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  1. I remember some high flying Jets games with Kenny O; the 45-41 (or something like that) shoot out with Miami with W. Walker burning Miami's defense; Marino wasn't the same gain that year. Unfortunately, I was actually at the 45-3 pasting the Dolphins handed us in Miami when we started 10-1; I don't think we won another game after that, we finished like 10-6 and Kenny O was shell shocked from then on.
  2. My first game my father took me to Shea stadium; I think I was about 7; I don't remember that much of the game except that the Jets won and their was a late game interception. My second game was between the Jets and the Giants (I think in the Yale Bowl) in 1974. It was one of the first (if not the first) regular season overtime game. The Jets won. We had end-zone seats; and at one point, Joe Namath hobbled into the end-zone for a TD. Pretty amazing.
  3. What IK did was wrong, but remember the context; they aren't in a meeting wearing suits; this is football and most of the players come from a background where you don't take the 'dis-respect'. Again, IK never should have hit him. But, I think what is more telling is what happened after the fight. IK, was release and apologized for his actions. Said he let the situation get out of control, but he should have walked away. Clearly he has anger control issues he needs to deal with. Geno tweeted a selfie about how he would be back. No apology, no statement. Cleary he is a punk. Not sure you can get help for that. I said it in another thread, slipping to the 2nd round didn't wake him up; sucking for 2 seasons didn't wake him up either. It looks like getting punched in the face and having the locker room partly blame him for it didn't seem to wake him up either...
  4. the only good thing that i can see out of this is that I think the Jets are ready to move on from Geno; he is clearly lacking in leadership, maturity, and professionalism. so, unless he knocks the ball out of the park this season he is gone. I was worried he would do just enough for people to want to give him one more year; Mac did a great job on one season, and you can't do it all at once, but it is clear Petty needs to be the guy or we need to move on. I don't think an average (or even above average) year by Geno will be enough for him to stay.
  5. For the other teams you can say the other QBs got unlucky and were hurt. Geno poked the bear and paid the price (not condoning IK). Unless you are saying by Fitz being on the team Geno got arrogant and stupid, but I believe that started way before Fitz got here.
  6. it was wrong for Rex to pick him up... let's face it, when Geno is 'healthy' and IK's suspension is up, wouldn't it be great to see IK sack Geno (assuming both are playing); you can't write TV that good....
  7. Clearly, what IK did was a dumb move. And, I know that it was about respect ego, etc, but he should have walked a way. No doubts. But, IK showed us what we all feared: Geno isn't the guy. As dumb as it was for IK to hit Geno over $600, it was even dumber for Geno to put himself in that posistion and wag his finger in this guys face. I am not making excuses for IK, but look at the aftermath. Guys on the team say it was Geno's fault too; he has lost the locker room (if he every had it). Geno could have diffused this is so many ways, but he let his arrogance get the best of him. I would have hoped that slipping into the 2nd round and being ranked 32nd (with all of his talent) would have been enough of a wake up call, but apparently not. Apparently, getting a broken jaw and missing 6-10 weeks wasn't enough either. After all, IK apologized, Geno tweeted he would be back.
  8. I want a better solution as bad as anybody, but 2 QBs in a row who are immature, unprofessional, and aren't disciplined enough to focus on the craft have been enough. I say pass.
  9. I was never a fan of Geno; and I had real reservations as to whether this was going to be a break out year for him, but IMO this is the worst thing that could have happened to the Jets. Forget the circus and egg on the organization, this is the worst thing that could have happened from a football stance. Fitz is a great backup QB. You want to a guy who is going to know the system, come in at a moments notice and win a few games to keep your playoffs alive, he is your guy. Great fit. But, I don't think he is good enough to win the big show even with a great defense. Great defenses will thwart him. And, there will be only so far the Jets can go. With Geno, there was a chance he could grow up, learn how to read defenses and you had a shot. I didn't think there was a great chance, but a chance never the less. No, we are likely to be a good team. Maybe even make the playoffs, but then what? We will end up picking in the bottom half of the draft and next year we will be right back again; no QB capable of wining the big game - this time Mangold, Revis, Brick, and Marshall are a year older. If Petty isn't our future we are now stuck in mediocrity. If the team doesn't believe Petty can start/compete next year and be the one, we need to do something drastic or else this year will be a waste. We need to roll the dice on a guy who can be great, but isn't yet, and hope it either pays off, or we loose so bad we can draft that guy. Or at least bad enough to bundle some picks to draft that guy. 2 days ago we were a significantly better team than last year that was hoping that either this year was Geno's year, or next year will be Petty's year. Now we are a team just waiting to see if next year we can put our hopes on Petty. Not great enough to win big, not bad enough to be better next year. Stuck in the middle...
  10. Looks like Jets tweeted that AA cleared waivers and is now on IR (no return)
  11. It sounds more like Revis is saying they made it close to the big game with an inexperienced, yet solid QB. Maybe he is saying that if Geno can get to be solid and more consistent they can go all the way. Or, we don't need Tom Brady to make it to the big show. Not sure he is calling out Sanchez, more like being optimistic for the up coming season.
  12. I was thinking the same thing, but for Cromartie; granted he would have to re-work his deal, but assuming Milliner or McDoogle can take his spot next year, he might make a good transition. Cromartie is big/tall and still pretty fast. He doesn't jam on the line the way you would like but that isn't as important for a FS. I know that some great CBs have transitioned later in the careers into a good FS, but I imagine is is more the exception than the rule. Easy to say, but not sure he can make the move. It would lengthen his career a bit.
  13. inside the 5 with less then a minute left in the super bowl with a great running back; call....
  14. I am no cap/rules expert, but I believe that the Pats don't get anything for Revis. He wasn't a UFA after his contract expired, they didn't pick up his option. I thought that was like releasing a player as far as compensatory picks; they don't get 'credit' for losing him.
  15. Well he lost the guarantees, it doesn't mean that he lost the money; he would either have to leave football due to an injury or be released by the Jets for him to not get this money - at least that is the way I interpreted the tweet.
  16. since Gailey is know for adjusting the offense to the strengths of the players and Geno and Fitz are different types of players, I would imagine that they will need to go all-in on Geno until they are ready to bail. I think someone pointed out that game 5 (after our early bye) will likely be the time to make a change unless Geno gets hurt or is completely scre...ing it up....
  17. The question isn't as much as how he did on the interview, but Cowherd (and I am no big fan of Cowherd) basically said this is you opportunity to sell your program to recruits. They might not listen to this interview, but Harbaugh better have better answers and be more friendly and genuine if he expects to land any top talent. I don't care as much about the interview, but it was clear that Harbaugh couldn't carry his side of the conversation. Maybe it was just a bad day or he wasn't into it, but damn, he better work on his interpersonal skills or leave the recruiting/closing to someone else.
  18. If Kraft/Mara/Jones was flying it over his own 'estate' and keeping away from other people's property I would agree, but they are flying it over property accessible to the public... there are safety, privacy, and other issues. Now if they were flying the drones over other stadiums to steal plays, that would be more interesting....
  19. this is exactly how a well run organization should work; young players (draftees and UDFAs) should constantly be pushing out the vets, particularly fringe vets. we just haven't had enough depth in the past to make this happen. the proof is in some of the scrubs that have been playing (let alone on the team). My hopes are for Cumberland (not likely) and another O-lineman. I love Cro, but I would like to see Milliner or McDougle push him out at some point too
  20. I hope you are right, but I just don't see a Super Bowl victory this year; so I would invest on the future - I would be thrilled to be wrong on this, however
  21. IMO you have to balance the risk that Geno is the real thing and that Williams on a line with Sheldon and with that secondary is going to struggle too much against the risk that Geno is not their guy and they will need to upgrade QB next season. Me: I think if Geno is going to be good enough than so will Williams. I cannot see Wilkderson being our missing piece; not sure loosing him at this point will hurt the D too much while an extra 1st next year could make all of the difference.
  22. I agree; I don't think we are paying Mo what he wants (or even what he is worth now that we added Williams); worst case scenario we don't need a new QB and have 2 picks next year
  23. Look at it this way, if that was Marshall last year instead of Cumberland on that ill-fated pass at the end of the first half, the Jets likely win that game. Marshall would have likely defended that pass correctly. Assuming we score the FQ and spend more time, we are looking at a 10 point swing to end the first half. Without that big momentum swing. If he catches that ball (he is big, strong and knows how to use his body) and we get a TD, it is a 14 point swing. A better secondary would have helped, but what a difference that one play would have made.
  24. 1) Every team over predicts how well they are going to do; I think you can find a good team that won't finish as high as they think they will. 2) A team may be willing to trade now and 'pay later' as people want immediate gratification or are trying to fill seats and think their defense will be so much better with Wilkerson 3) They would get 1 year at 6.7 million and the (worst case) pay tag next year (2 years) but most likely a team would do a trade only after having a deal in place (like with Tampa and Revis) - they would make a trade on the knowledge that they can work a deal and void the trade if they cannot; there are teams who are not as deep at DL and with cap who are likely to be willing to pay Wilkerson more than we are.
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