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  1. I seemed to remeber that Chan had said that it was unlikely that Geno would loose the job in training camp and that he would probably be the day 1 starter (after being forced to give a guess).  That is completely different than a guarantee.  I seemed to remember that Seattle thought that they know who the starter was going to be before Wilson was lights out.


    I would imagine Chan would prefer to know what QB will be starting sooner than later (as he supposedly customizes his offense to the players), but if Fitz is healthy and Geno stinks up the joint, I would imagine that Fitz will start.  Or, if Geno starts and stinks up the the joint, he will likely sit.


    I think there was a large amount of overreacting from the fans and mostly the media (who love controversy btw).

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  2. There were plenty of opportunities for the Jets to secure another QB or QBs to replace Geno or for a legitimate competition.


    But they chose not to do that. They decided to go all in on Geno. Shouldn't you at least give them the benefit of the doubt that they truly do see something in Geno, and that he is not just the default starter and actually as a Jets fan be a little excited to see what he can do for a good coaching staff, with a team that also seems to be very behind him?


    I am not sure there were plenty of opportunities to upgrade.  Maybe, but it isn't like either of the QBs in this draft fell to them; rumor is that the Jets explored trading up to get one, but if the Chip couldn't trade up and he had such a hard on for him, then it sounds like it was too expensive.  The could have traded Mo to the Raiders for next year's number 1 hoping they would be in the top 5 again, but who would have gone for that?  Sam Bradford? Eagles had Foles to trade; Foles? Rams had Bradford to trade.  Should we have traded our #2 for some other team's backup?


    It wasn't like Manning was released for the highest bidder to pick up.  Cutler? would the Bears really trade him? would we want him? what was the cost?  We don't know what we tried to do and how we rated 'available' QBs and what the cost was.


    There are only so many top QBs; What team is going to be willing to get rid of a top 10/top 15 QB?  What would the price have been.  I think they did a great job in the off-season filling holes, but how much can one team do in one season? How much is too much to trade on another question mark at QB?  Maybe Petty will be able to compete next year; maybe a good QB drops to us next year; I am not happy with Geno, but sometimes the best you can do is all you can do.


    The real problem is that this defense (and to a certain point this offense) is too good for us to get a top 10 pick next year (I would assume), so next year we will have the same problem as this year.  We can only hope for the best.

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  3. People love to throw around extreme tags; the guy is either a beast or hot garbage.  Maybe he is injury prone and his career will never take off, but terrible, garbage; i don't thinks so.  At least not yet.


    1. There is only one Revis and even Revis gets beat for a completion or even a TD once in a blue moon.  You cannot compare a good/very good CB with Revis - the bar is too high

    2. Rex is very hard on CBs; he likes to isolate them; no help; most/many corners don't play as much man-to-man without safety help - let alone as a rookie

    3. He had 12 mediocre to bad games, but put together 2-3 brilliant games at the end of his rookie season (surprisingly after he got some old be good safety help)

    4. Clearly he needs to improve his conditioning/stretching or tape review (isn't it funny we still call it tape) - who better to learn from than Revis

    5. He is too cheap to throw away (especially if his salary is guaranteed); they can even put him on IR if he isn't right to save the roster spot.


    Revis is the Luck/Manning of CBs; very few will look good compared to him.  Very few rookies will play as well as he did as a rookie, and even fewer are going to start strong be isolated against other teams' #1 receiver; remember all the rules favor the WR and he was forced to cover some good veteran WRs without help early on.


    Can he turn out to be a bust - especially if he can't get healthy - of course. But it is way to soon to throw him away, or to call him 'horrible' IMO.

  4. You know who in MY mind "looses" credibility? The new head coach who, correct me if I'm wrong here or not but doesn't the head coach usually make the call as to who wins and looses the starting quarterback spot? I could be looseing my mind or maybe my pants are too lose and I need a new belt before they fall off my ass


    To be fair, he didn't go to the press and say Geno will start; they asked him who was going to be the starter for the first game and he didn't want to answer; when pressed he basically said he wouldn't say but it is probably Geno.  


    It was coordinators day and the media was talking directly to the coordinators.  I don't see this as a power play or that the HC has lost his coaches; I see it as a coordinator that was presented to the media was backed against the wall and asked his opinion giving his job as OC on what he thought would be the case...

  5. There is competition at our DLine (players trying to get spots), a top rookie competing for playing time.

    There is competition in our secondary (young players pushing for playing time like McDoogle and last years starters fighting for jobs)

    There is even some competition on the OL particularly at Guard position.


    There is no competition at QB; Fitz is hurt (may even start season on PUP?), Petty is a 1-2 year project, etc.  What should the coaches say?  Should they claim there is competition when there isn't?


    Gailey was being honest; he just doesn't see how Geno won't win the starting job; he doesn't see how he is going to loose the job in TC.  If he claimed there was competition at QB he would loose all credibility; no when they say there is competition people (especially the players) will believe them.


    This isn't Rex claiming that Geno is a top 10 QB.  This isn't Idzik saying there will be competition at all levels and then not bringing in players to compete.


    What was Gailey supposed to say?  There is a big competition at QB?  Or, we don't have competition, but Geno sucks and I have no faith in him?  He is being realistic and trying to support his only real starter with optimism.  Rex talked superbowls, and that other teams starters would be sitting on our bench; Gailey is saying realistically that Geno is likely to be the starter (actually he said probably) and that he has shown flashes and potential in college.  Big difference.


    If anything, Gailey has, IMHO, build a great deal of credibility in my mind.  Now, like other areas, he needs to execute and find a way to make Geno not loose us games.

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  6. Not sure what everyone expects.  Petty isn't ready and Fitz is still recovering.  Would everyone prefer that the coaches claimed there was competition when there isn't any? I would rather the staff doesn't kill its credibility right out of the gate.


    I love that way the Jets have created competition at so many levels in just one year after having a team with a lot of weak spots, but they couldn't do it at QB.  That got a decent backup and a project with a lot of potential; if Geno falls flat, I can see them switching to Fitz, but right now Geno is what you have.


    The good news is that when they say 'there is competition at Guard' you can at least believe them.

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