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  1. We played to our strengths last week, tried to make the other offense one dimensional, played hard and smart, stayed aggressive in the second half, and yes, for the first time in a long time, adjusted (particularly on defense) at half time.  If the jet's don't open up the running game by taking advantage of the mismatches in a depleted secondary, I will be very disappointed...

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  2. Sorry, but I think it is unfair to judge Mike T and Rex by a different set of standards than anyone else.  I remember we all loved Parcells; he brought us back to credibility; greatest thing since Jets SB.  And, he only got us to one AFC championship game.  The first 2 years these two brought us close.  It went to crap after that (also with Parcells with Vinny tearing his achilles).  Yet we were there.

    If we are only going to consider SB wins well than every year 31 teams suck; every decade at least 70% of the teams suck.  If it is unfair to make excuses for players like they had no weapons because all that counts are the wins, or talk about how we could have won this game or that, then it should be equally unfair to take away wins because of a break here or there.

    If we are going to play that game, I remember the Jets just missing out on going to the AFC championship game (I think) in Foxboro because our kicker (I think Hall) missed 2 makable field goals in Pittsburg and we lost in OT.  So, was that team really great an Pittsburg didn't have a good team?

    Yes, some teams get lucky breaks, and some teams don't in games.  Teams need to be lucky (to some degree) to win the super bowl, but with the playoffs and the big game, you may be lucky, but you are still a good team.  We may have had some luck, but these teams were pretty damn good to make it that far (and crappy teams that draft in the top 10 every year) would never make it there.

    Let's give credit where credit is due.  They gave us two very successful years.  They couldn't hold the band together and they are both gone.  We have a GM/HC I think many are happy with.  If they can have the same success in the short term, I will be very happy - even if we luck into it.  Hopefully, this duo will not only get us to the AFC championship game, but hopefully, in the not too distant future, they can take us all the way...

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  3. IMO there is no question that the Jets 'ruined' Sanchez.  To me the question is had another organization taken Sanchez would he have become a good (top 15 QB).  I think that point is debatable, but the idea that the Jets did their best work in trying to get Sanchez to meet his full potential is not.  The coaches, pressure, lack of talent all worked against him.  Mark has his worts, no doubt.  But could a more functional OC/Offense have helped him become good, that is something else.

    Put it this way, if Mark was joining this current team/FO/Coaching staff as a rookie or a sophomore, what would we be saying about his (or the Jets) future? In other words, what are the Jets chances/upside under their current roster (except QB) if the QB is either:


    Geno (rookie or 2nd year)

    Sanchez (rookie or 2nd year).

    I would imagine that most people would pick Sanchez.  Would it have worked out for us this year with a rookie Sanchez? Who knows, but I would suspect that most people would be more optimistic if that was the case.

  4. There were a lot of sloppy games yesterday, but the Bills team was out of control.  There is a difference between an OL holding because he is beat, and a team being so amped up that that are smacking people after the play is dead.  3 personal fouls and the coach had to practically tackle him on the sideline.  He was out of control and the penalties were just stupid gifts to a team that didn't need the help.

    There are 'save the QB and take the flag' type of penalties, there are poor skills penalties, lack of focus penalties, and then there are the stupid, so hyped-up, me before the team penalties.  Unfortunately, those are the types of penalties that kill a team and are a product of a Rex team.

  5. I am hopeful, but not confident.  A couple things to keep in mind, sacks and pressure are important, but we have a great secondary.  Also, we did get some real pressure, sacks and turnovers from our defense, and the Cleveland OL is significantly better than the Colts OL.  We won't completely shut them down, but we should be able to keep the score low.  Of course, we could get blown out and the momentum would overpower us, but I don't expect us to show up flat, be unprepared, or play soft.

    I was a fan of Rex (knew it was time to move on) and was worried about whomever replaced him.  It is too early to tell for sure, but Bowles seems to have the team prepared, focused and level-headed, but still has an emotional team.  I have hopes this team, someday, could be pretty good (once we stabilize the QB situation).

    I am hoping for a well played, enjoyable game, but a win would not be totally unexpected.

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