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  1. yeah,Robby looks good with Cam, but as we proved with Mike White and Cincy, the first game of a new QB can make a huge difference. In all likelihood, Cam will be Cam soon enough.
  2. It really depends on where our pick lands, but I could see going Center with the Seattle pick - then either edge/LB, WR, or CB with our pick. Unless we have a great run, I would expect that we could trade down a bunch of spots and still get either of those with our pick. If Seattle pick is in the top 15, may even be able to trade that down a bit and get a center. If that all works out, i can see using our 2nd rounder on a RG (maybe trade up to 1st). A top pick, center, RB, and something decent with the Carolina pick in 2nd would be a great way to start the draft...
  3. yeah, they can't send him back without him going through waivers - forgot about that...
  4. its the long game; raiders are crumbling - we knew the Jets were going to suck this year - but the raiders were supposed to be good and they are destructing before our eyes.
  5. We could be the Raiders and have one player drive hight and kill someone, have a coach quit because of racist emails and or have a CB videoing himself with a firearm. There are a few bright spots, but this team is bad; i am hoping they are getting better, but still better than a few teams in league - still hard - we deserve better ...
  6. Mike would be that good with the O-Line, running game and Defense; there is little pressure on him - The first two scores were 90% running; and then an INT with great field position. Not dissing Mac = but this is a full team sport - Mac goes into a team running the same offense and defense for 20 years; quality coaching that doesn't have to learn on the fly; Mac is a rookie, but he is surrounded by vets and other players that have been playing in that system for years.
  7. I trust that was real and not a short joke - he has been really good so far - He constantly is dragging people forward...
  8. not getting the game, but the way i understand it the logic goes as follows: Saleh and the team suck; after one win Mike White is the future and we should trade Zack; Mike is playing well and goes out hurt. We loose; this week we are going to win with Mike. Now after an INT, Mike sucks again and we should trade him? Did I get that correct? If Mike drives down and scores a TD, are we keeping him?
  9. except if Flacco doesn't play it is a 6th, if he plays enough it's a 5th. I guess it is a moot point - if Mike stays healthy this week and Zack comes back next week, Flacco won't sniff the field... Regardless of order, Mike and Zack are #1 and #2 - we need to see what Mike and Zack really have - regardless of #1 or #2, unless Mike implodes - you have to sign him next year - with a first or second round tender.
  10. so Flacco is our #2? I thought JJ showed enough to be #2...
  11. Mike had a great game. But it was one game. The offense was on fire, and Mike ran it well, but after he went down JJ played well too. We were still in the game (sort of) until that late 4th quarter int. The question is whether Mike beat Cincy or the Jets beat Cincy? It appears that while Mike ran it the best so far, the offense started to click. The play calling was better, and the o-line has looked better too. Is Mike the future of the team and the future SB winner? I doubt it, but I would be so happy to be wrong. Either way, go Jets.
  12. I agree - the hate this kid gets is unreasonable. He didn't drive drunk and kill someone, he doesn't even have a bad attitude. He is, like many WRs coming into this league, struggling. If the Jets are dumb enough to cut him, someone will pick him up. Worse, people are hating on this 24 year old simply because they don't like JD and JD drafted him. It is like all of the jokes about Carter being too short (calling him names) - we don't hear them now because it doesn't support the narrative of JD sucking.
  13. Actually, if he could have beaten out JJ, he could have gotten some playing time on the Jets.
  14. Watching Bell run into the LOS and stop reminds me of something, but I can't remember what?
  15. Thanks for the uplifting reporting I remember when we drafted Jonny 'lamb' Jones - my father was livid...
  16. serves him right; he jumped to Carolina - F him; had he been here he might have actually gotten some NFL playing time...
  17. Damn Patriots taking cheap shots against current and former Jet QBs - I bet there was no flag or fine just like with us. If they try that crap against Cleveland, Mac Jones won't make it through the game.
  18. this board is brutal; Becton gets rolled upon and people say that he is fat and out of shape; Mims gets the vaccine and gets Covid and he is done? What did he do wrong? It is not like he got Mono or anything.
  19. Zack is still cheap so we can spend more on a backup. It is a win-win; we either get the backup QB we want or we get a 2nd or 1st round pick. That would make us wait until next draft fans happy
  20. Depending on how practice goes - I would consider not even activating Zack. This way if Mike re-injures arm, they aren't tempted to put Zack in if not ready. Have Mike be #1, JJ #2, and activate Flacco as Zack's baggage carrier - wouldn't want Zack to pull a muscle....
  21. Agreed - if they don't need to trade 2 firsts for a player that isn't going to make an impact, why bother? You can say what you want about BB - and I say plenty, but he maintains a tight reign on his team - I can't think Odell would be happy there. Also, BB released Cam to protect his rookie QB - I can't see him subjecting him to the Odell's diva attitude.
  22. So Saleh leaves and the team sucks? Are you making an argument for Saleh sucking or being great?
  23. It may not seem that way here were we feel the Jets are the worst team from top to bottom of any team ever in the NFL, but there are miles of difference between the Jets and Detroit. For one, we have Mike White Detroit is the place that hopes go in order to die. Here if he makes 2 catches the fan base will induct him into the HOF. Speaking of catches, who was wearing Griffin's jersey this past week.
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