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  1. Positive - Mosley proved the value of his big contract; Jets cant stop a nose bleed without him.
  2. You may not dive at the Legs of the QB in or out of the pocket unless he is running. If he is standing there throwing the ball you may not do it. I guarantee if that was Brady there would have been a flag - not sure why that is so hard to understand.
  3. Woody is never selling this team. This team is Never moving (he is still paying for the Stadium). Yes, the team is what happens when there is little to no talent and whatever talent is there is extremely young and inexperienced. This is why we don't have a reasonable back up QB. Winning was not going to happen this year. This team is terrible. Anyone who thought that they were going to win more than 4 games was just fooling themselves. This, sadly, was the plan - it is a complete and total reboot. yes, next year should be much better, but they are not likely going to bring in many FA - ot
  4. NOPE. You don't know me. You don't get me. I hate participation trophies - but I believe in some basic semblance of class and sportsmanship. BB is a cheat, liar, baby and a bully; you okay with it - enjoy ...
  5. yep - while the Jets deserve to be embarrassed some standards should apply. It is not about the Jets, its about what a Jack-off BB is :-). I would be equally irate had he done that to another team; of course I hate the F'n team and BB.
  6. And... because the Pats hold and the Refs protect him. How many roughing the passer calls have we seen thrown against the Jets for barely touching a QB. The Brady rule (ironically) makes it illegal to hit the QB low. But hey, if you don't have a good game plan, the QB is on his own? Had Zack thrown the ball away, he still would have been hit late and everyone would be jumping up and down about how you have to take the hit.
  7. was it more flagrantly illegal? rules - can't dive at QBs legs; can't hit QB late ... its not about viscous, it is about the rules - put it this way, if a Jet did that to Brady or Mac Jones, would their have been a flag? You better believe it.
  8. Why shouldn't he? Because it is just being a poor sport and bully. For the same reason we mock Jets D for making a fuss when the make a good play when the team is getting killed. Maybe, even though he doesn't have any, he should show just a bit of class. While I get the anger over the bad team, I don't get why anyone would want their team kicked while they are down. I also don't get the giddy attitude of running up the score - in the end, we are still going to have Saleh next year, and Woody is never selling the team, so...
  9. No team quits on offense when they are getting creamed; decent teams on a 30+ point lead don't throw bombs, they run the ball.
  10. Yep - the Jets suck - BB sucks on every level of being a human being. I bet if some team did this to the pats, all the commentators would be crying about how it is un-sportsman like - no question the Jets are bad.
  11. doesn't change the fact that they cheap shotted our QB with no flag - fair is fair; maybe if they weren't able to bully teams and get away with it, they wouldn't get all of the momentum some time. Funny you should mention the Texans who are the only other team that the Pats beat - blocked their own punt....
  12. up 34 points with less then 4:00 minutes left in game and they run stop and go route. this is who BB is.
  13. Nope players will be added next year; current quality rookies will get better; but yes, we are likely stuck with LaFool for quite a while. I still haven't decided about Saleh - the team is so young and has so many holes; let's hope he can do for the lbs what he did for the CBs.
  14. i was fortunately spared most of the game; I would never punt the way BB runs up the score - F him; someday someone will do it to him and he will throw a major hissy fit. The guy has no redeeming values except for the fact he can beat rookie QBs, lucks into Brady and cheats better than everyone.
  15. yep - I am blind - yep, that late hit out of bounds at the legs was PERFECTLY legal.
  16. If the Jets tackle their QB low and late there would have been a flag - just because they suck, doesn't mean it shouldn't be fair
  17. NO I AM NOT blind the team sucks, but instead of commish complaining about ticket sales, maybe someone should complain on how the Pats always get the breaks - they don't need them, certain not against the jets. Never said it was the reason the Jets were loosing.
  18. Maybe the instead - woody should call the commissioner and ask why the refs won't throw a penalty on the Pats.
  19. Why are you here? Clearly not a true fan if you just want the team to suck to prove your point.
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