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  1. Yes. OL and WR on offense, if there are good players at the right position. Since it is Guard and Center, I would actually go WR with the first 1 pick, and OL with the 2nd - again if the players fall correctly.
  2. Not sure about Sam; Gase is notorious for having predictable offense that is not only difficult on QBs but doesn't play to a QBs strength. Even if we are 100% Sam is trash, I would still trade the #2 pick if we can get a lot of picks; especially if we can trade down twice. Then if Sam is still crap, which he likely would be, we would have a bad record and be in a position to draft a QB in the top 5 again. Build a great team and start with a QB in 2022 with 5 years to make good. IMO.
  3. Should we take turns keeping an eye on SAR? Who knows how he might react!
  4. Or, more likely, BB is trying to save face if he loses on Sunday or worse, wants the Jets, the team he balled on and turned him in for Spy Gate to retain the worse coach EVER. Either way, I doubt BB really respects Gase or the job he has done. Every other talking head has pointed out that Gase's offense is predictable, unimaginative, and is very hard on the QB. Additionally, it does not play to the strengths of Darnold. But, yeah, let's keep him in place because BB would never lie about anything.
  5. too bad BB didn't say it or it would be tampering
  6. This is a weird year in so many ways. Traditionally trade downs in the first are pretty unlikely, but I think this year, the Jets have some options. In fact with Sewell and 2 or 3 QBs other than TL likely going in the top 10, the Jets may have the opportunity to trade down multiple times. Acquire extra 2nds and 3rds this year and 1sts next year. With the extra picks, and a ton of cap and a bunch os 2022 picks, we can trade with cap strapped teams for quality players. We should be able to rebuild the team in 2 years. With a better coach and better line and skill players Sam should be enoug
  7. Really - I am embarrassing myself? The point was the Sanchez won those games not because he was a great QB, but because he played on a good team that 'dragged him' - so worried about arguing with me, you completely missed the point. Jets went further with an inferior QB - 2 AFCC games - not because of 1st round pick but because of team: A great team with an okay QB will do better than a crappy team with a great QB - My point all along - trade the #1 pick for a great team built through the draft; So maybe you should focus on understanding my comments and 'he in glass houses' with th
  8. 2 playoff wins? we had that with Sanchez (#4 pick) - proving the an okay QB can win big games with a solid/very good team. Don't we want more than that? My point with Luck is that the Colts couldn't protect him and he kept getting hurt and retired early - had the team been really good around him, maybe he didn't get hurt and he would still be playing bringing in the SB multiple times. Russell Wilson and Pat Mahomes were a second round pick and the #10 pick respectively - now you are making. my point - build a team and pick a QB next year or year after with a top 10 pick. Watson and M
  9. Yep - worked out great for the colts - until Luck kept getting hurt and retired early as the colts couldn't protect him; while the dumbass Giants won SBs with Eli. Moholmes was the #10 pick. Every year we beg of a QB, wentz, goeff, marriotta, all high picks that hasn't brought success or SB to teams. While QB is the most important position by far, it is a team sport and a QB cannot win without a complete team. We can pick QB and another #1 this year, or we could pick a top player like WR (love the kid from Florida) and still have #1 plus an extra 2, and who knows. We could rebuild in 2 ye
  10. Kiper is reasonable; if you can get a boat load of picks you do it; can always get a good qb; if you don't you then you pick the qb; a great team with a good team can win it all (see Giants vs. Pats), a great QB on a bad team cannot win. Also, if the 1 QB quits, gets hurt, or doesn't respond, you have missed out on 5-6 blue chip players. If you trade the pick and 1 or 2 players don't pan out you still have a significantly better team. Such for Sam, Tank for Trevor, I wonder what the next one will be. Of course fans can root for whatever they want; we are the customers, but thinking
  11. Not only are they winning, but they are winning in the toughest division in the league
  12. smart move - two birds. 1. He deflected the blame, and in this case rightfully so, from himself to Williams for the loss 2. Can't fire Gase as easily if Williams isn't there for interim
  13. I would be all in for this assuming he could find an OC/QB coach or DC he could groom to take over and he was okay with a 4 year plan. I would prefer not to go the route we when with Parcels where we built a team to win now and then after it didn't work, he balled and left us with Groh (or BB without Brady). In fact, in a perfect world we would have hime hired by the end of the season; Then let the pundits tell TL not to come out for the draft . Cowher would add instant credibility to the Jets. And then trade the pick (with Cowher on board) for a boat load of picks.
  14. Fine with me, as long as we get their 1st and 2nd this year, 1st and third in 2022, and their 1st and their in 2023 - or something more - we could build a new OL with WR and RB in 21, a new defense in 22, and whoever is needed in 23; somewhere along the way we could even get a QB in the top 10 (22 or 23). But that is just me I would prefer a bidding war however.
  15. Wholly taken out of context Batman. Albiet Funny....
  16. Darnold has sucked this year, but so has Flacco; i would doubt that anyone, even a top tier QB could win with this team. That being said, why would he do that? Trying to save his job? Really? Also, since he primary job was to fix the offense and manage Sam's growth, all he is saying is that he. himself is a colossal failure at his job. Sam has regressed. Most believe that he is broken. Other than Sam, who can be blamed for this? Gase! Same thing happened with Tannehill; hopefully Sam will get another shot either here with a real coach or someplace else. Great coaches help make player
  17. Yeah; lets drop a rookie in an area of need because his first year was a screwy covid year - I don't know if anyone overhyped him. More like we don't understand why we should give carries to an old running back on a 0-10 team. I doubt they cut him this year or next, unless we get really lucky in the draft, FA, or UDFA next year.
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