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  1. Yes carpenter played well too, oline should be solid this yr. Pryor played his best game to date. Forced fumble and 10 tackles. Owusu had a nice game too. Kerley never even had a ball thrown to him, really weird how the new staff has just buried him.

    Carpenter did have that penalty that called back the TD - last year we would have only gotten a FG (or worse) after a TD was called back - team really battles back.

    I imagine it isn't that the staff has soured on Kerley, as much as with Marshall (and Owusu), the WR depth is much better now.  Owusu has the speed and the size to be good.

  2. Great post.

    I agree on Jarrett, not Cros' fault. I didn't like the 4-1 - it was too early and the field position wasn't that great.  I disliked the 3rd call more than the 4th down call.

    I posted earlier, 5 take aways and 4 penalties - fantastic.

    Scrambling QB won't be an issue next week?

    Marshall beasted; had he held on to that ball in the 1st Q (not blaming him) - this game could have been a blow out earlier.  Great first drive otherwise

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  3. Yeah, we beat a bad team, but hey that is the team we were picked to play.  Yeah it is way too early to see what kind of team we have and we won't know how good we can be until we play a better team, but...

    1. While Cleveland sucks, half of the national analysts had us loosing - a win is a win

    2. We scored 31 points - when is the last time we did that? Also, we were inside the 15 with 2 minutes to go - if we were the Pats, we would have padded the score (or if the game was close)

    3. We shut them down in the second half, adjusted both sides of the ball in the second half and finished the game strong.  Last year, we would be the team giving up the score late in the second half.  How many times last year do we play tough in the first half and then let the game slip away - they finished string.

    4. We beat them by 3 TDs; when was the last time that happened? (again could have been 4 if we needed it); yeah Cleveland sucks, but 3 TDs.  Last year, we were the team that got beaten by 3 TDs

    5. Sure we beat a back-up QB, but why is that? We played hard, and that play when he was knocked out of the game, he was hit hard, clean, and we caused a fumble; we played tough.

    6. 5 turnovers.  When have we done that before?  How many games last year did it take to get to the total for the year.  This team is aggressive and play hard and smart.  Marshall beasted after the Fitz int.

    7. 4 Penalties in the game; we had players (still on the team) getting that on their own last year.

    8. The team with a first time HC, with new OC, DC and new players started a season with limited practice (under CBA) a little soft and a little conservative.  Okay.


    It is way too early to know what kind of team we have, but they played out the game and finished strong.  Who knows, next week can be a blowout; the season can be a blow out, but they started out strong with one of our best defensive players suspended.  Let's enjoy the win. :-)

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  4. I think Tannehill is an average QB too though better than Fitz.  Miami has missed the playoffs the last 2 years mainly b/c of the play of Ryan in their biggest games BUT he is also still young and has been improving.

    Actually I think that Tannehill is pretty good.  Def. not a top 10, but not a bottom 10 either.  Imagine if we had an average QB 2 years ago? If Tannehill was our QB, we would be considered to be in the top 15 if not the top 10 IMHO.

  5. Patriots - 11-5 (and in the Super Bowl) - Says best Team in Football

    Miami - 10-6 - Says much better in 2015.

    Buffalo - 9-7 - Says Buffalo could be alot better, knows this "will anger Bills Fans", etc.

    NY Jets - 6-10 - TLDR Jets suck, 6 may be generous (wanted to go with 4 or 5), QB sucks, lots of other things suck, not a good or winning team.

    His Co-Host agreed all down the line.


    I would love to see the Jets make the playoffs this year (and even SB although is not going to happen).  But, if they don't, I don't particularly care if the finish 10-6 or 6-10 as long as:

    1. They play well and hard and are prepared for each game

    2. The games are exciting, and they are in most of the of the games

    3. (And most importantly) They have a plan for QB of the future (whether it is Petty or someone else).


    BTW, I think the Pats (until they loose it) are favored to win the division, but I don't think that they are SB bound.  Of course, what do I know?

  6. if you hit on a chick who is an LA 10 at a bar and have only .5% chance of success why do it?

    a. I think you are missing my point, but I am okay with it, just jumped on on a well it didn't matter; not that invested in this argument (I guess - although I am responding :-) )

    b. If you do it 200 times, you might do okay? Isn't that the point in cheating a little; it may not always help, but ....

    c. I guess you don't buy lottery tickets either (actually neither do I).


  7. If this cheating has such an effect on the outcome of the games why watch? All the people crying about the patriots cheating should be boycotting the nfl.  I stopped watching baseball for several years when it McGwire/Bonds and Sosa put the WWF to shame with their blatant roiding and making a joke of the record books.

    I wasn't commenting on the they cheat - we shouldn't watch; I was only commenting on the 'well, the couldn't cheat on the SB and didn't need to against Indy'.

    I was pointing out that cheating could have effected the outcome of the previous game.  And the real question is: if cheating doesn't give them an advantage, then why do it?

  8. The Ravens lost because Flacco threw a dumb reckless pick at the end of the game.  Not because of cheating the media is really exaggerating this stuff.

    Sure, nothing the Pats did or didn't do for the 60 minutes of football had anything to do with the outcome.  Maybe with the properly inflated balls there was a fumble early on, or a ball slipped out of Brady's hands and changed the game.  This game is too difficult to predict, anything could have changed the game or the momentum; Can't just look at the outcome or last few plays.

    Supposedly under inflated balls

    Supposedly over inflated kick-off ball

    Weird formations which are now illegal (technically not cheating)


    The comment was that the balls were correctly inflated during the SB, so it didn't matter; Also, the Pats would have beaten the Colts with a Basketball.  I am pointing out the a game that was very close could have be decided differently without alleged cheating.

    You have a crystal ball or a quantum computer so you know for sure it didn't effect the outcome of the game; well so be it.

  9. it's pro sports everyone cheats.  Calvin Pace got caught with PED's in 2010 and our idiot assistant coach Sal Alosi tripped an opposing player returning a punt. Laron Landry used steroids while he was a jet.


    As for "deflategate" the fact remains the Patriots won the Super Bowl presumedly with properly inflated balls.

    Yes - everyone probably cheats, but only Pats throw a temper tantrum and fight it when the get caught and punished; you didn't hear Atlanta and Cleveland complaining this past year - and the admitted the guilt


    Sure they won a 'clean' Super Bowl (very close - probably the best SB in a while), but maybe they don't beat Ravens by 4 or get to the bye without it all year long.  Also, the colder it is, the bigger the advantage of under inflated balls; AZ was not cold...

  10. Charlie Brown is once again correct.  We've all seen Geno play, and he hasn't been great...but most will agree he hasn't had a whole lot to work with....The kid certainly has the skill set to play in this league and, on occasion, has performed at a quality NFL QB level...

    I, for one, would liked to have seen him perform under a high level OC (Gaily) and with legitimate NFL weapons.

    While understandable, the dislike for him is unfair.  

    I realize that this debate will rage on.  On one hand, the statistics prove that he has been one of the worst, if not the worst, QBs in the league.  On the other hand, he had crappy weapons and a 'bad' OC (same excuses for Sanchez).  If you like him, you make excuses; if you don't you fall to statistics.

    For me, the 2 most telling points are that he let a situation with a teammate get so out of hand, that he got into a fight. And, secondly, most of the locker room didn't get his back. IMHO that is all we need to know.  He is still acting like an arrogant kid and he hasn't won over the locker room.  I think it is time to move on....

    It is like with Sanchez.  He was broken when he left.  Was it his maturity, football IQ and work ethic, or did the Jets break him? IDK, but either way he was broken.

    I think Geno is done here; is it his fault, the Jets fault, both? IDK, but not sure he has a future here.

  11. I would imagine that one OL will be released when Aboushi comes off of his suspension.  But, that would still be 10; so I don't know if they don't want the Browns to pick them up, or they are hoping that after week one, someone will be willing to trade (even if it isn't much) for one of our backups.  Or, they are going with the quantity not quality argument.  Either way, I agree, it is curious.

  12. He drafted a TE, who the Jets needed.  He went where he should go and outperformed other TEs drafted ahead and behind him.  He put up acceptable numbers, along the line of Gronk as a rookie.  You would have to expect he would have been a big contributor this year.  Nothing in his past, unless catching 100 passes in college without a history of injury was a red flag.  This is the NFL, players get hurt.  A tissue tear isn't a sign of anything, its bad luck.  Revis wasn't a pusse when he tore his knee, Namath wasn't a pusse for blowing his knee etc out.  No one calls Gronk a pusse for breaking an arm, it happens, its a tough sport.  Idzik made more than enough mistakes, this isn't one of them

    I agree, more than enough mistakes to jump on him about. A broken clock is right twice a day - so he was right on this one.  If we want to dump on him for his mistakes, we have to give him credit for doing it right - even if it was just dumb luck.

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  13. My guess, when Oboushi comes off of his suspension, they will let another OL go.. still have balance;

    Probably the same for when Richardson is ready.

  14. It would have cost us money to release him.  Can't be just throwing money away at this point since we need to squeeze a new contract for Wilk.

    rather has the roster spot- also Geno can't be enough to mess up wilks deal; if needed they can convert this years salary to min and save some with bonus etc - I get it but I would rather move on

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