it was bad.  I think the team is heading in the right direction and they are quite good, but like Bowles said - they aren't there yet.  Hopefully we stop the ultra conservative game plan on offense.  Yes, they took away the run, but gave us the middle of the field for throws and all the time to throw it... you have to capitalize...

  11. What - this guy is off his rocker.  Hasn't he been reading this site?

    Fitz is by and far the worst QB we have ever had.  Everyone knows that.

    Wait, no, sorry, Mark Sanchez was by and far the worst QB we have ever had, right?

    Okay, I am confused, which one is worse? Anyway, clearly Fitz sucks this analysis is crap. :-)

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  12. It is a typical trap game.  A 2-0 team playing a 0-2 team on a short week.  The 2-0 team feeling good, the 0-2 team has talent but has been playing like crap with their backs against the wall.  The backup QB recently run out of town. Only thing missing is that it is a home game.

    Good teams beat good teams, bad teams, and teams with their backs against the wall.  It is a trap game, but it is also a great test to see what kind of team we have and how good our coaching staff and core players are.  This is a game the Jets should win decisively; let's see how they show up.  Go Jets.

  13. Good

    The secondary; hell the whole damn defense.  They played scary good.  As some other posters have pointed out, this is the defense we were promised during the Ryan era, but never got.  If we had this defense, we beat the Colts in the AFC championship game.  The great thing is that that based on yardage, etc. we are not that good, but damn, 10 turnovers and only 17 points - that is a defense that can win championships.  The seemed gassed at the end of the game and still came up big with an INT.  They are dominant.

    Marshall - This guy is amazing.  Strong, tall, savvy, though.  I was worried about his behavior when we traded for him, but his leadership is amazing.  We need to draft his replacement soon, just so he can learn from this guy.  I loved his interview.  The offense stunk it up (it wasn't him - see below).  "I am the most hollywood guy here" - he didn't act so hollywood to me.  He didn't boast how he played above Davis, but he did say shame on the media for comparing him to Revis.

    Defensive adjustments and game plan.  For a second week in a row, they came prepared and ready to play.  For the second week in a row, they adjusted when they needed to.  Smart.

    Going back to Bilal after the fumble.


    Bad (too much like Ryan on all three).

    I know it was a big game; but some of the penalties were just stupid.  Not worried about the Coples penalty (thought it was crap, but at least he got to hit the QB).  Pulling people off of the pile, shoving a guy downfield.  Stupid.  Don't play down to the opponent (that was clearly frustrated).  I hope there is some accountability for it.

    Playing Cro.  The defense played great and clearly Bowles and company know more than me, but it seems that we played Cro out of loyalty.  He didn't seem right and I thought Williams deserved more snaps.  I wouldn't have benched him, but I would have given Williams more reps.  Got to get him some experience, and rest Cro (especially on a short week).

    The offensive Game plan and lack of adjustments.  Bowles said they didn't want to have the Colts dictate the game plan.  I get that, but we got way too conservative way too early.  You want to keep Luck off of the field; i get it.  But, the defense was controlling Luck; have faith in them; have faith in the offense.  Doesn't good coaching dictate the the offense should take what the Defense is giving you?  We should have had 2 more scores.  Imagine going into 4th Q winning 20 - 0, instead of 10 to 0.  Forget letting the Colts stay in the game; forget risking loosing in the 4th with an tired secondary - we just exhausted our D on an away game on a short week.  Hopefully they can rest up and prepare for the Eagles.

    Special teams.  The only thing worse about our specials then Kerley as punt returner is our punter.  He is great about pinning inside the 20, but is always good for one bad punt a week.  Fortunately, our defense and offense have been playing well enough that we don't need a 60yd punter.


    The bad sounds like a lot, but I love the way this team is playing.  I love the heart.  I love they way the are winning while learning.  But, winning cures all evils, I would hate to see the worts show if they don't fix the problems.  Go Jets.


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