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  1. I get it, but when people are bashing players before the season starts, or calling them names like midget or lazy, or whatever it is rooting against them. When the player does the same as a QB that everyone is talking about as rookie of the year and people talk about the wins, but when he wins, they talk about the play it is either rooting against him or it is unrealistic expectations. When the player does well after all of the growth issues and the same people don't post or move on to the next player that isn't HOF after 8 weeks, that is rooting against him. I am as frustrated as most on the lack of growth of both Zack and the team, but I don't think he is the worst QB ever, or that Saleh and JD should be fired, or that Mac Jones is a better prospect. The difference is that I knew this was going to be a rough year for Zack and that the Jets would only win 3-4 games - so I guess I have different expectations. Zack may turn out to be a bust, but no way do we know that now; and no way does his poor and erratic play make him the worst QB in the history of the Jets. Any QB is going to struggle on this team (some more than others). A rookie QB more so. Just my opinion.
  2. Our fan based roots against players all of the time. While I don't have time to trudge through the posts, consider the: He is a Bust; we should never draft a QB in top of 1st, If JD picked him, he sucks, Fields is better - all before a single snap. Many look for any excuse to call him terrible - some will kill him for a few INTs and then root for White to get a shot after a 4 INT game. See the reaction to the comparison of his stats against the stats of Mac Jones against same 4 teams. We also get the player is soft if they are hurt; Becton is a fat lazy pig on toothpicks; Carter is too short; they cast shade on anyone because JD drafted them and they don't like JD or they didn't want that player over another. They may not openly root against the player, but they take any chance to knock him and aren't objective. As for supporting Zack with those numbers, the loud fans on this site will never be happy. If he had those stats they would talk about the win. If he wins, they talk about it wasn't his win; when we loose and there is one bad pass, he is the worst. Last week Zack sucked, but got the win, and yet the boo-birds were out; people called for White to start, etc.
  3. LOL - 0 problems? white had 4 INTs (should have been more); he also got knocked out of a game; JJ throw a game losing INT in the Red Zone; Flacco tried the dink and dunk game and the team came up short, but yeah, no problems.
  4. what? where is the dwarf caller? can't be good at that height
  5. Well Mac Jones has a better OL and supporting cast and Defense. So, Zack played better with less - the game difference is likely the D. And Zack always having to play from behind, etc. BTW, didn't the Titans have their top running back when we played them too?
  6. LOL - that is what i meant. We already have 8 losses - in 2020 we could only hope for 8-8 - isn't this year great !!!
  7. Really hoping for a high draft slot to hopefully trade down. Either way, I can root for the Jets to win and the Seahawks to loose and then I get the best of both worlds.
  8. well, this is a new GM and a new CS - so if you assume it is just bad karma, nothing we do will work and the team will always suck. So, either this team has a chance and let's root for Zack or they don't and it just doesn't matter. I think the biggest problem Zack has is that he is surrounded with equally young and inexperienced players playing on new schemes with new coaches. It is so hard to know for sure. The biggest problem that some of the fans have is that they are either too optimistic from preseason, too critical (like all other QBs never have bad games or throws), or are too jaded. It sucks, because this is supposed to be fun and entertaining. Here is hoping for the best
  9. Jets seem to struggle on D against what was, at one point, our identity - smash mouth football. We don't seem to hold up to it. If they start off running the ball directly at us hard, or they are fast enough to get outside, it is going to be a long day. As usual, I will be rooting for the win, but at 3-8 the wins aren't as important. I find it impossible to believe we will be 9-7 and not sure 9-7 gets you into the playoffs. So, a win is great, but a loss helps us in the long run with draft order. But I root hard for them every week. Fortunately, I can root for Seattle to loose - another loss or so and they will flip picks with us
  10. To be fair, Rosen was picked at 10 I think. Let's look at Mayfield - he had his ups and downs and into his fifth year, Cleveland still doesn't know what to do with him. I hope that isn't us, but ... Look at Maholmes - The guy was great and so was his team - this year he is struggling - this concept that a fan - who doesn't know as much as coaches and doesn't see everything that is happening in practice - knows Zack is a bust or that Zack will be great is ridiculous. It is even harder to determine when the team has almost half of their players being a rookie or 2nd year, brand new schemes and new coaching staffs. We won't know anything for sure until middle/end of next year at the earliest. Most likely not until the following year. If it was easy, every team would have a top 10 QB (which of course is impossible). The real question is why are Jets fans rooting against him? I understand not being convinced or not liking the GM/HC, but to actively root against the kid - that is mind blowing...
  11. While Zack may turn out to be a bust, he is currently the future of the Jets. If he is healthy he plays. If Zack isn't playing it is because he is either injured or they want to win. If they are selecting a QB with the best chance to win, Flacco will start. Mike is considered to be a back up; he has been around a couple of years, been on 2 teams, and he was drafted in the 5th round; he has been deemed by the 'pundits' to be a backup at best. He apparently doesn't have enough upside. While the 'pundits' can be wrong - it is rare. Unless proven otherwise, we will remain a back-up; so all things being equal and everyone being healthy Zack will start unless he can't or they choose to win - if they are trying to win Flacco starts. Sorry.
  12. LOL - No way JD dumps Zack next year (or he will be dumped); so, it doesn't matter. That being said, it normally takes a good QB 3 years to turn the corner (but they should be showing progress prior to then); However, QBs often have a sophamore slump (can't happen now as I don't think he can get worse). I am hoping that Zack starts to settle back down and shows progress before year end, but I wouldn't count on it... meanwhile the running game and some of the offensive weapons are showing promise...
  13. It seems that the DL disappears against teams with big strong running games - once the team can run at will and doesn't have to drop back and throw - the DL seems less effective.
  14. Yep, Jamal got us two firsts He is clearly the best player so far...
  15. Lol - Carolina can trade with us to trade up, and next year, trade us a 2 for the great Mike White - they can trade with us for a QB or a QB slot every year Too early to tell who climb the charts to be the best players of the draft - either way, I say if we are really holding the 4th and 5th (wouldn't it be funny if the 4 was from Seattle) picks (or something like that ) I would trade both of them down - one to the middle/top third and one to the bottom third if possible. I would then draft a LB/Edge and a Center with those picks. Use the top 2nd round pick for a RG - of course everything would have to fall into place, but ...
  16. Are the fans on Trevor's team rooting for a practice squad back up player with 4 ints in one game to take over for him?
  17. This team cries for competition and let the best player play; Mims got a chance and dropped a few balls. He has too much potential to dump at this point, but there are other WRs who are currently playing better - he needs to earn another chance and not blow it this time.
  18. I thought Detroit was the worse team? This is also the team the almost beat (okay maybe almost didn't lose) the great Pats. And it took them blocking their own punt to loose out. Week after week we hear that the Jets couldn't beat a college or HS team; they beat a team (or don't loose) and everyone is like - it doesn't count.
  19. You would think we got creamed yesterday. BTW, this is the same team that the Patriots barely beat - and it took Houston blocking their own punt (could you imagine if the Jets did that) for the Pats to do it.
  20. There are only three problems with this idea: 1. Why would Seattle let him go? 2. Why would Wilson pick the Jets if Seattle was willing to let him go? 3. Why would you trade away the world to get a QB who is loosing on a team with the great Jamal Adams, a better team, with a coaching staff with a history of winning? As it stands now, they pick 1 pick after us? The real problem is understanding football - plugging a good/great QB doesn't just make an offense great. It is a team sport. Even good QBs have bad games/seasons. Wilson won a Super Bowl a while back (so did Flacco ) and has had a few mediocre years but you are willing to trade away for him hoping it fixes the team. Even if the Jets were to drop Zack for a seasoned QB, they should fix the team first.
  21. Pats are so damn lucky - imagine this game had Henry been there. They were close until the end where they ran up the score. And all of this talk about Mac Jones being great - he would be sitting behind Mike White and JJ if he were on the Jets. Can't wait until they play a team on the rise with a good defense...
  22. I have to admit, the #2 pick would bring in a ton a draft capital - but I always root for the win - can't help it. I get your point. It is worse - many on this site root for losses or bad plays because the don't like the player, HC or GM. Instead of rooting for the team and hoping for the best, they seem to root against the team or the player to prove in their minds that they were right...
  23. Many knew this was going to be a painful year to watch. Most (myself included) suggested we would only win 3-4 games. We are there. Then, when a rookie QB on a weak team with a poor OL comes off a 4 week break from being hurt and plays poorly (especially in first half) people are calling for both his head and the HC and GM. Zack may likely be a bust, but you don't throw away a #2 pick who is working hard and trying to progress after 7 weeks because the arm chair GM fans are frustrated at the fact that this really young team with serious holes is playing at the level most people expected in the beginning of the season.
  24. Yeah - sorry to tell you - it doesn't mean we suck less then them - just this week we did more to win (or less to loose). Me, I want them to loose all of the games for draft position, but cheer the crap out of them to beat anyone (even sh*tty teams). I had predicted 3-4 wins this season; I would expect to be right. But, if LaFluer throws too often fans say try something different; if we hand off 2 times and throws on 3-8 fans say try something different; when he tries something different; mixes it up and scores a TD, fans say the Jets don't trust the QB to throw. I just get cranky with all of the hate; they don't trust Zack - he sucks, JD sucks, Saleh sucks - the hope is that Zack improves for the rest of the season and hopefully his bad play doesn't hold back Moore.
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