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  1. Face it, Coples is an OLB, and that's not going to change any time soon.  With brand new systems in place, the coaches are using the preseason to get players up to speed for the regular season.  They are not going to waste this precious time to conduct an experiment or as some sort of deception tactic.  It would be a different story if there was an established system, coach, and players in place for multiple years.

    With that being said, Coples is at his best with his hand in the dirt, so that's where I expect him to be much of the time.  Either way, this will be Coples' last year here.  He's a decent player, but his motor sucks.  I believe the new regime will be moving on when he becomes a FA after this season.

    Davis doesn't have any motor issues, but his instincts aren't great.

    Both players will be starters in 2015, but there is no guarantee either of them are here long term.  Davis has a better chance to stick around after this year because he'll still be on his rookie contract.

    Here is the problem the way I see it, Coples isn't a great OLB, but he is likely better than what we have (especially with the injuries); while he is better at DE, he isn't close to the best DL we have.  We are stacked at DL, and not at OLB; this is why he was moved before; this is why AA was moved to CB.  He is in a bad place here.

  2. so your opinion is if he felt either way, one side is right and would either uphold or vacate it would be right, he would be a judge by telling them to settle?  Ok, then I just don't agree that's what a judge should do, thought he should dispense justice and this would be justice.  

    I 100% agree with you on that.  I said earlier on, law doesn't seem to be about justice or common sense.  But, either way it isn't justice.

    That is the rub here; no matter what the Judge ruled it wouldn't be a guilter/not guilty verdict.  It is just a question of was the NFL right in their interpretation of the CBA. And unfortunately that is why neither side will give an inch.

    Goodell won't budge because he doesn't want to loose the power to appeal and appear weak

    If you think Brady is guilty this case doesn't mean anything (other than he didn't get away with it); if you think he is innocent he doesn't get vindication.  It sucks all the way around.

  3. you just refuse to read. 

    Sorry, we have to disagree about that as well.  I read what you wrote: he would be a ... head if he let Brady accept 2 games if he was ready to let him walk.  How would that be fair? 


    My point is simple: if he was going to vacate the suspension he would still push for a settlement.  if he was going to uphold the suspension, he would still push for a settlement.

    It doesn't make him a ... head; it makes him a Judge.  He said all along, he wanted a settlement, didn't want to have to rule.  Either way, he will be appealed.  Either way a precedent is set; If he was going to vacate (to be fair) he would not want to be overruled (since it isn't about fair to Brady).  It is a crap hole and he wanted to avoid it.

    I understand what you wrote; I just disagree with it. 

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  4. he would be a shlt head if he let Brady accept 2 games if he was ready to let him walk.  How would that be fair? 

    My point all along is that this has nothing to do with fair.  The question isn't whether Brady deserves a suspension, but did the NFL follow the proper procedure.

    And, if you are right and he was going to let Brady walk, why push for a settlement?  But, if he was going to uphold the decision why push for settlement (because Brady's suspension would be reduced).

    The judge doesn't get to decide if Brady is guilty or not; and fair or unfair he doesn't get to take that into consideration.  As a Judge he has to rule on the case not who is right and what is fair?

  5. Yep.  Agreed 100%.  But I dont think he was the BAP in that draft.  I liked the WR's better and it fit a huge need at the time.  

    Yeah, I was commenting on the drafting a S in the first round, but yes, wasn't blow away by him.  He had some commentators saying he was a good SS, but still.  I think Idzik was trying to make it up to Rex for not giving him any CBs (or Rex threatened to beat him to death).  Either way, glad Idzik is gone....

    But agreed, bad to pick SS in 1st, better BPA as well.

  6. and I didn't say it wasn't.  But the judge told the 2 sides to settle.  The paranoid contingent believes the judge and his orders indicate he's going to let Brady off without any games on his suspension.  If that is what the judge is thinking, that the punishment was unwarranted why would he tell them to settle and risk Brady accepting any games for what he believes is an unjust penalty? 

    He just wants a settlement; I don't think he is worried about Brady service time if he was going to overrule anymore than he is concerned with Goodell caving if he was going to rule on the side of the NFL.  He wanted a settlement; this way it goes away; no appeal, etc. If Brady has to serve an extra game or two to make that happen, fine with the Judge.  If Goodell looks weak for caving and Brady only serves 1 or 2 games fine.  As long as he didn't have to rule.  That is how I read it at any rate.

  7. Trying to work that out as well, considering they don't seem to show favoritism towards anyone, why would they towards Pyror? Maybe it has something to do with scheme and getting players lined up, because it certainly doesn't seem to be based on play alone. 

    Bowles said himself, that much of pre-season is getting a chance to see what players can do and how they can do in different match-ups.

    Clearly, Bowles/Mac aren't perfect, but I would imagine if Pryor makes the team it is because they like his potential, or we don't have much depth at S.  I would say that more telling will be how much Pryor plays in the 4Q on Thursday instead of how much he has played before.  Unless you are a QB playing for Ryan, getting time in Q4 of the last preseason game can't be a good sign.

  8. It is frustrating because he wasnt this way in college at all.  I hate taking a S in the first round too.  So this is just making it all the more worse.

    I mostly agree with this.  No SS in first round.  Idzik believed in BPA.  But, in reality, BPA has to consider the position.  I don't think you draft a G in the top 10 (let alone top 5);

    This isn't 1985, you don't draft a SS in the first round.  A FS, maybe, but not a SS.

  9. hate to break it to you but if the judge agreed with you, thought the NFL had no case, please explain why he would tell the parties to settle?  Why would he risk Bradys team settles on any suspension knowing he will rule no suspension? 

    Its more involved than the sky is falling and they get everything their way

    I don't think it has anything to do with who gets suspended for how long.

    The lawyers I heard from explained that the case had nothing to do with tampering with balls and guilt.  I had to do with did the NFL follow the CBA terms and did it conform to labor law.  In fact, the lawyers argued that since the judge wants a settlement (no ruling by him, no precedent, no appeal) he will often brow beat the side with the strongest case to get them to think that they will loose and settling is best.  Again, this is what they said.  This isn't King Solomon ruling about what is just/fair; just what is 'legal'

  10. What I am saying is that the Patriots do not need Tom Brady to beat a depleted Steelers team, a terrible Jags team, and a Tyrod-Taylor led Bills team.  And the Patriots chances of winning at Dallas in Week 5 are not that good whether Brady plays or not (though obviously they are much better with Brady than with Jimmy G).    

    While I agree that the Steelers looked like crap, I wouldn't look past the Buffalo; Rex, with no offense and no secondary almost beat the Pats (with Brady and Revis) twice last year.  Yeah, it was almost, I wouldn't write Rex off so easily - especially considering how well he prepares against NE and how well he does against QBs with little experience.

  11. The drop-off between Brady and Jimmy G is not likely to translate to much difference in the W/L column for just the first 4 games.  The Patriots aren't getting back their future #1 and #4.  And nobody's mind is going to be changed about Brady (for good or for bad) regardless of what Berman's decision says.   

    Wow; 6 months ago Brady was MVP Superbowl winner with 4 rings and a sure first ballot HOF; now there isn't a great drop off between him and Jimmy G.  Are you saying the Jimmy G is HOF bound, or that Brady wasn't that good?  Even if G has the talent, he doesn't have the experience and the NFL likes to eat up QBs without experience.  But sure, Brady ~= Jimmy G

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  12. You actually believe Brady?


    If he loses he can appeal and get an injunction from the Circuit Court and the appeal wouldn't be heard until AFTER the end of next season.  This is AROD all over again.

    Umm; I never said that? I think Goodell is a jack...; the league did a sh... job and that at a bare minimum Brady is hiding something.  I just said some lawyers said it wasn't about guilt or innocence.

  13. I think the Jets should hire Idzik on a life time worth of 1 year deals just so we have a yearly scapegoat to fire and fly signs over practice about.

    I agree; for the older fans, it is like chanting 'joe must go'.  Always thought they should hire a joe, just to take fall.  Give the fans something to get behind.

    'Herm must go' didn't sound nearly as nice...

  14. There has been a lot of talk up here about it, and several radio stations have hosted labor lawyers to discuss the case.  A couple of points (from them)

    1. The case isn't about guilt or innocence of Brady, so if the NFL wins or Brady wins has little to do with Guilt/Non-guilt.  That is one of the reasons other's haven't testified

    2. Many concluded that the Judge thinks the NFL couldn't have handled this any worse if they tried, but the issue at hand is whether or not the NFL followed the CBA and Labor law, not whether Goodell is a dumb .... or whether Brady is guilty.  They also said that he didn't want to rule, because he is likely on Brady's side as far as a crap investigation, but the CBA and labor law is clear and that the NFL didn't violate either.  So, his choice is to free Brady and have the NFL appeal (and win) or side with the NFL; Both suck for a judge - hence his push for a settlement.

    Take it for what it is, but this is what some of I have heard.

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  15. if ththy were tha pissedan wwith Geno, he'd be cut right now.  They didn't waste time cutting IK...why would the genocide situation be any different?  I have a feeling Amaro is on the bubble...but not Geno.

    I don't know what Bowles and Mac are thinking, but just because you are pissed or done with a player, doesn't mean you cut them immediately.  The IK thing was different - just like when Pats cut Hernadez (but not as severe obviously) - it was a discipline thing.

    But, you can't release Geno without a reasonable backup/starter; if they were leaning towards Geno as a starter this year, that would mean, they have Fitz (who they didn't want to start) starting, and Flynn as a backup.  Unless you can replace Geno with someone better, you hold on to him until you can.

    So, even if they are ready to move on from Geno, they don't have a viable option.  Just my opinion; my guess is that unless he did something amazing, they were going to try and move on from him for next season anyway.

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  16. Let's see if you can really move on and give me the last word :-)

    Not that it matters, but I am not angry just like to poke at trolls ...

    sorry about the long post, i will try in the future to write smaller posts with smaller words...

    Enjoy your trolling...

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  17. Since the Jets aren't really expected to go all the way this year, I would guess they won't re-sign Flynn unless Fitz is hurt.  I would guess that will go into each game (first 4) hoping Fitz doesn't get hurt.  If he does, you put Petty in and let him hand off the ball and give up on that game (Flynn wasn't going to win it for you anyway).  Once Geno is healthy he will back up unless Fitz sucks or gets hurt.

    If Fitz does suck or get hurt before Geno is back, I would expect they would sign Flynn the next day for the remainder of the games left until Geno can start.

    No real basis for that opinion, just a guess; the Jets have too many young hopefuls in positions held by older vets to want to risk loosing one just for Flynn.

  18. The jets situation is both funny and sad at the same time....

    I think Mac did a great job in one year, if next off-season and draft are half as good, we will be in good shape.

    I think Bowles may struggle early (as he learns) but is doing an admirable job so far and hope he will be great in a few years.

    I think we either need Petty to become the real deal (top 15 QB or we need to find a way to get one - trade, draft, both) or we will never be a great team.

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  19. 1. I never said that you said you went site to site; i said you went site to site; you are on this site, you are clearly a pats fan, so likely you are on some pats sites; and unless you are obsessed with Jet fans you are likely on other teams' sites as well, simple logic and math

    2. Fans talk about their team on one of their team's site; going to other team's sites to talk smack about another team - that is what trolls do

    3. I am not bent out of shape about the Pats signing Wayne.  My problem isn't with the signing, it is with the media et. al. assuming that just because the Pats did it, it was a good signing.  If you are just going to assume that everything they do is good, than why discuss it?

    4. I also said it that this isn't the same team that turned around Moss; the locker room has changed.  Didn't say they sucked; just that they can't necessarily turn careers around.  And that it is a while since any player got a second start at NE.  You gave me Revis (really - yeah his behavioral problems were the worst before going to NE), Welker (who didn't have problems but whose career took off due to Brady, but he came to NE a long time ago in football years).

    5. I pointed out someone who was supposedly turned around by NE and cheered only to find out that he had been a thug the whole time and is now implicated in 3 murders and another shooting - you gave me Vick; again the media loved the Hernandez signing (NE will turn him around, and then NE turned him around) and hated the Vick signing (me too BTW).

    Maybe there is some reading comprehension issues here, but it isn't on my side.

    Here is one for you?

    Question: who goes to another teams site, talks smack late a night, and the repost his own post early in the morning?

    Answer: a attention craving troll...

  20. ha ha..w.welker is ancient.? And T.O. was never brought in by the pats..but l'll give you someone more recent then. D.Revis...and he got that ring from the pats, when are the jets gonna do that for him?.lol


    And you talk Hernandez like the jets didnt employ a convicted animal murderer..lol. teams employ questionable players everyday. HA HA at you thinking everyone knew he murdered someone..

    Im here like other fans joint other teams sites all the time....just learn not to be mad. U will live longer..lol

    Not mad; you are just a troll; I root for the Jets, so I only go on a Jets site; you want to go from site to site and stick up for your cheating team - go for it.

    I realize that trolls don't really care about the point, but we were talking about players who's careers were over; had conduct issues, etc.

    Clearly, Revis and Welker are not in that group.  So it was Ocho Cinco (or somebody else) versus T.O.  Can't remember all of the has-beens and trouble makers the Pats were going to turn around.  Suffice it to say, it has been a while since they turned a career around.

    Yeah, that's it, compare a dog fighter (who many such as myself were not happy about joining the Jets) and a guy whom everyone stayed away from do to behavior issues.  After 3 years, all of the Patriot trolls shouted out how great the Patriots were to take a chance on him and that they turned him around.  The fact that he likely killed 2 people, shot a supposed friend and was convicted of killing another make him a real saint.  Not to mention starting fights with your beloved Welker.  Can't compare that to a dog fighter who served his time.

    But, none of the Jet fans were going around other sites sticking up for Vick; telling everyone that we were going to turn him around. And no reporters were describing it as a brilliant move.  My point is that everyone talks about how the Patriots 'turn' people around and restart careers and that hasn't happened since Moss.


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